Three Kingdoms

Chapter 3008: We can discuss the price further

Chapter 3008: We can talk about the price again

 Let someone die...

  No, who is it to be tested?

 Cao Chun immediately thought of one person, the most suitable candidate, Xia Houshang.

To Cao Chun's surprise, Xin Ping seemed to be seriously thinking about Cao Chun's "strategy."

However, Xin Ping quickly added, saying that the candidate for the test could be Xia Houshang, but the direction of the test still needs to be paid attention to.

For Cao Jun in Yuyang, the biggest threat was not the unknown Hu troops that emerged from the Gushui area, but the Northern Territory Protectorate to the west.

 In fact, Youbei is also facing the threat from Liaodong...

 Just because the Wuhuan people seemed to have no movement to go south, Cao Jun had not paid attention to the Wuhuan people. Even before, Cao Cao played a trick in the name of the Wuhuan people.

Among the forces faced by Cao Jun in Youbei, the largest number was actually not the Northern Territory Protector, but the Hu people. Whether it is the Hu people in the Gushui area or the Wuhuan people in the Liaodong area, the total number of people is greater than that of the Northern Territory Protectorate. But it is obvious that numbers are not the only criterion that determines the outcome of a war.

 This point was already practiced by the Six Kingdoms during the Warring States Period, and the subsequent feudal dynasties also continued to practice it. Until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, they still emphasized that they had many people, vast land and abundant resources, and dreamed of the dream of the Central Dynasty.

 War cannot be fought without blood and courage, nor can it be fought without population. However, it is very difficult to fight with blood and courage and population alone.

As for why the smaller Northern Territory Protectorate was harder to defeat than the more numerous barbarians, Xin Ping did not say anything in his interest, and Cao Chun had no intention of asking. This was almost a tacit understanding. Otherwise, I wouldn't be ecstatic to hear that Zhao Yun is to be replaced.

Cao Chun's idea was to fight these barbarians, especially the barbarians who appeared on the Gushui side. However, Xin Ping felt that the number of these barbarians was not large, so he could urgently contact the Wuhuan people and let the Wuhuan people Come forward to attack these barbarians.

 The enemy in the north is too deep and is indeed difficult to defeat.

The enemy's base in the west is in Changshan City, which is far enough away from Youbei. If Cao's army launches a conquest, the Hussar Northern Territory Protectorate may not even engage Cao's army head-on, but use the vast Mobei to maneuver. What's more, if we attack the hussars in the west now, wouldn't it give Zhao Yun a perfect reason to stay?

Cao Chun's eyebrows were almost kneaded into a ball at the center of his eyebrows.

 It is indeed a way to lure Wuhuan people out and kill people with borrowed knives, but it will also lead to more hidden dangers. What if the Wuhuan people came out, and in the middle of the battle, they combined with the barbarians who came down from Mobei, and in turn launched a sneak attack while Cao Jun was attacking the Northern Territory Protectorate?

This kind of back-tracking is something that both Hu and Han people often do. The key is where the balance of cost and gain is tilted.

Xin Ping agreed with Cao Chun’s idea.

Cao Chun stood still in Yuyang, Youbei, which was an invisible deterrent to the Hu people. Before Cao Jun's military intentions and march route were thoroughly understood, neither the Hu people in Gushui nor Liaodong dared to invest all their strength. Give it a try.

However, Xin Ping also said that even if he really wants to attack the Northern Territory Protectorate, Cao Jun's cavalry cannot be fully mobilized. After all, some of them have to be left to look after their hometown. The fewer mobile troops, the less effective the attack will be. And the war may also take new changes. After all, behind the Northern Territory Protectorate, there are two Mobei defense lines of Hussars.

Yinshan City.

 Cao Chun nodded. Xin Ping's concerns are very reasonable.

Cao Jun’s cavalry now needs to be dispatched and arranged in three directions, and the entire battlefield is still in the vast northern desert. It is indeed extremely difficult to win. But this battle must be fought, otherwise Cao Jun will be trapped in the soil. It will be difficult for him to grow branches and leaves, let alone blossom and bear fruit!

 But once a war breaks out, there will inevitably be winners and losers.

Although Cao Chun is determined to win, there is no guarantee that there will be no mistakes or accidents, and if something goes wrong...

