As they kissed, Sam slowly pulled Miku into his embrace. She was as light as a feather, he barely felt her weight as she sat on his lap. He ran his fingers through her golden hair and felt its silkiness. Her body was smaller than that of Shizuru. It felt strangely frail and delicate, even though she's supposed to be one of humanity strongest weapons.

'I wonder if Zero Three feels like this as well…'

While making out with young Valkyrie, Sam's mind inevitably began to picture the other one he was familiar with. He was getting along with her pretty well, compared to before at least. After getting together with Alice and Shizuru he no longer felt the rush to do all three Valkyries so he has been pushing Three to the back of his mind for now.

'Maybe I should make a move on her as well…'

Sam felt the Valkyrie's hands pushing against him so even though he was reluctant to let go of her lips he decided it was time to let her catch her breath.


Miku exhaled, her face now a blushing mess. Their eyes met for a moment but she quickly gazed away.

"You're so cute, Miku…" Sam said, slowly caressing her head.

"Um… thanks…" the Valkyrie replied, looking at him from the corner of her eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Sam asked.

"Well… I'm used to people calling me cute, but…" holding a hand to her chest, the Valkyrie flashed him a small smile. "When you say it I feel strangely happy…"

"I see… then…" pulling her in for another kiss, Sam said before joining their lips again. "I will say it as many times as you want…"

In his heart Sam thanked Odin for leaving him with this gift. Miku was another exceptional beauty who would definitely make his life more fulfilling.

If he had the time he would've liked to take things slowly with her, teach her one things after the other just like what happened in the book. However with her leaving tomorrow he was left with only two choices; go all the way right now or wait till he moves to the headquarters where he would have all the time in the world.

Sadly it seems that someone else made that choice for him.


Loud beeping sounds came from his pocket completely ruining the mood. The two stopped kissing and Sam quickly took out his phone to read the message that had arrived.

[One of the Valkyries accompanying father is missing. Do you know anything?]

Realizing it's Alice, Sam couldn't help but grimace.

"It seems we are out of time." He said, turning to the Valkyrie with a wry smile.

"I… see…"

Miku exhaled, looking strangely relieved. noticing that Sam pretended to frown.

"What? Are you that happy we're going to stop?"

"Eh? N-no!" Miku quickly shook her head. "It's just…" casting her eyes down for a moment, she then looked up at him, eyes wide with realization. "The book! They only kissed when they met in secret for the first time, right?"
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"... yes." Sam nodded, concluding from the way she was blushing that she was too embarrassed to do anything beyond that.

'Seriously, she's so cute…'

Sam stole one more kiss from the young Valkyrie causing her to overoverheat. He then placed her down and began working on a reply for Alice.

[I was about to contact you. You're looking for the small one with the blond hair, right? I found her in my room when I returned just now.]

'Come to think of it…'

"By the way, the door was locked, right?" Sam asked. "How did you get in here?"

His question seemed to bring the Valkyrie back to her senses, even if by just a little. She struggled to speak, still unable to keep eye contact. Looking at him with upturned eyes she gave him her answer.

"The window…" she said. "It was left open…"

Sam turned to the only window in his room. He never expected anyone to sneak in through it, after all they're in the third story. The Valkyries were a special case though so she would've made it in one way or another.

Hearing the beeping sound again he turned to his phone.

[Father apologizes for the inconvenience. Someone will come to take her so wait just a little.]

Having expected such a reply Sam turned the the young Valkyrie and asked her to prepare herself. As she put on her uniform he decided to confirm a few things with her just in case.

"Miku, if you don't mind I would like to keep this for now." He said, holding up the second copy of Valkyrie Smash. "Also, remember that you can never tell anyone about what happened today, understand?"

"Understood." Miku nodded, clenching her fists with eyes full of determination. "We have to keep it a secret just like in the book, right?"

"Yes." Sam said with a nod. "And one more thing. This is something the book doesn't say, but now that we have kissed you have become my own personal Valkyrie and you have to follow my orders going forward."

"I… see…"

The petite blond Valkyrie seemed a bit confused, which scared Sam quite a bit making him think he has yet to conquer her properly.

