"Can I have that for a moment?" Sam snatched the book without waiting for permission.


As he stared at the book cover Sam filtered out the blond Valkyrie's voice, walking inside and taking a seat on the bedside.

'Is this another version?' Sam thought. 'No… this is a completely different story…'

Having read through the first page he was soon convinced that what he held was a completely different book.

At first the only difference seemed to be the color of the cover, however now that it became clear that they contain different stories the obvious question would be whether they have the same codes or not.

Sam began to read through the contents, paying attention to anything that might resemble a hidden code.

The writing style was the same with a lack of editing that hurts the eyes and the story did little to compensate for that. There were three heroines this time, unlike the first book however they were from Zero Three's generation, which meant petite girls with young features.

The main character was different as well, being a scientist responsible for taking care of the three weapons. Someone like Sam, in other words. The story starts with the three Valkyries inviting him to play with them and as they gradually get closer he begins to teach them sexual stuff little by little until they start having foursomes on a regular basis.

Before he knew it Sam was already staring at the last page of the book. Despite his complaints, it was refreshing and easy to read which let him breeze through it in less than an hour. He also managed to catch the subtle hints here, and if his memory serves him right the code was different from the one ge solved the last time.

"Heeeey!!! Are you done yet?"

Hearing the Valkyrie's voice in his ear brought Sam back to reality. He moved away a little, noticing that she was leaning dangerously close to him and the moment their eyes met his mind began to work at full capacity to get a better understanding of the situation.

"Miku, do you mind if I ask where did you find this book?"

The dark blue eyes went down for a moment as she thought her answer before looking up at him again.

"I found it in a storage room." She said. "It was in a box full of books. I think it used to belong to general Schneider."

"I… see…"

Just then Sam remembered Alice mentioning that her father had several books similar to the one he had.

'Is this one of them?'

Sam held his chin in thought. Soon enough his mind was filled with more questions and he turned to the Valkyrie looking for answers.

"So, Miku, is this book the reason you thought I'm having sex with our Valkyries?"

"Yes." She answered with a nod.

"Does anyone know about it?" Sam went on. "I mean, did you show the book to anyone?"

"No." She shook her head and added. "I noticed that people don't usually talk about the things that happen in it so I decided to keep it a secret."

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'Good…' Sam closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief, however his next question was ready and he felt a bit nervous all of a sudden.

"Correct me if I'm wrong." He said, clearing his throat with a cough. "You decided to come here after reading this book, right?"


"Does that mean you were hoping we would do the things they did in it?"

As he read the book Sam had realized that one of the "scenes" was strangely similar to how the current situation started. The main character comes back to his room to find one of the heroines waiting for him there. They have a little talk which ends with them making out then getting it on the entire night.


Miku answered without hesitation, her expression as deadpan as before. Sam stared at her for a moment, letting out a long sigh.

'Is this a trap of some sorts?'

He couldn't believe the situation was that simple.

"So, let me get this straight." Holding up the book he tried to summarize his thought. "You found this book and after reading it you felt like trying the things the characters did, that's why you sneaked into my room."

"Yes." Miku answered, her expression unchanging.

Sam let out another long tired sigh.

'What the hell…?'

"So… you want to have sex with me?" He asked.

"Yes." Miku answered.

He couldn't help but stare at her after she gave that answer. The situation was way too bizarre to be true, it felt like a prank of some sorts. He began to wonder if people will pop up at any moment to laugh at him for getting flustered by the young looking Valkyrie.

"... Why?" Sam asked after a while. "Why did you choose me specifically?"

Casting her eyes down for a few seconds, the petite Valkyrie then answered.

"I heard our doctor talk about you once. She said you were the best at it."

"I… see… and who is this doctor of yours?"

"Elina Braiens."


Sam wanted to Islam his head in the wall. Though he had already moved on after breaking up with her, his ex has yet to do the same. Apparently she still sometimes talk about him with her coworkers, making sure to mention how good in bed he was and how she can't get over him.

'Seriously, I just can't…'

It was one long day with one suddenly revelation after the other. First Alice's father decides to visit and he brings with him the heart of a Valkyrie and tells him that humanity is done for and that he has to find a way to turn them into robots. Then there is what Elina said about her findings while trying to dig some dirt on Alice.
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And as if that wasn't enough he now had a Valkyrie who came all the way from the headquarte just to have sex with him.

'My head is about to explode…'

Sam felt an annoying headache every time he tries to think. He wanted to sleep and leave everything for the next day, however he knew it would be difficult to do so.

"Hey…" tugging on his sleeve the Valkyrie asked him a question. "When you said you weren't allowed to have sex with us, were you telling the truth?"

Glancing beside him Sam noticed that the Valkyrie's expression had changed a little. She looked anxious, even if a little. Seeing the way she gazed up at him was a reminder of how cute she was and remembering the contents of the book he had just read his wood went stiff all of a sudden.

'Damn it… this isn't good…'

The situation was so confusing. Sam knew that it would take quite some time for him to sort out his thought and decide on the best course of action, however he didn't have much time.

Wolf would be returning to the headquarters the next morning and he would obviously take her back with him. That means it will be quite a while before he gets a chance at making her his.

But the alternative came with a lot of problems as well. If he did anything to her right now it would be the end for him as he wouldn't be able to erase the evidence like he usually does. Still, he couldn't help but want to risk it.

Miku was just that cute. At first she looked to be the same calm type as Zero Five, however unlike the ponytailed Valkyrie she doesn't seem to be hiding her true emotions behind a mask which makes her lack of expression especially endearing.

'I wonder how she would look when doing it…'

Clearing his thoughts Sam began to fantasize and as he did his mind worked on some excuse he could use to convince himself.

'Well, the world is about to end anyways so…'

If what Wolf had said was true then Sam had no reason to hold back. Facing the Valkyrie beside him he took a deep breath and calmed himself.

"Miku, close your eyes."

She looked confused for a moment but then her eyes went wide. Sam was sure she is aware of what he's trying to do since she read the book as well so when she closed her eyes and puckered her lips it was clear that she is giving him her permission.

Still a bit hesitant, Sam leaned in bringing his face closer to the Valkyrie's then, praying that he isn't making a really big mistake, he placed his mouth on hers.

"... so… this is a kiss…" Miku said, toughing her lips as her cheeks began to redden.

"How did it feel?" Sam asked, keeping an ear on his surroundings trying to see if anything has changed.

"I… don't know…" she replied, looking up at him, however the moment their eyes met she quickly turned away.

Noticing her reaction the red color spreading to her ears Sam realized that he had already succeeded.

With nothing happening even after what he did Sam began to think that it wasn't all just a trap. He lifted his hand and touched her cheek, slowly turning her his way. As she shyly looked up at him he kissed her again, this time going at it a little longer than the previous time.

"Miku, you want to have sex with me, right?" Sam asked, gently caressing her golden locks.

The Valkyrie said nothing and only nodded.

"Then, from now on…" leaning in for another kiss, Sam spoke in a low voice. "You'll have to do everything I say from now on, understand?"

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