Villain: The Play of Destiny

Villain: The Play of Destiny

301 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Keith, a vieux riche, spoiled and cherished, heir to the Demiliore Consortium, lives his life at large. Power, Wealth, Fame; He has it all.

But is it all just a dream?

With a set of memories, the knowledge of the future, in a play orchestrated by the destiny, knowing well that he is born to be a Villain, will he prevail? Or is he going to fall at the hands of the Child of Destiny just like he did in the nightmare that haunts him?

Author's Note:

Yes, the story is heavily influenced by Urban-Fantasy Chinese Novels. Don't read if you have a problem with those types of plots. 'Cliche' plot elements are bound to appear, so if you easily get triggered by such things, keep away. And I would advise you to not even start the story if you are the ardent believer of 'Good shall prevail over the Evil'. Keep away! MC here is a Villain! But yes, he is not someone deprived of emotions, even though he is a Scum. So, do not expect an outright Evil MC either.

I don't write Netorare. Don't worry about it!


> Incest
> Dark Elements
> Sexual Content
> Traumatising Content
> Gore
> Manipulative MC
> Sexual Abuse
> Parallel World (Almost a new World)
> Fantasy Elements (Full-fledged Fantasy later)
> System
> Slavery


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