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Chapter 525: 523Wang Cheng’s novel? Buy it later!

When the official announcement of Rubik's Cube Entertainment started, everyone was a little confused, and it almost instantly landed at the top of the list of major social platforms!

Wang Cheng published a book?

They are still pursuing Wang Cheng’s many authentic calligraphy and masterpieces through the ages, and are still discussing which work is the best and which one is the most representative.

Many people are still following Wang Cheng's movie The Matrix and discussing the metaphor of every line in it. There are already a large group of various bloggers and self-media on the Internet who are constantly making videos based on Wang Cheng's works.


Magic Cube Entertainment officially announced that Wang Cheng has written a novel that will be published soon?

The major social platforms instantly became noisy.

“Wang Cheng is going to publish a novel? There are no signs at all!”

"Awesome, Wang Cheng really wants to conquer the entire Chinese literary world in all directions, including ancient poetry, modern poetry, calligraphy, and current novels! Say nothing more, hurry up and go public, even if what Wang Cheng writes is **** , I will also buy a copy.”

"According to the convention of many writers publishing their works before, generally traditional literati who can write good literary works cannot write novels well. Because their thinking is not in the same channel. Therefore, according to this convention, there is a high probability that Wang Cheng I can’t write novels well. However, Wang Cheng has always done the impossible, so now I’ll just wait and buy a copy before it goes on sale.”

"What novel? Science fiction? Science fiction is the most popular genre now, and many of them imitate The Matrix, or simply write spin-offs of The Matrix. Is Wang Cheng going to write the official novel of The Matrix himself? If so, I will definitely Buy two copies, one to read and one to collect."

 “When will it be launched?”

"As long as it is Wang Cheng's work, no matter what it is, I will support it immediately. This is true for pop songs, ancient poems, and movies. It is also true for novels now. Buy ten copies first."

“Hahaha, are all the novel writers in the literary world confused?”

“I still prefer Wang Cheng to continue to study ancient poetry and calligraphy, continue to improve, and reach a higher level and historical status.”


 Actually, many novel writers in the literary world are indeed the most confused.

They had seen Wang Cheng crushing the entire Chinese literary world with ancient poetry and calligraphy before, and they were still secretly happy because they escaped. According to the division of literary fields, there is a high probability that Wang Cheng will not enter it in the future. Come to the field of novels.


 Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long.

Wang Cheng is really going to publish a novel.

This has left many of their literary and novel writers speechless, and they dare not speak out in anger.

I want to complain, but due to Wang Cheng's popularity and status in the literary world, I dare not say anything. I can only wait for Wang Cheng's works to be released, read them and then evaluate them. That way, my words will be meaningful and well-founded!

If it is other ordinary cross-border authors, such as those big names in the entertainment industry, many big stars publish some works every year, and they will be criticized by some experts in the literary world, but those big stars dare not talk to these The experts in the literary world are adamant and can only ignore them and just promote it in fan groups normally.

 But now facing Wang Cheng, many writers and experts do not dare to evaluate Wang Cheng's novels at will. They can only wait until they are released!

At the same time, many celebrities in the entertainment industry are not too surprised by this.

 Because this kind of thing is the most common in the entertainment industry.

After celebrities become famous, in order to refresh their literary and youth personas, most of them will publish one or two books to increase their confidence. Some celebrities will even become addicted to it. They will publish a book every year and will specially invite a trustworthy and popular team to write it. Feed, in order to continuously increase your own cultural personality!

In order to make money, some writers in the literary world will also interact with these celebrities who have published books, exchanging commercial blows, and fooling fans and passers-by into buying their works, so as to gain fame and fortune together.


After Rubik's Cube Entertainment released the official news, many celebrities and entertainers in the entertainment industry acted the fastest. They immediately published news on the matter to create a wave of popularity, and almost all of them boasted about Wang Cheng.

 “With Wang Cheng’s ability, this novel must be very exciting.”

“The wait has finally come for Wang Cheng’s novel. I have always been a fan of his and like his literary talent. I have always thought that if he writes a novel, it will definitely be good. Now the wait has finally come. Let’s support Wang Cheng together.”

"Wang Cheng's science fiction works are very worth looking forward to. You know, the screenwriter of The Matrix is ​​Wang Cheng himself. If he can write such imaginative science fiction works as The Matrix, then Wang Cheng's science fiction novels must also be very good-looking and be released on the market. On that day, I will buy a hundred copies, keep ten for myself to read and collect, and I will draw the remaining ninety copies in the comment area and give them away to fans who support me and Wang Cheng."

