1269 Top-notch Divine Resources Times Two (3)

Holy shit, don’t tell me that the Soul Pearl that the Dong Huang Association was working hard to study has the World Annihilation Dragon sealed inside…

Damn, don’t let the Dong Huang Association develop results when I’m not aroun, and unseal that guy…

Wait a minute, the problem doesn’t seem to be big. Now, Zi Lan, the Phoenix Man, and the seven gods were still in Dong Huang. Even if the World Annihilation Dragon wakes up, it won’t be able to cause much trouble. However, it’ll still cause huge damage…

No, I have to go back quickly to get it back. It’ll be safer.

[Senior Dragon God, I’ve seen this pearl before. It’s one of my rewards at the Rongguang Archeological Conference. The Dragon Emperor has successfully sealed the remnant soul of the World Annihilation Dragon, but from the looks of it, it was at the cost of his life. That sealing pearl is in Dong Huang! The original Space-Time World Annihilation Dragon isn’t dead yet.]

As Shi Yu finished speaking, the expression of the hidden Dragon God changed slightly. Then, she nodded.

[Then we… should go back. Let’s settle the remnant soul of the World Annihilation Dragon in the original space and time as soon as possible.]

[Alright, but are you really not coming out?] Shi Yu couldn’t help but ask again when he saw that the Dragon God was going back in the blink of an eye.


“Alright.” When Shi Yu saw this, he couldn’t help but shake his head.

He looked at the Ancient Dragon God and the Dragon Emperor and said, “I remembered something just now… In short, there’s no problem with this pearl. You guys keep it and continue researching.”

“Alright, I’m not eating anymore. I suddenly remembered that I have other things to do. Let’s meet again when we have the chance.” Shi Yu wiped his mouth and said, “By the way, before I leave, I have to remind you of a few things.”

“After 1129, the laws of the world will revive and the Mythical Era will descend again. Many opportunities and challenges will appear on Blue Planet. Try to think of a way to live until then and work hard to become stronger.”

“At that time, the world will be even more exciting.”

Shi Yu wouldn’t take the resources of the Dragon Palace. After all, Senior Dragon God was still watching beside him. He felt a little apologetic for taking all the assets of the young Dragon God.

After Shi Yu finished speaking, the Dragon Emperor and the young Dragon God were slightly shocked. In the next moment, Shi Yu took out a pendant-like accessory from his ruins space and threw it to the Dragon Emperor.

It was like a water drop that had been penetrated.

After taking the accessory, the Dragon Emperor was puzzled.

Seeing this accessory, the Dragon God of modern space and time was slightly stunned.

Shi Yu said, “This accessory is called ‘Dragon God Protection’. An elder of mine gave it to me when I was weak and young. Although it’s no longer very useful to your current strength, on account of our friendship… I’ll give it to you. Remember to keep it well.”

The Dragon God Protection was a tool given to Shi Yu by the Dragon God for the second time. The first tool was used when it stopped Yun An’s attack. Then, the Dragon God gave another one. However, before Shi Yu could use it, his strength had already exceeded that of the Dragon God, so he naturally didn’t need it.

Now, since Senior Dragon God was unwilling to come out, Shi Yu directly left this treasure that represented her. It was also proof that the other party had come to this space and time.

As for the future, whether the Dragon Emperor could rely on this to analyze what happened today wasn’t Shi Yu’s business.

“Brother Shi Yu…” The Dragon Emperor held the Dragon God Protection and felt strange. The young Dragon God also stared at the Guardian Water inside and was at a loss. She kept feeling a sense of closeness.

They looked at the strange Shi Yu, but at this moment, Shi Yu had already planned to leave. Eleven and the others had already packed up and didn’t waste any food.

“Let’s go.” Shi Yu gave the order. Buggy began to leave Dragon Palace City with Shi Yu and the others.

The Dragon God, who had secretly seen all of this, sighed slightly.

“Thank you, Shi Yu,” she said after a long sigh. In the dark, the Dragon God took one last look at the Dragon Palace City from the past space and time, as well as the young her and the Dragon Emperor. In the end, she retracted her gaze and left with Shi Yu. In addition, her heart had unknowingly undergone a transformation, and her strength had increased.

This way, although she still had regrets, she was already satisfied. Now, the Dragon God only wanted to return to the original space and time and deal with the remnant soul of the World Annihilation Dragon that killed the Space-Time Dragon Emperor.

At that time, the obsession of a thousand years would be removed. She planned to climb to a higher realm.

The Space-Time Movement of the Dragon Emperor Dynasty was the space-time that Shi Yu stayed in the shortest. After dealing with the enemy, he followed the old method and brought the Dragon God back to the original space-time.

After returning, Shi Yu quickly took out his communication device and called President Lin.

At the same time, it was still rushing in the direction of Dong Huang.

On the other side, President Lin also picked up very quickly.

“Shi Yu, what’s the matter?”

“President Lin, is the Soul Pearl I obtained from the Rongguang Archeological Conference still around? I’ll go get it now. That thing is very dangerous.”

“I just learned the origin of that thing.”

On the other side, President Lin was under the guidance of Divine Source Legendary and cultivating hard. When he heard Shi Yu’s words, he was immediately stunned. “At the moment, that thing is being studied by Gu Yun, who just returned…”

“Stop researching! That’s a tool used by the Dragon Emperor to seal the Mythical remnant soul that killed him. Inside is thedestruction side separated by the Ancestral Dragon. The remnant soul of the World Annihilation Dragon is very strong and has a very fierce personality. It’s not an ally. Why did this sealing tool fall into the hands of the alliance…”

As Shi Yu finished speaking, President Lin’s heart skipped a beat.

Ancestral Dragon clone, World Annihilation Dragon remnant soul?!!

What a joke.

At the thought that he had also studied the Soul Pearl for a long time, President Lin almost blacked out. What was the divine-level resource that Shi Yu chose?

He was really the chosen one!

“I’ll inform Gu Yun to hand it over to you to deal with,” President Lin immediately said.

At the side, Divine Source Legendary stared the whole time and fell into deep silence.

“Sigh, so when did this happen? The first thing you think of is to hand an emergency situation to Shi Yu,” he muttered.

President Lin said, “Then Senior Divine Source, do you… want to deal with the remnant soul of the World Annihilation Dragon?”

Divine Source Legendary waved his hand and said, “It’s better to leave it to the young people to settle…”

Son of a b*tch, the demigods of the later era were enough to give him a headache. The remnant soul of the World Annihilation Dragon? He felt that it couldn’t be solved with forbidden arms.

As for Shi Yu, he could even easily defeat a demigod-level awakening god and a super demigod cultivated by the Space Beast Tamer. Divine Source Legendary couldn’t help but sigh. The times had changed.

At the thought that Lin Feng had also reached the divine level in the starry sky of the universe and even joined forces with the Space Emperor to kill a super divine life form above his level, the Divine Source Legendary could only admit defeat.

He only wanted to see what expression that little pervert, Lin Feng, would have after witnessing the power of this big pervert, Shi Yu.

Soon, Shi Yu and the others arrived at Dong Huang. After Elder Gu Yun learned the origin of the Soul Pearl from President Lin, he handed this thing to Shi Yu in shock and fear, feeling that he had walked to the gates of hell.

“Elder Gu, thank you for your hard work.” Shi Yu took the Soul Pearl and felt that it was indeed cool of him. He had participated in an archeological Conference and easily obtained a top-notch divine remnant soul as a resource reward… Although no normal person regarded this thing as a reward…

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