This assistant is serious

This assistant is serious


289 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: This assistant is serious

[Academy + System + Spiritual Energy Recovery + Auxiliary Profession] Reborn into a parallel world, the chasm of heaven and earth descended from time to time, monsters and monsters invaded, and after four hundred years of continuous war, mankind ushered in a brief era of peace.As a product of the times, fortune tellers build a new society.Su Naiwen, who is "excellent in both virtue and conduct", awakened to support the life-like character, but had no choice but to embark on the mediocre road of support."What is the true meaning of support? Is it to enhance the combat power of your teammates? To heal your teammates at critical moments? Not only that, but also to have the awareness to protect your teammates and block the sword at any time! And a heart that is willing to play a supporting role!" - Su Naiwen .Everyone: "..." This is the story of a little assistant.He let him be strong, silently surrendering his arms and letting go.He let him do whatever he wanted, and the armor healer was tough with him.He was so cruel that he was so evil that he knocked him away, stunned him and dug out his crotch.Let’s see how Dr. Su, a master of rejuvenation and a benevolent and virtuous gentleman, exudes the radiance of kindness in this parallel world.


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