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Chapter 673: King of the Ancestors, Son of the Moon

  【As the scenery ahead changes, you step into a denser jungle. 】

  【You are here, the sixth floor of the Ring Forest. 】

【Warning: Under the current environment, game text transmission encounters a significant delay. You cannot transmit props through the game, and all text will be presented with a delay of 30-45 seconds. 】

 After leaving Qilin's lair, Mu You spent a day and a night and successfully reached the sixth floor.

As expected, the delay increased again, but Mu You no longer felt it. It made no difference to him whether the delay was twenty seconds or forty seconds. Anyway, it was all temporary operations of the game AI.

However, after having the talent of 'Wind Listener', I can only walk in places with strong winds. Most things can be sensed in advance, and the risk is greatly reduced.

It was precisely with the help of the Wind Listener and the Hidden Wind, as well as the other two abilities, that Muyou went on the road again extremely smoothly. Not only could he hide himself, but he could also predict the dangers around him in advance, even if he faced several dangers. Even with a delay of ten seconds, he still passed the sixth level easily, with almost no combat during the whole process.

  【A strong wind blew by, and you caught some information from the wind: the faint voice of people coming from the front, mixed with a few wisps of smoke drifting by, bringing with it the aroma of some grilled food. 】

Mu You was a little excited, as he had finally found the savage tribe. In just a few days after entering the forest, he felt as if he had gone through eighty-one hardships.

You are walking in the direction of the smell of food, but it is very quiet along the way. There are only the chirping of insects and birds, and some harmless small animals peeking out from nearby branches from time to time, looking at you curiously. You didn't catch the scent of any large carnivores on the wind. 】

 After entering the sixth floor, the risk level is greatly reduced. It's right to think about it. A large number of savages gather on the sixth floor, just like a city where humans gather. Wild wolves, bears, tigers, leopards, etc., any aggressive ones are suppressed and unable to survive.

[Walking forward for a while, the woods ahead suddenly become sparse. As you climb up and look into the distance, you find that there are some man-made roads ahead, criss-crossing them. Various simple stone and wooden buildings can be seen everywhere. The outer buildings are specially decorated with various colors. Oil paints were painted in colors to keep away large beasts, and there were a large number of crude plantations and animal pens enclosed by fences between the buildings. 】

[Inside the village, a large number of savages appeared. These savages were tall and had dark brown skin. They were also painted with various colors of paint and covered with ornaments made of animal skins and bones. The whole tribe exuded It has an original and mysterious atmosphere. 】

 In front of the tribe, a gate made of spiked rolling wood stood. 】

  【As you approach, two wild men with spears suddenly jump out and block your way. 】

  【The two savages stared at you fiercely, raised their spears in their hands, pointed the tip of the spear at you, and kept making weird screams, seeming to drive you away. your choice…】

  【You hurriedly showed the paper crane (a sign of friendship) to the savages. 】

  【The two aggressive savages saw the paper crane in your hand, and their murderous intent subsided, and they put away their spears. 】

  【"You...are a friend..."】

  【"Friends...let them go..."】

  【After the two savages finished speaking, they ignored you and returned to stand guard at the entrance of the tribe. 】

You stand in front of the tribe, looking at the lively and primitive scene, as if you have just entered the Stone Age from the prehistoric era, and you can't help but feel in a trance. 】

  【The two savages saw that you were not moving, so they couldn't help but frown and look at you: "You...are not leaving yet?"】

Mu You took the opportunity to tell the two of them that he wanted to see the leader of the savage clan and asked them to inform them on his behalf.

As a result, the two savages waved their hands and shook their heads, indicating that it was none of their business. Their job was to guard the door and they could not leave their posts without permission.

“…” Mu You was speechless. It was indeed difficult to communicate. The savages seemed to be single-threaded and could only execute one order rigidly, without any flexibility.

 Just reporting something as simple as this is impossible to achieve.

  【You ask the two of them again, where is the patriarch? 】

  【"Patriarch...seventh floor..." The savage tried hard to hold back two words, and then stopped speaking. At the same time, he made a driving movement again, indicating that you want to go on your own and not to interfere with their work here. 】


 Mu You left silently, and at the same time flipped through the survival manual given by Cummings in real life.

 This manual records various common creatures in the Ringwood, including wildlings of course.

 In the last section of the manual, a full three pages are used to introduce the savages.

The first note is, 'Don't communicate with the savages' big-headed soldiers.' It's useless. For these low-intelligence savages, dialogue is a matter that requires them to grow their brains, let alone command them to do anything. .

Of course, there are also some people with high intelligence among the savages. The "high intelligence" here refers to the level of ordinary people compared with other savages. Compared with humans, this kind of IQ is already outstanding among the savages.

 In short, if you want to communicate, you can only find these people, and this kind of savage has an obvious characteristic, which is that he can have fluent conversations.

