Three Kingdoms: Emperor Han’s will, my identity as a prince exposed

Three Kingdoms: Emperor Han’s will, my identity as a prince exposed


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Liu Jing traveled through the late Eastern Han Dynasty and became the illegitimate son of the Han Emperor, and was always concerned by him for growth.

Until the Battle of the Yellow Turban, Liu Jing relied on the system, cut off Liu Bei’s fiancée, slapped Liu Bei in the face many times, collected Huang Zhong and Dian Wei, and accused Zhang Jiao of the three brothers, and made great achievements.

When Emperor Han learned of this, he ignored the obstruction of hundreds of officials and crowned Liu Jingyan the king and took charge of Youzhou!

His original intention was to let Liu Jing develop for a period of time, and then recognize him, but unfortunately, time did not wait for me, the Han Emperor knew his fate soon, and had no choice but to leave a will, canonizing the protagonist as the prince of the Great Han, the prince!

Unfortunately, because Emperor Han died too quickly, the will accidentally fell into the dragon bed, and no one knew about it.

It was not until Liu Jing and the eighteen-way princes begged Dong, drove away Dong Zhuo, and rescued Luoyang, that the will was accidentally exposed.

Liu Jing: I am actually the prince of the Great Han!

Zhuge Liang: Kuang Fu Han Room, only Yan Wang Ye!

Liu Bei: Liu Jing, this thief, robbed my fiancée many times!

Big and small qiao: In this life, non-Yan king will not marry!

Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novel: “Three Kingdoms: Emperor Han’s Will, My Prince’s Identity Exposed”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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