This Lady Is Trying to Kill Me

Chapter 310 - Chapter 310: Sneaking into the Night with the Wind

Chapter 310: Sneaking into the Night with the Wind

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A moment later, on the street of Riverside Town…

Ye Jingtang, wearing a cloud-patterned robe, was walking along the street with a scoundrel hiding in his clothes. The night wind blew on his face, making his body feel a bit more comfortable.

But when he thought about how Heroine Luo would help him recuperate later, his mind became even more chaotic, and he felt eager to return.

The big bird, who was full after eating, was walking by his feet to digest its food. Along the way, it was still chirping and talking about how it had just seen Sister Demoness chasing after someone.

Ye Jingtang could roughly understand what it meant. He looked at the mountains and wilderness on the other side of the river and didn’t see any movement. Then he went straight to the small inn in the corner of the town.

The door of the inn was already closed. Ye Jingtang flew over the wall and went up the stairs to the second floor. After letting the bird play by itself, he opened the door with the light on. “Ning’er, I’m back… Huh? Third Lady…”

The door opened, and the scene in the room came into view.

The bedding on the canopy bed had been replaced with clean bed sheets and blankets. The bed was tidied up neatly, but there was no cleanly washed baby Ning’er on it.

Beside the tea table by the window, Third Lady, who had changed into a light yellow ruqun, was sitting elegantly sideways with a teacup in her hand. Her hair was tied up, with the bird and flowers hairpin he had given her inserted into it, and her lips were covered in red rouge.

When Third Lady heard the door open, a strange look flashed across her eyes, but she immediately regained the elegance and calmness that a sect master should have. She put down the teacup. “Welcome back. How’s your health?”

Ye Jingtang looked at the charming and delicate Third Lady and was clearly a little surprised. He quickly restrained his lustful expression, closed the door, and walked to the tea table. “I’m feeling better… Where did Ning’er go?”

When Pei Xiangjun heard this, she felt a little angry. She had just taken a bath and wanted to discuss with the vixen how to solve the problem at hand. But after the vixen pressed her down and taught her, she hid. She didn’t even give her time to think about it and left her here to withstand the storm.

Now that Jingtang asked about her, Pei Xiangjun thought for a moment and could only say, “Ning’er wasn’t feeling well and went to rest first. You…”

Just as Pei Xiangjun was thinking about what to say, she saw the refined-looking Jingtang walking straight to her. He held the armrests of her chair with both hands, surrounding her in the middle, lowered his head, and leaned closer.


Pei Xiangjun leaned back in her chair, her eyes a little panicked. “Jingtang! What do you want to do?”

Ye Jingtang carefully looked at the mature and beautiful face under the candlelight and tried his best to say calmly, “I’m not doing anything. I just want to look. This rouge is really beautiful…”

Pei Xiangjun had already kissed him. After hesitating for a moment, she raised her face generously. “Kiss me if you want. Don’t think I don’t know that you used to secretly look at the rouge on my lips. I specially drew it for you just now…”


Ye Jingtang was rather surprised to see Third Lady being so brave. He leaned over, passed his hand under Third Lady’s legs, picked her up, placed her on his knee, and sat down. He tapped on the red rouge on her sexy lips. “Third Lady, why are you so brave today?”

Being hugged by Ye Jingtang, Pei Xiangjun was a little flustered. She tried her best to maintain her composure and said softly, “Ning’er can’t do anything. She’s afraid of you and hiding… I… I’m already betrothed to you by your aunt. I’m considered your fiancee. You’re already in so much pain, so why don’t I help you first…”

“Huh?” Ye Jingtang blinked in surprise.

Pei Xiangjun’s face turned red as she explained seriously, “It’s Ning’er’s rotten idea. She was so scared that she was about to cry, so she begged me for help. It’s… it’s not like 1 want to do that with you…”

Ye Jingtang leaned back in his chair, pinched Third Lady’s fair fingers, and smiled. “If I endure it, it’s actually nothing much. It feels like I’m making an excuse to take advantage of you by making you two worry so much…”

Pei Xiangjun touched Ye Jingtang’s forehead and said gently, “How can Ning’er and 1 not know if you’re okay? If you’re not feeling well, don’t force yourself. M-my original intention was to wait for the new residence at Heavenly Water Bridge to finish renovations. After you moved in, we could go through all the wedding formalities and get married officially…”

“In that case, we’ll talk when we get back to the capital. I’m really not in a hurry.”