Just imagining the desolate and tragic scene of the great defeat in his mind, Cao Chun's hands seemed to tremble slightly due to being overwhelmed. He had to press **** the table to avoid this trembling.

Xin Ping looked at Cao Chun and couldn't help but sigh in his heart. He pondered for a moment and said softly: "General... there is another plan here... but it may wrong General Xiahou..."


 In the forward camp, Xia Houshang was silent for a while, then said with difficulty: "Someone..."

As soon as he said the words, Xia Houshang was startled. He didn't know when his throat became dry and hoarse, as if he was half dehydrated. At the same time, he felt a burning sensation in his throat, so he quickly picked up the bottle beside him. He came to drink syrup, but because he drank so fast, he choked and coughed violently.

Tears and snot spurted out at the same time, and I was extremely embarrassed for a moment.

   Why so-and-so! ? Xia Houshang wiped his face with his hands, but his red face and eyes made him feel a little more cruel in addition to his embarrassment.

  Why not? ! ” Cao Chun stared at Xia Houshang indifferently, “Is it possible that after being defeated in a series of battles and losing troops and generals, he can still be safe? 』

"Someone..." Xiahou Shang also wanted to stand up and shout that I had bled for the big man and sweated for the prime minister, but thinking about it, he seemed to be sweating, was he bleeding... It seemed that he was not. Now go and have a knife on yourself. I don’t know if it’s too late or not?

   But someone has already been punished! Now he has lost his position as general! 』

 Xiahou Shang still wanted to present the facts and make sense.

How can one be unreasonable?

Although she was such a handsome, unrestrained and beautiful little fairy, er, little fairy boy, when she met someone of the opposite sex, she got confused for a moment, confused her thoughts, and did some trivial wrong things, and even apologized and punished her. I paid, what else do you want?

Cao Chun still said indifferently: "Last time, it was the last time, this time, it is this time. 』

"What the last time..." Xiahou Shang's body swayed. He felt that his legs and feet were a little weak, and he couldn't care about maintaining a dignified posture. He sat down and pressed his hands on the table, sweat rolling down his face.

 Isn’t it just to write a short composition...

Pooh, didn’t you just lose a few battles?

As a general in command, how can he be victorious in every battle? And I’m still fighting against repeated defeats!

 Shouldn’t it be commended?

 Why has the world become like this now?

Cao Chun walked up to Xia Houshang, stretched out his hand to hold Xia Houshang's shoulders, lowered his head, and lowered his voice: "No one else is worthy of trusting at the moment. I can only believe in you..."

    …Xiahou Shang wanted to cry but had no tears.

Please, don't believe me. I don't believe in myself, but Xiahou Shang also knows that it is indeed the case. After all, according to the relationship between the Cao family and the Xiahou family, Cao Chun can be trusted to never betray at the moment, and also It is indeed only Xia Houshang.

Xia Houshang suddenly raised his head and said, "That's exactly it!" General, you believe me, so how can they believe me? If I go over there, wouldn't I be asking for death? 』

    Not a dead end, but a way to live. Cao Chun also sat down in front of Xiahou Shang, stared at Xiahou Shang and said, "You continue to lead the army... How many more times do you want to be defeated?" We all understand being defeated by the Hussars and won't say anything... Then you were defeated by Zhang He and Zhang Junyi... Now you face the barbarians... Say it yourself, if this continues, what chance will you have to survive? Either die in front of the battle, or die under the gate! 』

 ‘This…’ Xia Houshang was stunned.

I have to say that what Cao Chun said is not unreasonable.

Military law is ruthless. If Xiahou Shang always treats Xiahou Shang so favorably, how will the Cao army in Youbei manage the army? There is no need to pay the price for losing the war, and you can still get promoted and make a fortune, so who would want to win the war? At that time, everyone will be staring at Xiahou Shang. How can Xiahou Shang convince the public if he doesn't deal with it? "If what you expected is true," Cao Chun looked outside the tent, "there must have been a lot of discussion in the camp...but you didn't pay attention to it..."

