The War of Resistance

Chapter 1626: New "Chiang Kai-shek's Scheme"

Shang Zhen still held a gun and quietly watched the puppet troops on the road.

He has fought too many battles and has gained a lot of experience. Naturally, after he has gained a lot of experience, he will just wait and see what happens.

There are only two choices for this group of puppet troops, one is to surrender directly, and the other is to break out to which side of the road.

It was impossible to charge forward. This group of puppet soldiers had neither the strength nor the courage.

It was also impossible to retreat along the road, because there was no hiding place on the road. By the time they exited the encirclement, most of the people would be dead.

It is also unlikely that the puppet army will break out towards the woods. The woods are a natural bunker for the Shang Zhen camp. Any puppet army with any scheming will not put themselves in the open land and launch a charge into the woods.

In order to rush out, the puppet troops had no choice but to run towards the rocky beach, and this was why Shang Zhen personally took up the position here.

After a while, I could faintly hear the puppet soldiers on the road let out a shout and then they really rushed towards the rocky beach.

And at this moment, without Shang Zhen's order, the gunfire from their end became intensive again.

In the original battle plan, Shang Zhen was also lenient to the puppet troops. He estimated that as long as he wiped out the Japanese army, the puppet troops would almost surrender.

Because of this, the people from their battalion ambushing on both sides of the road did not shoot much at the puppet troops at first.

But since the puppet army refused to surrender, it was "a toast but not a meal".

What Shang Zhen bullied was that this group of Japanese soldiers had more pistols and fewer rifles, which was not conducive to long-distance fighting. So how could they let the puppet troops with box cannons get closer?

If the puppet troops forcefully charge out, they will be "killed without mercy." This is what Shang Zhen had explained beforehand.

Amidst the firing of rifles and light machine guns, puppet soldiers continued to be shot and fell.

But this time the puppet troops charged very fiercely. In the end, dozens of puppet troops rushed within 200 meters and then hid behind the rocks and shrubs.

However, it was obvious that these puppet soldiers had no intention of rushing out. Obviously they knew that they had encountered a hard fight and were already scared by Shang Zhen's people.

"Are these idiots going to stick around and wait for help?" Cheng Peng shouted not far away from Shang Zhen.

Waiting for help? Shang Zhen couldn't help but have a sneer on his face, he just couldn't bear to kill all these puppet soldiers.

The puppet troops are a mixed bag of people. Some deserve to die, some are just trying to make a living, and some have no idea of ​​national justice. In fact, as long as they are given some instruction, they can turn their guns against the invaders.

In fact, Shang Zhen also understands this.

It's just that their Northeast Army has always been a "passing god" and asked Shang Zhen to do meticulous ideological work for the puppet army. Shang Zhen had neither the time nor the idea.

But since he reunited with Leng Xiaozhi this time, he was finally influenced by Leng Xiaozhi, that is, it is impossible to defeat the Japanese invaders through purely military lines.

In terms of combat quality, Leng Xiaozhi naturally cannot compare with him. Even the regular troops of the Eighth Route Army may not have higher military quality than veterans like them.

But in terms of theoretical literacy, the difference between Shang Zhen and Leng Xiaozhi is not just a matter of a few streets.

The night he and Leng Xiaozhi were together, although the couple wanted to be extremely affectionate, the matter between a man and a woman was big or small, but Leng Xiaozhi told him about it after the two of them hadn't slept all night. There are many truths that he does not clearly understand.

For example, war is a continuation of politics, such as the great man proposed on protracted war.

Everyone can say that they hate politics, but after all, they cannot live without politics.

Everyone is growing, and so is Shang Zhen.

At this moment, seeing that the puppet troops were waiting for reinforcements, Shang Zhen had already been on guard. Besides, if he really wanted to destroy these puppet troops, it would only take a matter of minutes.

A veteran of ten years, he has fought against the Japanese too many times. These puppet troops are no longer in Shang Zhen’s sight!

"Order our people to surround them. Those behind will take cover. If they resist, they will be killed! Oh, by the way, are there any more explosives? Give them a few more blows and don't let them move!" Shang Zhen shouted. .

Under Shang Zhen's order, the light machine guns on their end rang again, which was fire cover. At the same time, two grenade launchers "boom" and "boom" fired at the area where the puppet soldiers were hiding. Two grenades.

When the two grenades raised smoke and exploded into two clouds of dust and smoke, the attempts of the puppet soldiers to resist were also ended.

Nowadays, China has been poor and weak for a long time. These two grenades let the puppet soldiers know that their resistance is doomed to be futile.

Although the grenade is very small and is even called a "small cannon" by people from the Northeast Army, a small cannon is still a cannon!

With such a cannon, even those masters of the puppet army who use box cannons will be dead if they resist!

In fact, since Qiao Xiong's death in Shang Zhen's camp, they really only had these two grenades left.

However, Shang Zhen used these two grenades as a carrier to convey the message to the puppet troops that you should surrender quickly and don't wait for us to bombard you!

Although the cannon is still small and cannot be any smaller!