“Sigh…” Pei Xiangjun wanted to retreat, but when she thought of the vixen’s worried expression earlier, she mustered her courage and said, “I know you care about my feelings. I’m timid, so you’re letting me adapt slowly… It’s fine if it’s usually. But now that Ning’er is as anxious as a hot pot of ants, if 1 have no qualms about letting you take care of me, wouldn’t I be insensible?”

After saying this, Pei Xiangjun found that Ye Jingtang’s expression was very serious, but his hand slowly slid down the back of her waist to the fat behind her waist and even kneaded it vaguely. She harrumphed softly. “Also, you’re just speaking nicely, but your hands aren’t honest at all…”

“Hmm?” Ye Jingtang quickly let go. “I can’t help myself. My hands aren’t listening to my brain…”

Pei Xiangjun knew that Ye Jingtang was suffocating from holding it in. After thinking for a moment, she untied the jacket of her ruqun, revealing her tube top embroidered with apricot flowers. “Alright, I know you’re not feeling well, and you’re not doing it on purpose. I’ll help you recuperate first…”


Pei Xiangjun found that the breathing beside her ear was heavier. Her face was a little red, but she still sat slightly straighter. “Why are you looking around? If you want to look, just look at me openly. I’m not as fierce as Ning’er…”

Ye Jingtang’s willpower was not bad, but there was a limit. Seeing that Third Lady was so gentle and considerate, he gradually couldn’t control himself anymore. It took him a lot of willpower to stabilize his expression and look into her eyes.

Pei Xiangjun felt that Ye Jingtang’s eyes were about to burn her. After hesitating for a moment, she turned her head to look at the light and straightened her back slightly. “Forget it, don’t hold it in. I know you’re not clear-headed. If you want to look, go ahead… Ah-! You…! Forget it. I won’t say anything about you…”

“Sigh, do I look like a pervert now?”

Pei Xiangjun glanced at Ye Jingtang. “It’s okay. It’s just that you’re pushing your luck. Don’t move around. I’ll help you recuperate.”

Ye Jingtang felt that he was about to transform into a werewolf, and his heart was beating like a drum. Sitting on the chair, he asked curiously, “How are you going to help?”

Pei Xiangjun pursed her lips and recalled the vixen’s teachings. She got up and knelt in front of Ye Jingtang. She looked up at him, who was looking down at her.

Ye Jingtang could tell Third Lady’s method from her posture. He said doubtfully, “Third Lady, are you sure you can do it?”

Pei Xiangjun tried her best to look calm. “Ning’er taught me. It shouldn’t be difficult…”

Ye Jingtang knew that it wasn’t difficult, but it was a little unfair to have Third Lady serve him like this. He thought for a moment, pulled her up, carried her horizontally in his arms, and walked to the bed. “Let me do it today. Third Lady, you can do it in the future.”

Pei Xiangjun leaned in her arms and saw that Ye Jingtang was about to put her on the bed. She panicked a little. “Huh?”

Ye Jingtang stopped and lowered his head. “What’s wrong?”

Pei Xiangjun had planned to help and then let the vixen be tormented. But Jingtang was preparing to do it for real…

Pei Xiangjun wanted to explain, but when she saw Ye Jingtang’s flushed face and him trying his best to be gentle and elegant, it seemed a little cruel to reject him. She swallowed the words on her lips and changed her words. “Can you do it now?”

Ye Jingtang shook his head and smiled. After placing Third Lady on the pillow, he leaned against her and looked down at her beautiful and nervous face. He raised his hand and pulled out the hairpin he had given her.

Pei Xiangjun curled her hands in front of her chest, feeling very flustered. But after gritting her teeth for a moment, she still sat up and pressed Ye Jingtang down. “You’re not feeling well. You should lie down, and I’ll help you recuperate.”

Ye Jingtang leaned on the pillow and looked at Third Lady above him. He spread his hands slightly. “Third Lady, you know how to help me recuperate?”

“I’ve followed you two for so long. Even though I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, I’ve still heard it.”

Pei Xiangjun’s long hair cascaded down like water. She raised her hand and hooked her hair behind her ear. Then she imitated the vixen’s starting posture and straightened Ye Jingtang. Then she placed her hands on his sides and looked down at him.

