Whitebeard's Will: Actually I have a brother

Whitebeard's Will: Actually I have a brother


63 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Whitebeard's Will: Actually I have a brother

Forty years ago, he killed Marigioja on a starry night with one knife and one blow.

Single-handedly, he destroyed Pangu City and killed countless masters of CP0 and the World Government Army and Navy.

After three days and three nights of wheel fighting.

In the end, he was captured after losing too much blood and running out of energy.

The World Government sentenced him to death 1,024 times.

However, whether it is hanging, beheading, shooting, cremation, or sinking into the sea.

Every time you kill him, he comes back to life.

Im knew he couldn't be killed completely.

Therefore, he was permanently imprisoned in the lv6 infinite hell of Impel City.

For forty years, his name became taboo among the Celestial Dragons, and the history of his existence was erased.

The jailers changed one batch after another, the director of Impulse City also changed three times, and the prisoners began to grow old.

Only his appearance remained the same.

Until the eve of the war, Whitebeard told Marco: "Actually...


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