At the same time, on the last page, Cummings also specially introduces a highly intelligent savage named Fogg, also known as Big Beard, who is a blacksmith shop owner.

This man is an acquaintance of the Cummings and his wife. Every time they enter the savage tribe, they will first deal with this bearded man. It was this bearded man who secretly told them the previous information about the Fool.

Mu You followed the instructions in the manual and operated the character to walk in the direction of the blacksmith shop.

His armor-clad posture was very eye-catching in this place full of savages. Along the road, the passing savages all ran up to him and looked at him curiously as if they were aliens.

Mu You ignored these glances, hung the paper crane directly on his chest, and walked in swaggering, but no savages took the initiative to stop him.

 After wandering around the village entrance for half an hour, Mu You found the so-called ‘blacksmith shop’.

[A simple blacksmith shop appears in front of you. In the dim stone house, a large amount of ore and wood are piled up. Outside the stone house is a shed made of gray cloth, with a smelting table and a furnace made of black crystal stones placed below. Fire, in which fierce heat emanates. 】

  【A wild man with extremely thick hair is sweating profusely in front of the fire, working hard to build a spear. 】

The bearded man noticed your arrival, turned his head, and tried his best to reveal his face buried in fluffy hair. He looked you up and down, with a hint of surprise in his eyes. ]    ["Oh? A fool? A face you've never seen before... You found me here just after you came. Was it Cummings who introduced you?" The bearded man said angrily, never stopping the action of striking the iron in his hand. 】

This bearded man showed his "extraordinary" intelligence as soon as he appeared on the scene. Not only did he speak without stumbling, he was able to directly deduce that he was related to Cummings! This intelligence is already incredible for a savage!

 Mu You was very relieved to finally find a wild man who could communicate normally.

"Yes." You nodded in response, and at the same time consciously sent out a slightly damaged unicorn scale. 】

  It is mentioned in the manual that this bearded man is not bad, but he is quite practical. If you don't give him any benefits, he will be too lazy to answer you. But as long as he gives you enough benefits and builds up a good impression, he will indeed try his best to help you.

 In any case, it is still better than most savages who have nothing to gain. The couple had given gifts many times before, and only then opened a breakthrough with Big Beard.

 As a blacksmith, what Big Beard likes most is all kinds of precious materials and gems.

Mu You was not willing to give away the complete Qilin scales, so he picked out a defective one and gave it away, but even so, the bearded man regarded it as a treasure.

[The bearded savage saw the scales you handed over, his eyes instantly lit up, he dropped the spear and hammer he was making, wiped his blackened hands repeatedly on his clothes, and then carefully took the scales, carefully Observe. 】

["Yes, they are indeed unicorn scales, and they are in good condition. Unfortunately, there are some damages... But it's not a big problem. With my skills, I can make a high-quality shield with these scales!" The bearded man boasted, holding the scales still. He stuffed it into his pocket and looked at you with a much kinder look. 】

"Yes, I have accepted the things. If you have anything to ask, just ask and I will try my best to help you." The bearded man asked about your request. your choice…】

Mu You didn’t waste any time and went straight to the point, telling the bearded man that he wanted to meet the leader of the savage tribe.

["Haha, there are so many people who want to see the clan leader. I also want to see the clan leader. Everyone wants to see the clan leader. The clan leader is very busy." The bearded man chuckled and continued to blacksmith: "Don't think about it, young man, can you meet me? Arrived."]

  【You tell the other party that you have something extremely important to report, which is related to the safety of the entire ancestor group...】

Mu You directly informed the other party of their previous discoveries and the news that the God-Eating Beast was studying how to parasitize the savages. This information was originally intended to be notified to all the savages, and there was no need to hide it.

  【"The new God Clan..." The bearded man frowned when he heard this: "Speaking of which, in recent years, there have indeed been many incidents of people disappearing outside the ring forest for no apparent reason. Could it be that they were all captured by those people from the God Clan?"]

[The bearded man frowned and thought for a moment, but still shook his head and asked: "Then do you have any conclusive evidence to prove that the gods have developed something that can parasitize us?"]

  【You shake your head truthfully, indicating that there is no evidence. 】

He really didn't have any concrete evidence. The information he obtained from searching the soul of the red parasitic beast before was that the God-devouring beasts were conducting human experiments to study how to parasitize savages. He was not sure whether the research had been successful so far.

He and Lin Xue stopped the god-devouring beast from parasitizing Muro before it was completed, but he seriously doubted that if he hadn't left it alone at the time, Muro might actually be successfully parasitized in the end.