Ye Jingtang’s breath froze. He originally wanted to look at Third Lady affectionately, but her capital was too strong. She was looking down from above in a push-up position, and something completely blocked his eyes.

Pei Xiangjun noticed the change in Ye Jingtang’s gaze and looked down.

“Cough, cough… This…”

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore. Don’t get short of breath.”

“It’s fine. I can take it… 1 like you like this.”

Pei Xiangjun’s face flushed red as she lay on Ye Jingtang’s body and looked into his eyes. “Jingtang, I have to ask you a question first.”

Ye Jingtang was pressed down firmly, and his breathing was a little chaotic. He replied, “The bird has the lowest position in the family. I’m the second last…”


Seeing that Ye Jingtang was so anxious and had such a strong desire to live, Pei Xiangjun was a little annoyed. “You’re a man. You’ll be the head of the family from now on. I and Ning’er are your wives and concubines. How can we order you around? If Ning’er doesn’t recognize her identity and is fierce to you in the future, you don’t have to say anything. I’ll help you discipline her…”

Ye Jingtang patted her on the back to comfort her. “If she’s fierce to me, I must have done something wrong. Third Lady, just scold me.”

Seeing that Ye Jingtang was so cowardly that he couldn’t even bear to manage his women, Pei Xiangjun was helpless. She turned around and said, “The new residence I chose has four courtyards: plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum. Each courtyard can accommodate three people. You must live in the plum blossom courtyard. Where will I live then?”

Ye Jingtang had been to the residence before. He smiled and said, “There aren’t many people in the family. We can just live in one courtyard and let Yunli live in the embroidery building for young ladies.”

Pei Xiangjun knew that no matter how far away Yunli lived, Ning’er wouldn’t dare to live in the same courtyard as Jingtang. She thought about it and didn’t say anything else. She began to help him recuperate according to the techniques she learned from eavesdropping…

Ye Jingtang leaned against the pillow. Seeing that Third Lady was about to feed him, he felt really flattered. After thinking for a while, he hugged her and pressed her down. “Let me do it. How can I do nothing for our first time and let my wife do the work…”

Pei Xiangjun’s face flushed red all the way to her neck, but she still looked a little unhappy. “Who’s your wife? We haven’t married yet. Now… now it’s in advance…”

Ye Jingtang raised his hand, lowered the curtain, and moved closer. “1 know. My qi and blood are running around my head, and my mind isn’t clear. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t force yourself. Just tell me…”

“I’m much sturdier than Ning’er. You… Wuu~”

Just as Pei Xiangjun said a few words, her mouth was blocked. She blinked and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck.

Rustle, rustle…

The light in the room was dim, and the two breaths rose and fell, slowly becoming a little chaotic.

Pei Xiangjun was originally very nervous, but after she really went all out, she slowly suppressed it. Just as she closed her eyes and followed the waves, a voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

“Third Lady.”

“Huh-?” Pei Xiangjun opened her eyes and found Ye Jingtang looking at her. She hurriedly closed her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“On the first day I arrived in Yun’an, I actually thought that you were so beautiful. At the time, 1 hesitated about whether I should live in the Pei residence and live off a woman… If not for you, I would have definitely been wandering around in Jianghu and not gone to the Pei family to be the young master.”


Pei Xiangjun’s eyelashes fluttered. After a moment of silence, she said softly, “When you just arrived at the escort agency, Xiuhe and I were secretly watching from upstairs. I thought you were so handsome… When I found out that you were Second Brother’s foster son, I felt that it was a pity…”

“Then, can we be considered to have fallen in love at first sight?”

“It’s because of lust…”

“Speaking of which, I’m considered your martial aunt. Aren’t we violating public morals by doing this…”

“What are you saying? Aunt betrothed you to me. It’s perfectly justifiable…”

“Then, how should we address your aunt in the future? Do we each call her differently? You call her aunt, and I call her sister-in-law?”

“Hmm… 1 think that’s the only way. I can’t let you call her aunt. And if I call her sister-in-law, I’ll be in the same generation as Foster Father…”

“What about Pei Luo? You call him brother, but he calls you uncle?”


“Forget it. You’re not clear-headed. Let’s not talk about these things. I’ll help you recuperate first… Jingtang!”

“Can I?

“It’s fine as long as you like it… It’s a little embarrassing… Wuu~”

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