Chapter 1721: Sky flame Overlord (2)

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“what does the king mean by this?” the first elder was stunned.

“Because the Imperial advisor of Xuanji will be on the continent.”

The corners of di Gang’s lips curled up and his voice was very cold.

The great elder fell silent again, under normal circumstances, no one can help others reincarnate. How can the king be so sure that the state preceptor is on the mainland and not in the divine realm or somewhere else? ”

to make it easier to find him, I’ll let him reincarnate and go to the mainland. Imperial Preceptor has the beast core that Xiao Yun gave him, so his talent will be very strong!

“I understand.”

The first elder’s mouth twitched.

These days, the king had disappeared without a trace. It turned out that he was busy with the state preceptor’s Affairs. The king of Haechi had always been soft-hearted and tough-mouthed. For the princess’s happiness, he did not hesitate to use all his strength to help her.

However, the first elder’s eyes dimmed at the thought of the state preceptor’s death, and he smiled bitterly.

If only the state preceptor was still here.

“great elder, have you found the background of the person who killed the state preceptor?” Di Gang’s eyes were calm.

However, anyone could sense that a powerful storm was hidden in this calm.

It was said that demonic beasts were heartless, not to mention the Emperor of the demon Realm, the Azure Emperor.

However, the love of a demonic beast would only be to the people around it.

He was cruel and merciless to his enemies, particularly strict to his subordinates, and infatuated with Bai Yan. As for the Imperial Preceptor who had followed him for many years, he would definitely make those people bleed! Debt! Blood! repay!

“Your Majesty, 1 asked her Highness again. She said that those people seemed to be unable to come to this place. They could only come to the demon Realm through a Fox as a medium. Therefore, 1 dare to guess that those people are not from the divine realm.”

Currently, in the divine realm, no one dared to harm demonic beasts. Those human puppets were naturally not people from the divine realm.

Since it was not the divine realm, there was only one possibility.


di cang’s eyes were dark and terrifying as he said coldly,” “Those people are from the domain.”

In the God World, the most powerful person was only at the mystic God Realm, and there was no Lord above the mystic God Realm.

This wasn’t because no one in the divine realm had broken through to the Lord level.

instead, once one became an overlord, not only could they shatter the void, but they could also open up their own space.

No one else could reach that space, nor could they see the existence of space, so space was also called a domain.

” many years ago, ordinary people couldn’t enter the domain, and people of the domain could enter and leave at will, however, the various domains were constantly at war. in order to calm this war, a few thousand years ago, one of the overlords appeared and used his body as a medium to seal the exits of the various domains, as long as one is at the mystic divine realm and above, they can’t leave at will, i seem to remember that the overlord who sacrificed himself to calm the war was called the resplendent heavenly flame overlord.”

The Grand Elder recalled the knowledge he had read from ancient books many years ago. His expression turned extremely ugly, and even his breathing became somewhat irregular.

“my king, if he’s really someone with a domain, then i’m afraid he’s too weak.”

Di Gang’s eyes were dark and cold as his red lips curled up,”So what if he has a domain? You’ve touched this King’s subordinate. Sooner or later, this King will flatten the domain and make everyone in that domain die with the Imperial Preceptor!”

The first elder muttered to himself. He knew that di Gang would definitely fulfill his promise.

He had to avenge the Imperial advisor.

the most important thing now was to find out who had killed the state preceptor.

the princess said that the little fox would definitely know the identity of that person. Unfortunately, that little fox is already dead. Even her soul doesn’t exist. I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for us to find out the identity of the other party..

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