Chapter 236: Personal Guidance

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Han Xing nodded and said, “Alright, tell me. How can 1 help you?”

“The next match will be our Raye Guild’s turn. Help me give some pointers to the members of our guild.”

Han Xing did not decline at all and calmly walked up to the Raye Guild members. The players in the guild all looked at each other. Why did the guild master invite Star Rebel over? Was he going to coach them on the spot?

Yairina had thought that he was going to postpone it, but seeing that he was so rude, she was happy to have some free time. However, she glanced at Alpha and instructed, “You don’t have to fight this round. Let’s see how strong Guild Master Star Rebel is.”

Roger couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Aren’t you making things difficult for Guild Master Star Rebel?”

“Moreover, if you lose this round, you’re going to have a tough time with Hardy.”

Yairina’s face was filled with pride and confidence She said, “Don’t worry. If Star Rebel doesn’t win this round for me, I won’t continue supplying him with water!”

Roger didn’t understand what they were talking about, but he didn’t care. He wanted to observe Star Rebel’s command.

Han Xing was extremely fluent in Country M’s language as he analyzed word by word, “In your ten-man team, the most outstanding thing is your magic coordination.”

“Of course, that’s not enough in my eyes. This time, you’re going up against Country M’s Winter Guild. The biggest characteristic of this guild is that they like to be lone wolves. You have to pay special attention to a few players in it…”

Han Xing’s analysis was not only professional but also comprehensive. Even Roger, who was watching the joke from the side, listened more and more seriously.

He didn’t expect Star Rebel to be so serious when he said that he was going to guide them. Even after dealing with these guilds in Country M for so long, he didn’t know as much as Star Rebel.

This person’s observation ability was simply too terrifying! At this moment, his gaze on Star Rebel had become extremely passionate.

If Han Xing knew what he was thinking, he would probably laugh bitterly.

In his previous life, in order to make the Sky Dragon Guild stand out among the other guilds, he had learned about all the members of the guilds in the country and abroad. As long as they had the slightest bit of strength, he would analyze their combat methods.

Over the years, his observation and memory had long surpassed others. Otherwise, he would not have so much to say at this moment.

The Raye Guild members who were originally unconvinced by him widened their eyes when they heard his analysis.

One of the players called Alan asked in disbelief, “Guild Master Star Rebel, how did you know that my ultimate skill is Water Dragon Explosion? I’ve only used this skill once on the field, and you remember it?”

Han Xing nodded and explained awkwardly,” Of course. You’re all strong opponents of our Mad Dragon Guild, so I’ll naturally remember you.”

Jackson of the Hank Guild immediately gave a thumbs up and nudged Roger with his elbow. He said, “See that, Guild Master Roger? This is what a real guild master should do!”

“You’re still far from being as strong as Guild Master Star Rebel. You’d better work hard!”

When the others heard this, they were even more impressed. When the Raye Guild went on stage, the usual tactical coach had been replaced by Star Rebel.

With a wave of her hand, Yairina made sure that Star Rebel was given the position of tactical coach. All he had to do was to stay on the field and guide the team.

This was also a new function added to the guild rankings. After all, a guild could only send 10 people to fight. Some guild masters were not good at combat, but their combat tactical ability was extraordinary.

Many players were satisfied with the new position of tactical instructor.

Han Xing didn’t have any objections, but if the domestic audience saw this, they might criticize him. Anyway, he had already been criticized enough, so he didn’t care what those haters thought.

As expected, this was a battle between the Raye Guild and the Winter Guild. As the members of the Raye Guild made their appearances, Star Rebel was particularly eye-catching.

The moment he appeared at the tactical coach, the players in the country were dumbfounded. The players from Mad Dragon Guild were also dumbfounded.

One Sword Horizon rubbed his eyes hard and nudged North Star, who was beside him. He asked, “Why did the guild master go to Raye Guild?”

North Star was also a little baffled. He answered, “How would 1 know? It’s not like we can guess what the guild master is thinking.”

“He’s already in the tactical coach position. He’s probably going to guide their tactics!” Fourteen Continents were extremely calm, and the communication between the guilds was very normal.

“However, isn’t Guild Master too brazen? Didn’t the Raye Guild have a conflict with the Mad Dragon Guild last time? They reconciled so quickly?”

When White Jade Snow Orchid saw this scene, she couldn’t help but twitch her lips. She commented, “Who knows why the guild master abandoned us? Maybe he wants to look good in front of the Raye Guild’s guild master.”

When Pattering Little Horse heard White Jade Snow Orchid’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh. He commented, “Why do I smell some jealousy in the air?”

White Jade Snow Orchid was so angry that she almost rushed up to beat him up. The foreign players were not idle either. They did not have many other thoughts. When they saw that Raye Guild had actually invited Star Rebel as their external aid, they did not hold back anymore.

“Star Rebel should belong to everyone. Why should the Raye Guild invite him? We need him as well. Our guild urgently needs the guidance of a god gamer like Star Rebel.”

“Yes, yes, yes. That’s right. All the players in Country M really hope that Star Rebel will join our faction.”

“You guys are nothing. It’s the players of Country R who need it. All of Country R’s players really hope that Star Rebel can give them some guidance in swordsmanship.”

“Our guild master, please learn from Guild Master Yairina. While the others were still watching from the sidelines, Guild Master Yairina had already taken action.”

“Good, good, good. I don’t even need to think about this battle. I already know who is going to win. Can you not make this kind of match without any suspense? There’s nothing to see at all!”

“I admit that I’m jealous, but I need Guild Master Star Rebel to personally guide me on how to improve my strength.”

All the other countries guilds extended olive branches to Star Rebel, but the guilds in Country H remained silent. Last time, Li Shangzhi was killed in a single second by Star Rebel. It was too embarrassing.

They did not even have the confidence to argue with others. Thinking of this, the players from Country H brought Li Shangzhi out again.

They didn’t need Star Rebel’s help. They were the strongest, but unfortunately, they were completely suppressed.

Country H players expressed their views on the forum indignantly, but they were ridiculed by players from other countries.

‘Country H, you’re the one who claimed you don’t want it. Don’t go back on your word when the time comes..’

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