"Don't even think about it without evidence. Even if you meet the patriarch, the patriarch will never believe you. The patriarch is a staunch supporter of the 'former king'." The bearded man said firmly. 】

  【You asked in confusion, what is the "former king"? 】

["The First King is a great leader in the history of the First People, and is recognized by all people as the 'King of the First People'." The bearded man threw out a rough silver coin, with a savage holding a spear high engraved on the surface of the coin. : "This is the 'Jie Coin', a coin that is only circulated within the ancestors' tribes. The figures carved on it are the ancestors' kings."]

["The late king is the first 'son of Moon Festival', that is, the person recognized by Yuehu... Does Yuehu know it? The birthplace of Moon Butterfly, the place where the Moon Festival ceremony is held every year, the lake water in it is extremely corrosive, any If a living creature, even the physique of the ancestors, jumps into it, the flesh and blood will be corroded in an instant."]

“In the entire millions of years of history of the ancestors, no one has ever been able to walk out alive after jumping into the Moon Lake. The only exception is the ancestors.”]

["At that time, the late king was the strongest warrior in the clan. At the Moon Sacrifice Ceremony that year, he bravely jumped into the Moon Lake as a living sacrifice. However, he was not corroded to death like other living sacrifices. Instead, he relied on He managed to survive with his abnormal physique, and finally achieved nirvana and was reborn. He received the revelation from Moon Lake and became the spokesperson of Moon Lake from then on..."]

Mu You has never seen the moon lake, but he has seen the moon well. He has personally experienced the corrosiveness of the moon well. If you put your hand in it, it will be instantly melted into slag. Not to mention the 'moon lake' on the next level, just Even the physique of a savage can hardly support it.

 And this late king, as the only savage among countless ancestors in history who could survive in the Moon Lake, shows how abnormal his physical condition has become.

["At that time, it was the time when the Gods were rising and competing with our race for world hegemony. We were suppressed by the Gods in many ways, and our territory was repeatedly lost, and we were about to be exterminated. At this time, the late king became the son of Yueji, and unified it with the power of one person. At that time, the ancestor tribes with extremely scattered factions negotiated with the Gods on behalf of the ancestors. In the end, the two sides reached an armistice agreement. The ancestors all retreated to the Ring Forest to recuperate. This way they avoided being cannibalized by the Gods and preserved the Ring Forest for us. This most important territory.”]

["Tens of thousands of years ago, the ancestor king passed away. Before his death, he left a legacy: all the people of the tribe must abide by their true intentions, stay in the Ring Forest, and protect the Ring Forest. Unless outsiders take the initiative to invade the Ring Forest, the ancestors must never participate in the war. In the struggle for power outside, we are not allowed to form alliances or go to war with any outside race. As long as future generations strictly abide by this instruction, Jie Lin and the ancestors can live forever!"]

"Because the influence of the late king was so great, this last precept became the highest commandment strictly enforced by the patriarchs of the past generations."]

"Of course, not all tribesmen agree, and some people feel that this commandment is too oppressive. As the former overlords of the world, we obviously have enough power, but we can only hide in the forest."]

"This group of people advocate raising troops to go to war and fight out to regain the original territory. Even if it doesn't work, they should plant Jie trees as much as possible outside and expand the scope of the Jie forest."]

["However, the number of these radicals is not large, and their voices cannot stir up any waves... In short, the current patriarch is a fanatical 'Pre-King Faction', supporting all the teachings left by the former king, unless those new gods directly invade Jie Lin, he will never take the initiative to form an alliance or start a war."]

 Big Beard took the initiative to popularize the history and current situation of our ancestors.

Mu You couldn't help but frown after reading this. It seemed that he was in some trouble now. To meet such a fanatical believer-like patriarch, it was very difficult to persuade such a person.

Mu You shook his head. No matter what, he still had to do a good job in reminding him. Even if he could not win over the ancestors, he should at least let them have the awareness to guard against parasitism, so as not to become the enemy of the Fool in the future.

"Actually, if you really want to see the clan leader, there is nothing you can do..." The bearded man suddenly spoke when he saw your thoughtful expression. 】

  【Are you asking what can be done? 】

“The late king once left a rule that when friendly foreigners enter the Ring Forest, as long as they can save 1,000 favor tokens, they can be personally visited by the clan leader.” Big Beard said. 】

   “What is favor?” you ask. 】

["Favor, that is, the help that foreign tribesmen give to the ancestors, such as completing tasks assigned by tribesmen, helping tribesmen to achieve their wishes, etc., can obtain favors. However, there is an upper limit on the favors that each tribesman can give. Generally, tribesmen can receive favors from the same tribe. A person can only give you one favor at most. The higher the status and position, the higher the limit of favors that can be given. For example, I can give you up to ten favor tokens!" The bearded man finally patted himself and boasted. 】

Mu You's expression turned strange after hearing this. These savages really had a good plan. Isn't the so-called "favor" just about letting outsiders come into the forest to work for free?

 Having to work 1,000 times for nothing just to get a chance to meet each other, this prostitute would put even Mu You to shame. (End of chapter)

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