“Trying to escape ha?” the bald man asked Abe, who was tied to a chair. His face showed the signs of being stepped on.

“I was just there to get someone… I already planned to pay you!” Abe said nervously. They caught him as soon as he set foot in the airport… No, before that, that sneaky taxi driver was definitely their man!

“Regardless… We will take those… They should cover your debt and the fee for stalking you for the last few days…” the bald man said. “You are really lucky we found those on you, or we would have resorted to selling you in pieces,” he added.

“THOSE ARE MINE!” Abe exclaimed as the men finished counting the money he had. “YOU CAN'T TAKE IT!”

“We can give it back to you… But you will have to pay us double next week… “ the bald man chuckled.

“Damn it!” Abe cursed. “Fine! Are we even now?” Abe finally asked.

“We are… If you ever need money again, you will know where to find us, Lady M is always willing to help promising young men like you!” the bald man said as he took his friends out of the abandoned warehouse.

Hearing their cars leave, Abe could finally sigh in relief… Although he was poor again, he kept his sorry life and would be paid again next month… He just needed to abide by the contract and act as Crimson Pearl…

He could really need a bath…

Wait… Why didn’t those men untie him?


“HELP!” Abe screamed, but no one answered.

“HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he tried again.

Still no one.

It was already late and there was no one in the docks. So he would have to spend the night here… Wait… The next day was a weekend!



After Zoe managed to decimate a total of 37 Golems alone, while Victor cheered her up the entire way, the group finally reached their destination.

“Is this really a mining village and not some refugee camp?” Victor asked as they reached the ‘Village’ where Luke was supposed to be in.

“As I stated earlier, Young master, this place is meant for those disobedient and trouble-makers,” Alto said awkwardly as they entered the village. “It is meant to be a shit hole, if you excuse my words…”

“I see…” Victor said, casually looking around at dirty tents and filth filling the pathways between them.
Many haggard beggars like dirty miners were sitting lazily around. Men and women were thin and weary from years of malnourishment and abuse. On their hands and feet, many bruises could be spotted, signs of years in the mines.

They didn’t even care to salute Victor or Alto, a testament to the respect they have for the family.
They just shot them some cold glares.

Around the corners, some filthy and malnourished children could be spotted peeking from behind the tents wary of the newcomer.

“How can the family tolerate a place like this?” Zoe, who was very disturbed asked in a low voice.

“This place is meant to be like this… “ Alto sighed. “We, the guards, don’t have a say in this…” he added. During the past day, he grew both to hate Victor and to really respect Zoe. What a fine young woman!

“I thought you said all the children should get a chance?” she asked.

“Many do… The ones here are just the unluckiest bunch,” Alto explained. “The only reason children got sent here is either because they committed some offense or that they offended someone they shouldn’t have,” he sighed. “They usually get a chance to redeem themselves if they behave!”

Zoe frowned. She didn’t like this.

“Regardless… Where is my dear little brother?” Victor began to look around.

“Ahh… Let us see… “ Alto didn’t need to speak as a nasty-looking old man who held a whip in his hand and was wearing an unkempt guard uniform hurried from somewhere and then bowed to Victor… From the look of it, he was busy doing some nasty things when he noticed Victor and hurried here, as his pants were worn backward. Still, none of the miners who hurried away like a flock of sheep when seeing him dared to point that out.

“I greet the young masters…” he said.

“Are you the supervisor here?” Victor asked.

“Yes! How can this lowly servant be of service!” the supervisor asked, making sure to confirm the purple tokens on Victor and Zoe’s chests. He didn’t dare to look for too long though.

“I am looking for my dear brother, Luke, My father told me to check on him… He should be here!” Victor asked, crossing his fingers hoping that Luke was already dead or maimed by some unfortunate accident.

“Ahh…” the guard paused as Victor looked at him with expecting eyes. He seemed to be hesitant.

“What? Did something bad happen to him?” Victor asked. He had a hard time hiding his smile, but what everyone saw was a concerned brother.

“Is the Young Master Luke you mentioned a young man with purple hair and a small mole beneath his left eye?” the guard asked after some hesitation. Just to make sure.

“That’s the one!” Victor said in an expectant voice… Yet again, he appeared anxious. “Is he fine?” he asked worriedly.

“Oh… He is fine… I assigned him to a suitable unit and instructed them to take care of him. He is doing fine!” the guard said with a smile. Thankfully he was smart enough to make the right choice after noticing his purple hair!
Although his superior Elder Tin told him to bully Luke, he had other thoughts, he was not stupid!