Xia Houshang raised his head and looked at Cao Chun, with a bitter look on his face, " this the only way it can be?" If it’s something...if it’s...』

Cao Chun said in a deep voice: "Did you know that the son of Guanzhong Hussar wanted to replace Zhao Yun and Zhao Zilong?" 』

"What? Xia Houshang opened his mouth wide, "Is this serious?" 』

"There are some things that are hard to say clearly in front of Xin Zongzhi," Cao Chun patted Xia Houshang's arm, "I think the lord's strategy of alienating Xin Zongzhi must have worked... If you are more friendly to Xin Zuozhi after you arrive in the Northern Territory... At the same time, I need to make good friends with Zhang Junyi...』

    Zhang Junyi? ! Xia Houshang couldn't help but said, "He is a traitor!" 』

 Cao Chun snorted, "What happened to Zhang Junyi back then... This matter is not important anymore. What is important is that since Zhang Junyi defected once, why can't he defect a second time?" 』

Xia Houshang's heart was in a mess, with mixed flavors, and he didn't know what it felt like.

 Cao Chun spoke of Zhang He with a lot of contempt in his words.

That's right, no one likes traitors. Everyone thinks that loyalty is the best quality of a person, so they will despise traitors and respect loyal ministers. Therefore, for Xin Pi and Zhang He, they probably did not live well under the hussar. Okay, this is what Xiahou Shang can imagine, but...

If Xia Houshang follows Cao Chun's plan and "rebels" in the past, even if he can really complete the so-called spying situation in the future, understand the truth, and fight for the great cause of the Cao family for the rest of his life, will Xia Houshang still have to hang up forever? The name of the last traitor has been despised and ridiculed by everyone since then?

This feeling is very bad.

Xia Houshang couldn't help but feel a little angry when he thought of this, so much so that his eyes changed a little, his breath became heavier, and his fists were clenched at some point.

Cao Chun pressed Xiahou Shang's fist on the table, "Boren... think more about Xiahou family... you are not alone... don't forget that when you were in Qiao County, we gathered together under the lord's banner and issued a The oath... The lord needs to unify the Han Dynasty. Isn't there danger in this? Is it possible that only the lord takes the risk, while the rest of us can enjoy it in peace? 』

   …” Xia Houshang was silent.

"In the Northern Territory, we originally sent scouts, but for a period of time, the area inside and outside Chang'an, including the Northern Territory, has been conducting thorough raids and investigations. We have lost a lot of manpower... The son of the Hussar wants to withdraw from Zhao Duhu. , it was not easy for the news to come out..." Cao Chun whispered, "And we don't know whether this matter is true or not. If... we can only enter the interior of the Northern Territory and inquire about the more detailed arrangements of the Qiusi. Now we have The odds! 』

Xia Houshang was silent for a long time, and couldn't help but ask: "Do you have to ask me to go?" For...for another one, I think the military lord of the Cao family in the camp would be good..."

Xiahou Shang also understood what Cao Chun meant, and wanted Xia Houshang to investigate the situation in the Northern Territory. If Zhao Yun was really replaced, there would inevitably be some shocks in the Northern Territory Protectorate. When Cao Chun came with his troops, then Xia Houshang was able to coordinate internally and externally, and he was able to overthrow the Northern Territory Protector's Mansion in one fell swoop!

However, it is very dangerous to pretend to surrender and become a spy. If the other party finds out, there will be no way to survive.

The other side doesn't need hundreds or even thousands of people to besiege them. They can just use a few soldiers and jailers to directly kill Xia Houshang. Moreover, the other side is not a fool. On the surface, they will give preferential treatment to those who surrender. In fact, Maybe he is very vigilant and does not allow him any chance to come into contact with secrets.

Isn't this how Cao Cao treated surrendered generals?

Cao Cao even went to Yuan Shao's grave to show off, so wouldn't he be re-employing the same old team members? Those who later surrendered to Cao Cao, the more famous and powerful they were, the more they were feared by Cao Cao. On the contrary, some poor families who had no foothold in the first place would be promoted and used by Cao Cao.

One more thing, is it easy to be a spy?

Haven't you heard that there is a Wensi under the Hussars, who specializes in catching spies and spies? Has he already gained a bad reputation?

This is definitely a high-risk, low-reward task!

Cao Chun wanted to let Xiahou Shang go, expressing his trust in Xiahou Shang, his reuse, a bright future in the future, and a shortcut to gain merit. However, no matter how nice he said it, he could not hide the danger involved.

