Three Kingdoms

Chapter 3161: When the glove meets the means

Chapter 3161 When gloves meet means

 Sichuan and Shu, Wu family.

"Why? ! Why? ! 』

 A young man, waving his arms angrily, his face flushed with excitement. "We, the Wu family, have done nothing wrong, so why are we being treated like this?" ! Father, you are careful, every day..."

"Shut up! ” Wu Yi shouted as he stood up.

"No! ” The young man became more and more angry. He jumped on his feet and walked around the hall excitedly, “Shut up! Shut up again! Always shut up! Don't let me say anything! Don't let me do anything! I've had enough of this kind of life! fed up! I want to make this day..."

The young man was shouting while scratching his neck, but when he saw Wu Yi's face darkened as if a dark cloud was about to cover him, and it was about to rain down on him, he was startled, and he couldn't say the rest of the words smoothly.


Wu Yi pointed to the seat next to him and said, "Sit." 』

 The young man hesitated for a moment, but finally walked over and sat down.

    Father, what’s wrong with this? ” The young man became excited again, “This is not fair! unfair! Our Wu family has worked hard..."

This set of models was originally very enjoyable, and it was also the only magic weapon that made Zitong Du Family famous.

 However, since Fei sneaked into Sichuan, the theory of prophecy has become less and less popular.

Wu Yi leaned forward and lay next to his son's ear. His voice gradually dropped, and then became inaudible...


Wu Yi took a deep breath for a moment and said in a deep voice: "You feel uncomfortable, you feel that you don't have to endure it, you feel that the world is unfair, you feel that everything has right and wrong, the right ones should be rewarded, and the wrong ones should be punished..."


Wu Yi raised his gaze slightly and fell into some memories, "My uncle... He thought that if he got close to the general, he would be able to hold power, make laws, and judge right and wrong. But he was wrong... He We risked everything, and then we lost everything... What is right and wrong in this world? What you think is right or wrong is right or wrong? 』

What's strange is that after pretending to be deaf for so long, no one came to see him.

Wu Yi whispered: "What do you think the world should be like?" Have you ever thought about how all the laws, all the rules, all the right and wrong in the world are determined? Who made the decision? Who is qualified to order? Does the Wu family have such qualifications? Or are the peasants, tenant farmers, and craftsmen in our family qualified to say what is right and wrong? ! 』

 At this time, some people will say, "Could it be the sound of heaven and earth?" 』

Just like a sketch in the increasingly boring Chinese Purity Party, pretending to be deaf is not a rare thing.

Wu Yi nodded, "You also know that our surname is Wu... I thought you thought everyone in the world is surnamed Wu..."

 China has a very bad perception that Tian Can Di Que is qualified to reveal some secrets...

"How can it be? I'm not that..." The young man suddenly realized something and was stunned.

    I say this is unfair! ” the half-grown boy repeated.

"very good. ” Wu Yi nodded, “I finally have some brains. 』

"I call you here today..." Wu Yi's voice lowered, "Even as a father, I have to gamble again... These days, you must have heard some rumors... Now these rumors are getting more and more... Even your second uncle is in trouble. Well...if this continues, I'm afraid...the whole Wu family will be in danger! 』

The celebrities in Sichuan and Shu took another path in history, which was very similar to that of the Shandong gentry, but there were some differences.

 He has been pretending to be deaf for some time.

 Zitong Du family.

"This time, we will most likely win... But things are inevitable... Your eldest father lost the bet back then, so we went from Chenliu to Sichuan..." Wu Yi ignored the young man and continued, "If you lose the bet for your father, ...You can only go to Jiaozhi...In the southern suburbs outside the city, there is a..."

   『Our Wu family has worked hard...』 The young man still hasn’t been able to understand.

   The following sentence. ” Wu Yi said.

 This is really a regrettable and sad thing.

"..." The young man stared, as if he thought this question was too idiotic. However, if he couldn't answer this question or didn't understand it, then he was an idiot, so he could only say, "Last name, last name." Liu...』

Then Du Wei will not admit, deny, or take responsibility...

"What did you say? ” Wu Yi suddenly interrupted him.

 Du Wei was very sad.