First, he asked around and realized Luke's identity in no time. He was the son of Elder Theodore and a direct Grandson of Lady Ann!
Many didn’t know who Ann was, but he did as he worked here for a long time, and heard many stories from Ann’s enemies who were sent here to rot!
Weighing his choices, he decided to strike a deal with Luke, he would help him here, and after Luke’s awakening ceremony, the latter would get him a better position in the family!
He had nothing to lose anyway!
So for the last month, he kept looking after Luke while at the same time telling Tin that he was ‘taking care of him’ as instructed.

“This way please!” he said proudly then started to walk. He believed that he made the right choice, seeing how Victor ‘cared’ about his brother.

Victor silently cursed then quickly followed after heading toward one of the few black stone huts in this village.

It didn’t take them long to notice Luke who was standing next to the hut’s door. He seemed to be doing fine, just a little thinner and a lot dirtier than the last time Victor and Zoe saw him. Still… Despite that, with his purple hair and handsome features, Luke stood out like a Rooster in a coop full of ugly chickens….
No, Luke didn’t deserve to be a rooster, they were noble creatures unlike him!

Anyway, he didn’t notice Victor coming toward him as he was at the moment arguing with some girl about some food. It was some kind of mushroom that was the staple food down here.
It didn’t taste bad, but it was not good either. Victor tried it earlier.

“It told you to get me something edible! What is this shit again?” Luke asked arrogantly.

“Luke! You must call me Unit Leader!” a thin dirty girl who had long black hair covering her face said in displeasure.

“FUCK YOU!” Luke scolded. “Do you want me to punish you again?” he said, making the kids vibrate…No, shake a little. He was using the supervisor’s authority to bully them.

The supervisor who saw this just smiled proudly at Victor as if he was telling him that he was taking care of his brother.

Victor ignored it and just gestured to his group to stay silent and watch.

“Regardless! That’s all we get today!” the girl who didn’t back down stubbornly said. “The others want to eat bread too, and you already ate your weekly share and mine!” she said as she stepped forward.

“They can eat my shit!” Luke cursed. Both Victor and Zoe looked at him with disgust.

“Don’t be rude! I will find you something better tomorrow!” the girl said in a bossy manner.

“You always say that!” Luke scolded.

“Can you just eat these today…” she sighed. “You must be considerate of others!” she added, making Victor frown. Why was this girl caring for Luke this much?

“Are you ordering me around, bitch?” Luke flared again.

“I AM TELLING YOU!” the girl said in a pouting manner making Victor finally sigh.

He could easily tell, this girl was in love with Luke, and this must have been her first love as she didn’t know how to express it without being bossy…
Well, he can’t blame her, in this shitty place, a prince charming like Luke was a catch…

Still, Victor didn’t like this… Luke was a piece of shit that didn’t deserve to be loved! He was one of the few whom Victor would never forgive, as he knowingly hurt his own brother and then took pleasure in his downfall!

Deciding to end the stupid drama unfolding in front Victor decided to…. He paused and gasped.

He just casually appraised the girl.


Bloodline Lock (100% Locked), S
Hollower Love Curse, S
Slave, F

STR 32
INT 21
CHARM 1(25)

Bloodline: BLOOD ELF, SS 100% (Unawakened)


In a split second, a thousand thoughts crossed his mind.
The first was the S-ranked fate power… But she had no defined fate, so it means she was neutral for now, neither a Scion nor a dark Scion. Still, why is someone with an S-ranked fate locked here? Could she be a demon?

Victor quickly unlocked her destiny List.


Oh…Not a demon… Just a case of severe self-depreciation.
She was just unconsciously using her power against herself, believing that she could never leave! She must have 0 self-confidence!
She was in the process of using her power to entrap Luke, and Victor knew he couldn’t simply allow that! It was only a matter of time before some accident happened and this girl ended up dying to save Luke's life… Yes, that’s what Victor figured would happen after reading the destiny list.

Still, this was not the most important thing about her… He had to act fast!

“Find me the girl’s file!” Victor told Alto in a cold voice then, letting go of Zoe’s hand, he hurried toward Luke who just wanted to get rid of the bitch who was pestering him when he felt someone hug him hard.

“Who the fuck….. VICTOR?” Luke asked in shock as Victor let go of him momentarily.

“LUKE!” Victor hugged his brother again, not caring about the dirty clothes. “Thank god you are fine! When Father told me what happened to you, do you know how worried I was?” Victor asked.
“Ah. Yes… What are you doing here?” Luke asked nervously with a forced smile. He didn’t like Victor seeing him like this.

“Father told me to come check on you!” Victor said. “Don’t worry, he will get you out soon!” he added.

“Really?” Luke asked.

“YES! I have some good news, it is a….” Victor paused, then looked at Kuu who was shocked by Victor… No beyond shocked as he made sure to reveal his real charm to her, so her mind was now in the process of figuring out who this angel who appeared in the frog was.

