Who Told Him To Cultivate Immortality!

: written request for leave

 Leave request note

 February 9th, blizzard.

Today is New Year’s Eve. Zombie Planet is going to do as the Romans do. I want to spread the zombie virus as a New Year’s red envelope, but I stopped me.

This city is completely under my control. All zombies are not allowed to leave the city without permission. I think the human stronghold closest to this city will have a good year.

The Li Corpse King has been controlled by me for half a month. From his mouth, I learned that the eight corpse kings will hold a zombie king competition in a month to decide who is the real corpse king.

The abilities of the remaining seven zombie kings are currently unknown. The Will of the Zombie Planet didn’t tell me, so I don’t know what he wants to do.

The little girl was rescued from the brink of death. She was really lucky. She had just recovered from a serious illness and was unable to move. I needed to go to the next city to control the second corpse king, so I couldn't take her with me.

 The more zombie kings you control, the greater the probability of winning in the zombie king competition.

Time is limited. The next city is 700 miles away. After the zombie crisis broke out, the road conditions were extremely bad. Even if you drive for a week, you can't reach the next city.

 Fortunately, I thought of a good idea: King Li Shi is so powerful that he can throw me to the next city.

 It is definitely not possible to throw it directly. I am completely exposed to the air, and high-speed movement will tear my body apart.

I can get into the emergency cabin, and the zombie king will throw me over. When I am about to reach my destination, I will get out of the rescue cabin and fall with a parachute.

But the distance is too far. This is also the first time for King Li Shi to do this kind of thing. He has no feel for it. He has to try throwing big rocks several times before he can do it.

 After several attempts, Li Zhiwang thought it had mastered ultra-long-distance projection and threw me out.

Everything went as planned and I was successfully thrown to the next city.

 After landing, I found that this city seemed not to be controlled by the Corpse King. What was going on?

After investigation, we finally learned what happened from the bodyguard of the city’s corpse king: a large stone fell from the sky and killed the city’s corpse king.

 After listening to the description of the process by the Corpse King's guards, my mind was a little confused and I asked for two days off.

 (End of this chapter)

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