 Should we sacrifice everything, including our own lives, without hesitation for the sake of the Han Dynasty and the prime minister's foundation? Xia Houshang blinked and smacked his mouth. He wanted to show that he had sworn to follow the crowd. Anyway, so many people gathered together, Wuyang Wuyang shouted, who knew who was shouting and who was not?

 Besides, is there any evidence for what you swore back then? Have you saved any image data? Who can prove that I said these words back then? Who can prove that the witnesses were not telling lies?

Xiahou Shang thinks he is not that noble yet.

The passion to go through fire and water for a word has gradually faded with age. On the contrary, the idea that I have worked hard for the Han Dynasty and the prime minister's foundation for so many years, and now I should enjoy it more or less, is increasing year by year. .

    General...can you not go? Xia Houshang fought for it, "I really think the military prince in the camp is good. He is young, loyal, and has the same surname as the general. If the general says something, that's not..."

Cao Chun let go of Xia Houshang's hand, pondered for a moment, and said coldly, "Are you...sure you don't want to go?" 』

Xia Houshang coughed a few times and said sincerely: "I'm not afraid of being too dangerous...but this matter is very important. I'm worried that if I don't do it will miss the general's important task..."

Cao Chun didn't say anything immediately. He stared at Xiahou Shang silently.

Xia Houshang was stared at and felt a little hairy. He has already expressed his refusal, so next, will Cao Chun just let him go, or will he use his previous defeat to force him?

Xiahou Shang has been observing Cao Chun's expression.

He knew very well that most of the time, recruiting spies was nothing more than using two methods, one was coercion and the other was inducement.

 Seize the handle and force them to obey orders, either by making a promise, or directly giving them some benefits that they cannot get at ordinary times. Under the use of heavy rewards, there must be the golden rule of a brave man to tempt them to sacrifice their lives.

 The first method can indeed be used by Cao Chun now.

Xiahou Shang was defeated and could not manage the army well. This problem was indeed a problem, and Xiahou Shang could not evade it. But if Cao Chun wants to use this as a coercion and expresses his intention to take Xia Houshang's life...

Xia Houshang said that he was not scared.

 After all, beating a dog...

 Bah bah.

Even if there is a legitimate reason to deal with people in the Xiahou family one after another, can it be said that everyone in the Xiahou family will be convinced? Don’t you suspect that the Cao family wants to take the opportunity to eliminate dissidents and start burning bridges across rivers?

If Cao Chun opened fire as soon as he came up and killed him with a knife, then what would really happen? But if Cao Chun didn't dare to kill him, he just wanted to force him to do dangerous espionage work, and then give him Cao Chun paved the way himself...

Ju Ma Ma Pi, why aren’t you a traitor with thick eyebrows and big eyes?

 Cao Chun pondered for a long time, finally sighed and said, "That's alright!" If you don’t want to go, then you have to give up... I will think about this plan again..."

Xiahou Shang swallowed his saliva. Did he go too far?

Xia Houshang said that he was not afraid of coercion, but he was saying that the price of this "incentive" would need to be discussed again!

I know how to know how to climb myself, if I really want to climb, it ’s really ... Cao Chun’ s speech is really right. If you fail to lead the army in battle, but you drink to build relationships, say nice words on the surface, and secretly spread maggots to cause destruction, isn't this what it is?

What's more, I didn't really go to Guanzhong for three and three years. I just stayed in the Northern Territory to see if Zhao Yun was really dismissed...

 As for the danger, it is indeed there, but it is also once and for all!

 It’s done, I’ll eat it once in my life!

Seeing Cao Chun leaving, Xiahou Shang's eyes widened. Was he really going to leave like that?

In fact, Cao Chun also wanted to directly threaten Xiahou Shang, but in this kind of espionage matter, the most important thing is the spy himself. If Xiahou Shang was forced too much, and then really defected to the Northern Territory, and in turn exposed Cao Chun's plan, Wouldn't it be like digging a hole for yourself instead? Therefore, Cao Chun tried his best to present the facts and reason, so that Xiahou Shang could "volunteer"...

    子和gener! "When Cao Chun was about to walk out of the tent, Xia Houshang stopped Cao Chun and said, " want to think about it...think about it..."

 Add more money!


Cao Chun stopped, turned around and looked at Xia Houshang, and nodded after a moment, "Okay, just think about it again... But now the opportunity is fleeting... I missed it, but... Boren But you have to think about it..."

 (End of this chapter)

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