Transmigrated into a School Idol and Forced to Do Business

Transmigrated into a School Idol and Forced to Do Business


63 Chapters Completed Status


Yu Bai Zhou transmigrated into a book.

The talented protagonist is the top student in school. Due to his excellence in every subject, it caused many people to be dissatisfied with him, so they devised various means to mess with him. To the extent that it left a dark shadow on his high school years.

However, the villains did not know that the seemingly poor protagonist is actually the youngest son of the richest man in City A.

And in six years, the protagonist will replace his father’s position as the new richest man in City A with his own capabilities. Ten years later, he will become the youngest and richest man in the country! When that happens, the villains will be tortured to death by the protagonist!

…As bad luck would have it, Yu Bai Zhou transmigrated into the villain that bullied the protagonist the most.

In order to be able to live for a few more years, Yu Bai Zhou, the villain, begins to formulate a character correction plan.

However, just as he is struggling to save his image in the eyes of the protagonist, out of the blue, the protagonist anxiously pushes him against the wall, and traps him within the circle of his arms. Those refined brown eyes watch him attentively. “Yu Bai Zhou, if you make trouble again, I will kiss you.”

Yu Bai Zhou, who was just kabedon’ed, panics. “Can someone tell me, exactly where did I go wrong?!”

*The good high school student forced to become the school tyrant and conduct business shou X the ruthless big shot 29-year-old reborn gong*

Author’s Reading Guide:

1. Gong was reborn, shou transmigrated

2. This is a sweet and easy read

3. The plot is centered around emotional development. Our goal is—extremely sweet!

4. If it doesn’t suit your taste, no need to fight, just exit out, if we have fate we will meet again~

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