"But… wouldn't that be a problem?" She asked, further fueling his anxiety.

"Why would you think that?" Sam asked, smiling nervously.

"I mean… I'm still under the general's jurisdiction, and I will be returning to the headquarters tomorrow…" Looking down at her feet, an air of sadness began to envelop Miku. "Since I'm your personal Valkyrie, wouldn't it be bad for me to follow the orders of other people?"

Having processed her question and understood her worries, Sam sighed in relief. Turns out he was successful in becoming her master and thankfully it only took him one kiss.

That said, what's troubling her is a serious matter that required careful consideration. Unlike Nine, Zero Five and Zero Three, Miku wasn't his responsibility which would limit their interactions and increase the risk of him being discovered. In fact once he moves to the headquarters he most likely would have very few chances to see the Valkyries as he's doing right now.

'This is troublesome…'

Having one more thing to think about, Sam felt that his head is about to explode. However he didn't have the time to come with a more solid plan at the moment so he his only choice was to take some temporary measures while he looks for a better solution.

"Listen very well, Miku." Sam spoke, doing his best to convey his seriousness. "These will be my orders for you for the time being."
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Hearing those words, the red color disappeared from the petite Valkyrie's face as she straightened her back and listened attentively.

"You will be going undercover in the headquarters to gather information in preparation for when I arrive there." Pausing for a breath, Sam went on. "Continue to perform your duties and follow orders as you've done so far so no one would discover that you're now mine. If anything seems out of the ordinary you have to report it to me. And if you ever find yourself in a hopeless battle always prioritize your own safety, understand?"

Pausing for a moment, the Valkyrie nodded her head and saluted.


As if on cue the doorbell rang. Sam quickly walked over and opened it, taking a step back when he found himself face to face with another Valkyrie. It was the silver haired one named Nana. The way she glared at him seemed to say that she knew everything, but apparently the one causing her to frown was standing right behind him having brough her bag from the bathroom and put her shoes on.

"Miku, just what in the world were you thinking, bothering our hosts like that?" Nana asked, her annoyance clear in her voice.

"I thought it would be okay to spend the night here…" said the young Valkyrie, pouting her cheeks a little.

"And where would the Doctor sleep if you're occupying his bed? You shouldn't be here in the first place, do you understand?"

"... Yes…"

With a sad expression on her face, Miku walked out of the door.

"We apologize for the trouble we have caused you." Nana said, bowing her head a little.

"No need." Sam replied with a smile. "It was a surprise but I wouldn't call it troubling."

"... I see." Exhaling in relief, the silver haired Valkyrie turned around. "Well then, I wish you a good night."

As the two walked away Sam's mind began to work again. It was one of the longest days he had so far, leaving him with quite a lot to think about.

Elina confused him with what she learned through her little investigation. While he considered giving that matter some serious thought, the news of humanity's inevitable demise brought by one of the military's top seemed much more concerning.

Wolf had asked him to elevate humanity to the next level in order for them to survive, however something like that wouldn't be easy to accomplish, otherwise the old man would've already done it himself.

'Well, I will leave everything for tomorrow.'

As he turned around to his room struggling to keep his eyes open, Sam noticed that the two Valkyries had stopped a small distance Dow the corridor. The petite one turned around and walked back toward him in hurried steps.

'Did she forget something?' He thought at first, but seeing the slight blush on her cheeks told him that it might be something else.

When she arrived in front of him she glanced behind her to see where the other Valkyrie was then quickly pulled him inside the room.

"Did you forget something?" Sam asked.

"No…" Miku replied, shaking her head left and right.

She tugged on his sleeve asking him to lean toward her a little, she then held a hand to cover her mouth and whispered.

"We didn't have sex yet but I still feel like I should say it." As she spoke in a hushed voice, Sam could never have expected the next words to come out of her mouth. "I love you."

Sam froze in his place, his eyes slowly going wide. Miku took the opportunity to kiss him on the cheek then quickly walked out and left him there.

She is a Valkyrie and he is her master. Sam understood that her programming dictated that she must treat him a certain way. However when he heard those words coming from what everyone including him believed to be a lifeless robot, something inside his seemed to break and shatter.

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