 “I hope Wang Cheng’s works will be a big hit.”

“Wang Cheng is my idol. I will definitely buy it back and look at it carefully.”

 “Wang Cheng’s novels will definitely become classics.”


 The essence of the entertainment industry is that people carry people in sedan chairs, bragging to each other is a daily routine, and it is normal for you to be good to me and everyone to be good.

Those who undermine each other are extremely rare, so every time there is an entertainment industry incident that undermines each other, it will become breaking news.

Li Jie, the editor-in-chief of the publishing house, was a little surprised when he saw this scene. At the same time, he also felt that it was natural and should be like this.

 Because, this is Wang Cheng.

 However, this is the first time that Li Jiegan has seen such explosive popularity in so many years of publishing. Before a book has even been released, it is already known to the entire Internet and everyone is looking forward to it.

 Even the most awesome writers and celebrities have never been able to do it.


Li Jie, who has read the first part of The Three-Body Problem, believes that when this novel is released, it will become even more popular.

Li Jie picked up the phone and called Shen Shenghui: "Director Shen, we are ready and can be put on the market at any time. The printing factory is working overtime all night and has currently stored one million copies in stock. Is it today? Can it be put on the market? The popularity is very high now!"

Shen Shenghui was in Qin Yuhai's office. Hearing Li Jie's words, he looked at Qin Yuhai. Qin Yuhai waved his hand, indicating that he was casual. Anyway, it is Wang Cheng's work. As long as it is on the market normally, there will be no shortage of popularity and popularity, so it is not necessary at all. What kind of publicity strategies like hunger marketing are needed?

 It is enough to have sufficient supplies.

Shen Shenghui knew what Qin Yuhai meant and immediately said: "Okay, let's officially launch it tonight. Then I'll leave it to you to operate." Li Jie: "Okay, don't worry, Director Shen. I have contacted all the lines. Through both online and offline channels, when the other party heard that it was Wang Cheng’s work, they all assured that it would be fine and ready to be put on the shelves at any time. But just now, our publishing house received requests from all sales channels that we had not contacted, and they all came to grab the supply. After our research According to the sales estimates of Wang Cheng's popular music works, the quality of this three-body novel is also very good. Once it is released, we conservatively estimate that the sales volume will reach 10 million copies, breaking the sales record of novel works in the past twenty years. .”

 “Looking around the world, the sales volume is also very amazing.”

Shen Shenghui was quite satisfied with this and asked: "Where are the overseas channels? Have you contacted them?"

Li Jie: "I contacted several overseas distributors that we often cooperate with. They were not interested at first and wanted to distribute at high fees as before. However, when I said that it was a science fiction work written by the screenwriter and director of The Matrix, they immediately They are all interested. But the current royalty share is not high, and a part of the distribution fee has to be paid in advance, so I have put the negotiations with them on hold for the time being!"

“I’ll talk to them after the work is on the market. I’m sure they will give in.”

Shen Shenghui: "Okay, try to get a higher share! Although Wang Cheng himself doesn't care much, we must try to get as much benefit for him as possible."

Li Jie immediately promised: "Okay, Director Shen! I will definitely work hard. By the way, Director Shen, when can I go see Wang Cheng? You know, I am a big fan of Wang Cheng."

Li Jie has always wanted to meet Wang Cheng since he knew that the manuscript he was reviewing was written by Wang Cheng. Unfortunately, he was temporarily suppressed by Shen Shenghui and Qin Yuhai.

 However, Li Jie will not give up.

As a top student who graduated from the Chinese Department of Double Star University, Li Jie is also a literary young man. Naturally, he was completely conquered by Wang Cheng's ancient poetry and calligraphy early on. He knows Wang Cheng's influence in the literary world better than people in the entertainment industry such as Shen Shenghui and Qin Yuhai. How high the status is, how high the status in history can be.

But even though Wang Cheng is now the number one person in the contemporary literary world, and is recognized by many people as the greatest writer in history, he still believes that Wang Cheng is still underestimated by the current literary world. As time goes by, Wang Cheng Its status in history will become higher and higher.

Because he has studied every one of Wang Cheng's works, each of which can be said to be a masterpiece handed down through the ages. Coupled with Wang Cheng's achievements in other fields and Wang Cheng's current age, he came to the conclusion that Wang Cheng is underestimated.