Du Wei is a master of prophecy and famous puzzle solver.

Although the children of the Shandong gentry also engaged in prophecy, they still preferred scriptures, while the group in Sichuan and Shu basically turned to prophecy completely.

Wu Yi's straight waist slowly relaxed and slowly bent, "Then what?" Again, does everyone in this world... have the surname Wu? Let me ask you, what is the emperor’s surname? 』

Wu Yi's voice gradually became louder, "Whatever we ask them to do, they must do it. One word can make them live, and one word can kill them!" For those commoners, tenants, craftsmen, and slaves, we...are the law, the rules, and all the right and wrong in this world! 』

This makes honest disabled people become worthless people, abandoned by others, and afraid of attracting bad luck.

 Honest people do not know how to "reveal secrets".


    Father! 』

He is "deaf", but he can hear sounds that ordinary people in the world cannot hear...

 What’s funny is that for those who believe in heaven’s secrets, the “heaven and earth are incomplete” they face may not really be incomplete.

 Celebrities and prophecies are complementary to each other.

 Half-little boy: 『…』

 This model is very useful both at home and abroad in ancient and modern times.

 Because some people like to be in a mindless state. After all, it will be very comfortable, carefree, and free of thoughts. Naturally, they don’t have to bear the mental pressure. After all, life is so hard...

 So these people are the target users of Mingshi and Zhenwei.

Celebrities come to prove the authenticity of Chenwei, and Chenwei in turn increases the reputation of celebrities. The more brainless people or people with no knowledge join this target group, which further integrates celebrities and Chenwei, forming a He gained so much power that even Liu Yan had to kneel down and lick the saint's skirt, and even accepted a cheap godson named Zhang Lu...

 It was like the stars and executives of later generations of the Midi Empire making peace under the witness of some divine spokesmen.

Of course, the relationship between Liu Yan and the Saint at that time was mostly mutual use, which was somewhat like fighting fire with fire. However, Liu Zhang did not have the ability of his father, so the situation was unstable.

After Fei Qian came, he cut out Zhenwei alone and built a Qingyang Palace for Taoists and Zhewei to compete in the arena.

The prophecy theory in Sichuan and Shu was very exciting at first, but later on, something felt wrong.

 Compared with Taoists who have been talking nonsense for thousands of years, Zhenwei's tricks are naturally useless.

ah? Isn't Taoism nonsense? Didn’t I leave Xiguan? If you go to the territory of the barbarians, then isn’t what I said just the words of the barbarians? It's almost equal to nonsense.

Well, the above is Ma Hou’s nonsense, but compared with Taoism, Chenwei does appear to be more fragmented and unsystematic. Different opinions from different schools conflict with each other. In normal times, it would be like a person holding a mobile phone to browse the public knowledge. , listening to one person alone, it seems to be clear and logical, and there is no problem at all, but when all the prophecies are put on the table, the opinions between each other start to fight.

For example, it is known that there are pesticides on the skin of apples, so it is better to peel them and eat them. They gave an example of how much pesticides were sprayed by fruit farmers when growing apples, and how many pests they had to get rid of. It was so reasonable and well-founded that I couldn’t help but believe it.

Another public knowledge said that apple peels are very nutritious and cannot be removed at will, otherwise many nutrients will be discarded in vain. He also produced an analysis data that listed what acids and acids are in apple peels. What is sugar and what is vegetarian? The evidence is conclusive and cannot be refuted.

 When listening to either one alone, there seems to be no problem, but when both are put on the table...

The prophecy of Qingyang Palace is like this. People who originally believed in prophecies were reluctant to use their own brains. Now that there are so many conflicting prophecies arranged together, their minds immediately feel like paste, and they involuntarily choose the more "simple" one. way to surrender yourself to God.

For example, Taoism’s Five Emperors and Three Purities.

 Oye, everything is wonderful.

 But for the celebrities in Sichuan and Sichuan, it was not so good.

Especially for Du Wei, who has been "disabled" for so many years. Can't he just say that he is well again and can go out to work? Anyway, it is impossible to work part-time, and it is impossible to work part-time in this life, so I just try my best to find ways to make money.