“Who is this girl?” Victor asked with a frown, examining Kuu’s face that she was trying to hide with her hair for the first time, she was ugly, no beyond ugly. It was as if a thousand worms lived in her face. The curse!

“She is the bitch who is the head of the Mining Unit I was assigned to…“ Luke said with displeasure, he didn’t like the fact of Victor seeing him with an ugly bitch like her.

“How dare she yell at you earlier? Doesn’t she know your rank?” Victor asked in shock, making Kuu wake up.

“I know right?” Luke Smiled. He didn’t expect Victor to root for him.

“What’s your name?” Victor asked the girl.

“Kuu… Young master…” Kuu said nervously as Zoe approached, then frowned as she noticed Kuu’s face. She didn’t comment.

“Why were you bothering Luke?” Victor asked.

“I… I just want what’s best for him… Ah.. .As his unit leader…” she said, stuttering, not daring to look Victor in the eyes.

“That won't do! You need to be punished!” Victor said in a lewd voice and licked his lips. “It would take about an hour… So why don’t you guys find a place to rest…” he said to Zoe and Alto. then grabbed the stunned Kuu’s hand entered Luke’s hut and shot the door behind him.

“What?” Luke frowned as Zoe looked at the closed door with shock…
It took Zoe who was blushing like a tomato one whole minute to realize what Victor meant. It was after hearing a very particular womanly voice from inside!

“PERVERT! BASTARD!” Zoe cursed then turned around and headed out of the village with angry steps. The obsidian stone ground was breaking as she walked away.

“Lady Zoe!” Alto called then hurried after her. It didn’t take a genius to realize that she was going to vent on some poor Golems, but he couldn’t leave her alone.

“What just happened?” Luke asked the supervisor as he watched them leave. He couldn’t believe what just happened. Did his brother just do it with that ugly girl?

“I don’t know… But your esteemed brother sure does have some heavy tastes…” the supervisor said. Kuu was one of the few girls he didn’t touch. She was just too ugly.

“Yeah…” Luke replied with disgust. Still, in a far corner of his mind, he had the feeling that he couldn’t grasp. It was as if he lost something very important.

Kuu couldn't believe what just happened…. Just like that, she was embraced by a man for the first time and a very handsome and noble man at that.

She could only remember him offering her to be his personal maid and then his lips touching hers as soon as she agreed. The rest was a blur!

He was at the moment laying beside her on the haystack they used as a bed, softly hugging her as she rested on his chest.
He was looking at her horrendous face with a gentle smile, softly touching it with his jade-like fingers, as if tracing her ugly scars.

How the fuck was this a punishment?

“Thank you…” she said, blushing, she didn’t know what else to say. She was just thankful for him not looking at her with disgust.

“From today on you are mine…” he said as his family token left a mark on the tattoo on her neck.

“Um…” she nodded with a blush. She felt as if she was in a dream. “What… What can I call the young master?”

“My name is Victor von Weise… In front of others, call me young master, but privately you can call me husband!” he said. He was not going to let this girl escape… EVER!

“I... Someone as ugly as me doesn’t deserve such honor…” she said awkwardly looking at the ground. This was just like a fairy tale, only if she was not this ugly.

“What do you mean ugly?” Victor asked with a frown.

“Are you making fun of me?” she asked meekly.

“No…” Victor said, moving his hand and making a mirror appear out of thin air. “Look at yourself!”

Kuu frowned then gasped…

“Sssssssssssss….. Impossible……” she gasped. “Is that me?” she asked as she looked at the pretty girl in the mirror. It took her five whole minutes to make sure it was her!

“Yes… Your scars were a curse, a curse that would be removed if someone fell in love with you…” Victor said. He was not lying, but he didn’t use that method.

“Ah…” she blushed, not knowing what to think.

“Don’t you like me?” he asked. It was too late for such a question though.

“NO! I … I… I love the young master…” she stuttered.

“I told you to call me husband…” he scolded, spanking her.

“Ahh…Husband…” she said with a blush.

“Good… It is too early to leave… Let’s have some more fun!” he said as his lips touched hers again while checking her destiny list for the second time. It had only one entry left! Just as intended! The quick fry was a success!


Good… No need to waste a blood slave spot for this Von Richter heir… Yes, he was 90% sure depending on her bloodline, which was the same as Alpha and Hana.

Although he felt a little bad scamming the girl this quickly, It was better for her as he would never harm her, on the contrary, he planned to take care of her as she was one of his own from now on!

Still, He had no idea how she ended up here, how she got cursed or why she was not a player from birth like the others from her family, but he was not in a hurry to uncover her past.

Now he had more pressing things to do. He just needed to wait until Rita reached her position and for Alto to drag Zoe away to a safe place as he was instructed, then it would be time to take care of some insects!

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