Zongman: Me! Disciple, join the chat group

Zongman: Me! Disciple, join the chat group


90 Chapters Ongoing Status


After traveling through time and becoming a disciple, the leader of the Universal Truth Religion, Bai Yu originally thought that he could wait until the early stages of development to compete with eternity, the court, and OAA!

As a result, he was kicked out of the OAA into a variety comic world without development, and was invited by the Zhutian chat group.

Miki Nakano: "Welcome newcomers, let's get to know your straight, white legs, or do you like robots?"

Chen Xiaoyu: 'Don't be nervous as a newcomer, you can trust the Sheriff of District 13! "

Senior Brother Maoshan: "You learned my thunder technique at a glance?"

Yotsuya Miko: "When will Bai Yu come over? Mom always wants to call you over for dinner."

Lei Movie: "The thunder method that knocked me stupid was copied and superimposed from him?"

Aqua: "Well, it wasn't Refa who made you stupid."

Lista: "Hey, you are the least qualified person in this group to say such things, right?"

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