Therefore, he now proposed that it is possible to meet Wang Cheng. The contract between Wang Cheng and Rubik's Cube Entertainment will end in another year. By then, he will not be able to contact Wang Cheng through the company's channels. In ten or eight years, He may really not have any qualifications to see Wang Cheng.

Shen Shenghui frowned slightly after listening to Li Jie's words, and then said: "This, Lao Li, I can't guarantee you. I can only say, let's see the chance. You should also have heard that Wang Cheng likes purity very much and doesn't like to meet Strangers don’t like noise at home either. Mr. Qin and I have to make an appointment in advance every time we go to see Wang Cheng.”

Li Jie also knew the rumors about Wang Cheng's character in the circle. It really depends on Wang Cheng's face whoever goes there. He is always indifferent to everyone, so he knows that he can only wait for the opportunity. This matter cannot be done. Forcibly, Dangxi could only perform well and manage Wang Cheng's book, and immediately said: "Okay, Director Shen, then I'll trouble you."

Shen Shenghui: "It's okay!"

hang up the phone.

Shen Shenghui's request to Li Jie was not unexpected or strange, because now there were countless people in the upper class who wanted to see Wang Cheng. Every day, many people passed news to him and Qin Yuhai through various connections, hoping to meet him through them. On Wang Cheng's side, there were even many people who wanted to invite Wang Cheng to have a meal alone and chat for a few words.

 However, without exception, they were rejected.

at the same time.

Many other entertainment groups are also shocked by the news.

If you are just an ordinary celebrity artist, no matter how big a celebrity you are, the books you publish will not attract their attention.

However, Wang Cheng just made a science fiction movie called The Matrix, which became popular all over the world. Now that he publishes another science fiction novel, it will definitely become a hit, and it will definitely be a ready-made hot IP!

If it can be taken and made into a film and television series, it will be a golden mountain.

Lei Zhenzong immediately called Yu Jinghong: "Do you know the news in advance about Wang Cheng's new book?"

 He wanted to ask whether Yu Jinghong knew in advance that Wang Cheng was going to publish the book through Wen Yixiao.

  However, Yu Jinghong denied it: "I don't know! I just found out. I just had a phone call with Yi Xiao, and she doesn't know either. Maybe, only Xia Xi knows, and Xia Xi is with Wang Cheng every day."

 Lei Zhenzong: “Is it possible to buy the film and television rights of Wang Cheng’s novel!”

Yu Jinghong thought for a moment and then said: "It's difficult! If possible, Qin Yuhai will definitely make the first move."

Lei Zhenzong sighed and said: "If we can buy the copyrights of both the Matrix series and Wang Cheng's new book, our group's film and television business will not have to worry about it in the future, and it may become the most stable growth point."

Yu Jinghong also understood this truth and said with a wry smile: "Everyone wants to buy it, but it's difficult! Do you want me to meet Wang Cheng and quote a price first?"

Lei Zhenzong: "Forget it, wait, let's wait and see when the novel is released. Anyway, it will be released soon, so there is no rush for these two days. With Wang Cheng's habits and personality, he will definitely not give up all the copyrights in advance. It was sold at a low price. In the end, we have to wait for the market response and then wait for us to pay a high price."

“As long as there is open competition, we are not afraid!”

Lei Zhenzong still has full confidence in the strength of Penguin Entertainment. As long as the competition can be open and fair, he is not afraid of any opponent.

The Matrix series is already a gold mine, and Wang Cheng’s new science fiction book is also likely to be a hit. If the two series are captured by then, Lei Zhenzong can retire with peace of mind, wait for dividends, and enjoy life.

Yu Jinghong: "Okay, let's wait and see. When this book comes on the market, I will buy one as soon as possible and take a look!"

 Lei Zhenzong: “Buy me a copy too!”

Yu Jinghong: “Okay!”

 After hanging up the phone, Yu Jinghong quickly went to prepare.

 But, she didn’t expect it.

Officials from Rubik's Cube Entertainment and its publishers suddenly announced at the same time that Wang Cheng's new book will be officially put on sale through various channels at 10 o'clock tonight, and Xinhua Bookstores in major cities will also be put on the shelves simultaneously.

As soon as this news came out, at a time when the popularity was already astonishing, it instantly aroused everyone's interest again!

 Everyone wants to buy a copy and read it as soon as possible!

 After reading it, you will know whether Wang Cheng’s new book is good or bad...

 Long queues soon formed in front of various offline bookstores!

This surprised many media outlets.

 Because this scene of queuing up to buy books in offline bookstores has not happened for many years. (End of chapter)

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