Shang Zhen waved his hand, and the soldiers on their side stepped forward with guns under cover of fire.

As soon as they moved, people in the direction of the woods also started to surround them with guns drawn.

All the soldiers were carefully prepared to shoot or lie down at any time.

After all, there are still dozens of puppet troops. If the opponent comes to defeat them, they will enter the shooting range of the opponent's box cannon after entering a hundred meters. Veterans of hundreds of battles will never give these puppet troops any chance to fight even though they are trapped.

The machine guns and rifles placed by Shang Zhen and others at the rear stopped firing, and the soldiers responsible for providing cover also moved ahead, because if they fired any more, they would accidentally injure their own people.

Except for the footsteps of the soldiers marching, the battle scene became dull and depressing. After all, this was a life-or-death battle.

After a few more minutes, Shang Zhen and his two companies finally compressed the puppet troops into a very small area. The distance between the enemy and us was only a few dozen meters, but the puppet troops did not raise their guns to shoot.

It's not like they don't have a chance.

Shooting is very simple. Let alone a soldier, even a woman who has never fired a gun only needs to press the trigger with her index finger and the gun will go off.

However, the puppet soldiers also understood that if they dared to fire the first shot, they would surely endure a storm of blows next.

Then all of them will have no chance to fire a second shot, their bodies will be beaten into sieves, and they will fall in a pool of blood.

The blood will be hot and sticky at first, but will soon cool down and become as cold as their corpses.

In the end, they will be eaten by unknown wild dogs on this rocky beach where no crops can be grown, until they are all turned into dense white bones!

"Who is your commander? What section are you in? We want to see your commander!" a voice among the puppet troops shouted.

"The defeated general, if you see this stupid commander, throw out your guns to me. If you say another nonsense, I will destroy you all here! Prepare the grenade machine gun!" Liu Keqiang cursed.

Liu Keqiang's words were enough.

In fact, what should I say about the request of the puppet soldiers who still want to see their superiors?

It's like, they are all meat on the cutting board, and they still want to say that you first use a knife to **** my hair to see if your knife is fast, and don't touch my front groove and back mound yet!

This request, how should I put it, is really heartless!

Just after Liu Keqiang finished shouting these words, a box of cannon was finally thrown out from behind the stone, and the first puppet soldier stood up with his hands raised.

Then, the puppet soldiers threw out their guns one after another and stood up with their hands raised.

"You don't have any vengeance with our Northeastern Army. As long as you don't resist, I will let you go. Don't let that ignorant troublesome me use my gun!

It doesn't matter if you want to die yourself, but don't hurt other people! "Cheng Peng beat the drum again in time.

"Brothers, are you from the Northeast Army?" Cheng Peng said, and someone from the puppet army answered.

But the guy was scolded when he spoke, "Shut up! If you dare to talk nonsense again, I'll kill you!" But this time it was Shang Zhen who spoke.

"Everyone come out and squat in the open space, all facing south!" Shang Zhen then ordered.

Liu Keqiang, who was with Shang Zhen, glanced at Shang Zhen in surprise. He couldn't understand why Shang Zhen had to let the prisoners squat southward.

But at this moment, footsteps sounded from the opposite side, but Qian Chuan'er ran over and shouted: "Who is your leader? Has he been beaten to death?"

But after Qian Chuan'er ran over, he winked at Shang Zhen and Liu Keqiang. UU read

Qian Chuan'er asked this question, but Liu Keqiang saw that no one of the puppet soldiers exchanged glances. But after a moment, one of the puppet soldiers replied: "Sir, our leader is dead!"

The puppet soldier who spoke looked like he was in his twenties, obviously younger than Shang Zhen and the others. No one believed that this man was Ma Dapao, the leader of the puppet army.

But is that Ma Canao really dead? Liu Keqiang didn’t believe it at all!

This has something to do with the question Qian Chuan'er asked. If you ask someone if their leader was beaten to death, they won't say that he was beaten to death.

Anyone with a little bit of brain would think that if a large group of people were taken prisoner by others, they would most likely be punished by "the first culprit will be held accountable, and the rest will be given leniency."

Moreover, after Qian Chuan'er's questioning, the puppet soldiers were squatting there with their heads bowed to the ground, one by one, as if they were deflated and undressing, without exchanging glances at all.

This is contrary to common sense, so Liu Keqiang can be sure that Ma Dapao is still alive and must be among this group of puppet troops.

Liu Keqiang began to search among the puppet soldiers, but those puppet soldiers all lowered their heads.

But can this stop Liu Keqiang? He looked for the guy with the lowest brain pressure, and then he saw a guy in his forties.

Liu Keqiang looked at Shang Zhen, and it was at this time that Qian Chuan'er spoke again.

Who knows what Qian Chuan was thinking. At this time, he threatened the puppet soldiers again: "If anyone dares to deceive me, be careful that I dig up his ancestral graves!" Then he said to Xiang Shang Zhen: "Report Regiment commander, division commander ordered us to find a safe place to rest as soon as possible!"

Leader? Teacher? After Liu Keqiang was stunned for a moment, he had a new guess.

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