Jiangdong is here, isn't it an opportunity?

Du Wei did not necessarily want to sincerely surrender to Jiangdong, but subconsciously wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to make money.

Just like those who bet on the battle between two bears and three bears in later generations, or those who try to gain traffic on war and death...

 After all, for such a big thing and so much ready-made traffic, wouldn’t it be wasted if we don’t take advantage of it?

So Du Wei made a bold prediction. He said that "Sichuan and Shu can win but still need strength"...

 This is the "secret" revealed by Du Wei.

 And as people paid attention to the war, this "secret" spread again.

The more people care about the war, the more he can profit from it. As for winning or losing the war, Du Wei actually doesn't care or care about it. He just cares about the traffic...

But what Du Wei never expected was that his attempt to gain traffic and eyeballs in an attempt to profit from it would be exploited by others.

Du Wei was put on his hand like a glove, and then he raised his **** towards Xu Shu and Fei Qian.



 The man wearing gloves is the Linjiang Yang family.

 Du Wei’s nonsense is actually very empty.

 False words are originally used to deceive people. Those who can be deceived generally have certain desires, desires that cannot be satisfied, but are greedily torn apart.

Everyone knows that if you are not greedy, you will not be deceived, but how many of those who are deceived are not greedy?

It is not necessarily greedy for money, greed, comfortable, simple, greedy, etc. It is also greedy. After a shortcut for a day, you want to take shortcuts every day and open plug -in.

 This is the case for the Yang family in Linjiang.

Yang Song first voted for Zhang Lu because he wanted to take a shortcut and open a plug-in.

At that time, few people would choose Zhang Lu.

 Zhang Lu said that he was Zhang Liang's grandson for many generations, which is actually the same as Liu Bei's grandson for some king.

The reason why you invested in Zhang Lu is because you are at the CEO level when you join the company and you can get the original shares? After all, everyone knows that Zhang Lu will not live long, and neither the Han nor the local princes will allow a political or religious person to become the ruler...

Hence Yang Song’s decision to join Zhang Lu was actually for subsequent job hopping.

But Yang Song never expected that he would not receive the "due" treatment after changing jobs.

 The reason why it is said to be "should" is because of the inherent custom before the Han Dynasty, "it can go up but not go down".

Now that you have entered the officialdom and have a serious position, you can only have a smooth job at best, and you cannot expose yourself under any circumstances, otherwise you will break the rules. For example, if you become a prefect and fail to do well in this place, then you can go to another place and continue to be a prefect. At most, you will receive a DEBUFF of "dismissal from office and investigation" during the gap between prefects. Once the CD period is over, refresh and there will be a new governor.

 This is official practice.

 As for investigating corruption and severely punishing corrupt officials, this does not exist in the Han Dynasty!

Among the Han dynasties, the fundamental reason for those who really fell to death and had their homes confiscated was not corruption and incompetence, but the failure of political struggle...

 Otherwise, in the Han Dynasty, even if corrupt officials were imprisoned, they would still have luxurious private rooms and be cared for by dedicated personnel. Doesn’t it mean that the prince is guilty of the same crime as the common people? Then why are they not locked up with ordinary criminals, but are there extra care for these corrupt officials? Of course, Dahan officials will not admit any extra care. It is all in compliance with the rules and procedures.

So Yang Song believes that if he changes jobs, he should at least be promoted again on the basis of the original...

 At least one cannot be driven away by Yizhou, at worst it must be Yizhou Zhongzhong!

That’s right, Yang Song’s goal is naturally to stay in Yizhou. What fool would go to a ghost place like Liangzhou?

So when Fei Qian asked Yang Song to go to Liangzhou, Yang Song quit, threw his hat and went home.

Yuan Benchu ​​did the same thing back then!

Then Yuan Benchu’s name became more and more famous, right? !

Does Yang Song think that he has made a contribution by dedicating the land? No matter what, Fei Qian must be willing to conquer it, and then he can shirk it for a while, and then Fei Qian can conquer it again...

In order to ensure the maximization of his own interests without angering Fei Qian and causing a fight, Yang Song felt that during the second expedition, it was the best choice to pretend to be moved by Fei Qian's sincerity and happily take office. .

