Uchiha: Starting from the imprisonment of Tobirama

Uchiha: Starting from the imprisonment of Tobirama


132 Chapters Ongoing Status


Year 44 of the Konoha calendar.
The Uchiha clan has a lane king.
Starting from Senju Tobirama who tortured his body at the beginning…
Uchiha Obito who was jealous and resentful of him, Kakashi and Metkai who regarded him as their lifelong rivals, Orochimaru who coveted his body, and his younger brother Shisui who wanted to surpass him…
There are also the Sandai and Danzo who want to brainwash him, Uchiha Madara who is trying to blackmail him, and the Six Paths Sage who thinks he is the source of the out-of-control ninja world…
These ninjas who were targeted by Uchiha Seishui have all become him of nutrients.
Oh, right.
There are also those ninjas who have broken their psychological and physical defenses and want to fight him to the death…


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