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Chapter 184 - Chapter 184: Who Can Withstand Swordn’s Saber? (3)

Chapter 184: Who Can Withstand Swordn’s Saber? (3)

Translator: Daoist6fubtiW

At this critical moment, Lu Changsheng didn’t panic.

In fact, he did not even have any intention of dodging.

Instead, he fixed his gaze on Phantom Swordsman.

“What a brilliant assassin’s path.”

“Fast, accurate, and ruthless. He’s much stronger than 1 was back then.”

Lu Changsheng remembered that the instant kill technique he created was much weaker than the assassination technique of the Dark Swordsman.

In such a situation, even a Thousand Tripod Realm expert would die without a doubt.

Besides, Lu Changsheng wasn’t a Thousand Tripod Realm warrior.

“Lin! Soldiers!”

The next moment, Lu Changsheng shouted.


This voice was like a great bell, instantly echoing in the ears of Nethersword and Zhao Lun.

Right, not only Dark Swordsman, but also Zhao Lun.

Lu Changsheng cast the Nine Words Mantra twice in a row to deal with Zhao Lun and Dark Swordsman.

The short sword in Specter Swordsman’s hand trembled slightly.

It was obvious that Phantom Swordsman wanted to struggle.

However, it was useless.

Phantom Swordsman seemed to have stopped.

He raised the sword in his hand, but he was unable to take another step forward.

Zhao Lun was the same. His mind was blank, and his spirit and blood were shaken. He could not move at all.

With their willpower, blood essence, and physical qualities, even the Nine Words Mantra couldn’t” freeze ” them for long.

Especially Zhao Lun, who possessed Intent.

However, Zhao Lun’s intent was useless against Lu Changsheng’s intent.

The Nine True Words Secret Technique didn’t need to freeze the two of them for long.

Even half a breath, or even an instant, was enough.

In a battle between experts, victory and defeat were often decided in that instant!


Lu Changsheng swung his sword left and right.


This time, there were no more accidents.

Phantom Swordsman’s neck was instantly cut off, and his head rolled to the ground.

Zhao Lun also clutched his neck tightly.

Although his head didn’t fall off, fresh blood splattered everywhere. It was obvious that he wouldn’t be able to survive.


The two corpses fell to the ground.

He was dead!

In a flash, many people didn’t even see clearly or understand what was going on before the battle ended.

However, the ones who died were not Swordi2, but Zhao Lun and Nethersword!

Lu Changsheng didn’t pay any attention to the real face of the Dark Swordsman.

No matter what he looked like, he was now a cold corpse.

Lu Changsheng stopped by Zhao Lun’s body, shook his head, and continued walking.

People in the martial world had no choice.

Regardless of age, senior or junior.

After entering the martial arts world, one would not be able to avoid this outcome if they were not strong enough.

Lu Changsheng continued to walk toward Shangyuan Taoist Temple.

The people he looked at immediately retreated, and there was a hint of surprise in their eyes.

He looked at the two corpses on the ground.

Zhao Lun, Dark Swordsman.

There was also Chen Lei, who had been carried away by the Heavy Sword Sect.

Which one of them wasn’t famous?

And the result?

They were all dead!

Even when Phantom Swordsman and Zhao Lun joined forces, they were still killed by Swordi2.

Who else dared to stop Swordi2?

“The Yunying mother ore is here.”

“Who else wants it?”

” Withstand my knife, and the Yunying mother ore will be yours!”

Lu Changsheng stood there with his saber. There was not a single drop of blood on his saber or his clothes, but he exuded an overwhelming killing intent.

At this moment, no one doubted Swordi2’s words.

If he could withstand Swordi2’s attack, he would be able to obtain the Clouddew Mother Ore.

However, who dared to say that they could withstand Swordi2’s saber?

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