But Yang Song never expected that Fei Qian...

This **** hussar didn't even come for a conquest!

 Let’s do it once at least!


But if you quit your job based on your own efforts, it’s hard to say that you just go back and apply for a job as a tea and water boy?

Originally, Yang Song could grit his teeth and endure having Yan's stern face accompanying him, so as not to be too embarrassed. After all, everyone still knows Yan Yan’s ability, so it can be said that Fei Qian is ignorant, Xu Shu is jealous of talents, and Yan Yan can’t be reused unless he sees it. People like me are even more jealous and so on...

 But Yan Yan, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, rebelled at some point!



I, Yang Song, have also shed tears for the great Han, sweated for Sichuan and Shu, and shed blood for the Emperor...

Although it was just an injury caused by falling off a horse while playing and hunting, it was still bleeding, right?

Why can’t I enjoy the glory and status I deserve now?

 Why do we still have to work hard and work together with ordinary people and lower-class people?

Then the blood and sweat shed by you and your ancestors are all in vain, right?

Can Yang Song tolerate this kind of thing?

 So "Sichuan and Shu can be victorious", it also means that "Sichuan and Shu can also be victorious"!

Yang Song could change jobs once, why couldn't he do it a second time?

The tree will die when the tree is removed, and the people will live if it is removed. Isn't this the truth?

 Even if he was caught anyway, wouldn't he still have Du Wei, a fool, standing in front of him?

 Such useful gloves were delivered to the door, wouldn’t it be a pity not to use them?

Yang Song naturally put on Du Wei's gloves, and then said that the words were all said by Du Wei and Du Wei. Are the words that Du Wei said are false?

 Don’t you know the name of Mr. Du?

Du everyone has tens of millions of fans and earns millions every minute. How can he deceive you, a passerby?

Everyone in Du said that Sichuan and Sichuan are in trouble this time. If you want to win, you must have "power"!

This "force" is of course "working together". Doesn't it conform to the public perception?

So the official positions that Xu Shu previously held in Sichuan and Shu should be divided now?

 Should the various large gentry families in Sichuan and Shu who were previously suppressed compromise now?

Haven’t you heard what everyone said?

 We must work together, otherwise Sichuan and Shu will be in danger!

 Should we pay more attention to the Bo family in Jiangzhou?

 Should the Wu family among Dongchuan people also be taken care of?

  How can we achieve synergy by sharing the fruits together? If we say that Xu Shu does not know what is good or bad, it is in vain that Gu Du and others revealed the secrets and endured the pain of deafness. He did not care about the future, happiness and harmony of Sichuan and Shu...

Then don’t blame the people of Sichuan and Sichuan for not agreeing, right?

That's right, Linjiang Yang didn't put himself in front. Not only did he wear a glove, but he also pushed Bo and Wu out as shields.

There is no need to mention the Wu surname. The Bo surname is a surname among the Di and Ba people in Sichuan and Shu. It was a surname that was integrated with the Han people in the early days. In Sichuan and Sichuan, the barbarians used to call the venerable "Bo", and his ancestors and maternal ancestors both called him "Bo". Later, it became a Chinese surname of the barbarians. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the general Bo Cai was born in the Bo family.

 A representative of the Chinese barbarians, Bo Shi.

 A representative from Dongzhou, the Wu family.

 Very reasonable.

Didn’t Xu Shu want to use these people to oppress the Sichuan-Sichuan native faction?

Now the water will be muddied, making it look like the Bo family and the Wu family want to take the lead in seizing power. If Xu Shu gives in, then one will have two. Once this hole is opened, it will not be so easy to close it, and When they gain power and position, they can in turn blackmail Xu Shu, or simply betray Xu Shu, just like they betrayed Liu Zhang.

It would be better if Xu Shu had a tough attitude and dealt with the Bo family and the Wu family. It would be almost equivalent to Xu Shu abandoning his martial arts. When the time comes, he will cause anger and resentment. He can only rely on the local Sichuan faction, even if Xu Shu wants to hold on to the end. , can’t stop the wall and everyone pushes it down...

 Everything seems to be according to Yang Song's plan.

 (End of this chapter)

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