Following Song Jinze were Xiao Yi’s family and Bai Lingshan.

Song Yuchen’s cute little face was filled with a cute smile, and she called everyone who came in.

Xiao Yi picked up Song Yuchen and said, "Little guy, do you miss your uncle?"

 “Of course I want to…”

While the two were talking, Watermelon jumped over from the side with its tail wagging, a big fluffy ball. Xiao Yi's expression suddenly turned aside, and his legs subconsciously moved back half a step.

Song Yuchen turned around and waved to Xigua, "Xigua, come here, and I'll introduce you to Uncle Xiao Yi."

This is the first time Xigua met Uncle Xiao Yi, and he had to introduce him solemnly.

“Uncle Xiao Yi, this is my best friend, Xigua.”


Xiao Yi watched the large group of furry white approaching him. His expression changed again and again, and he forced a smile out of the corner of his mouth, "Okay..."

 He is afraid of such large dogs, especially those of the Song family.

Song Jinze bent down, touched Xigua's head, and asked Song Yuchen sideways, "Xiaochen, what is Xigua's collar here?"

 Because of his touch, Xigua did not get closer to Xiao Yi.


 The little guy was obsessed with the watermelon thing, and he slipped off Xiao Yi's body and said, "Let me take a look."

Xiao Yi breathed a sigh of relief, and after looking at each other in tacit understanding with Song Jinze, he quickly took Bai Lingshan to Mr. Song's side.

Ye Zhenzhen had a faint smile on her lips. She might not have understood it before the old man told her about Song Jinze and Xiao Yi's childhood. But now that she saw Xiao Yi acting like this, she understood instantly.

 At this time, except for Song Jinze's family of three, everyone in the Song family and the Xiao family were paying attention to Xiao Yi and Bai Lingshan.

Xiao Yi has hardly been reunited with his family since he went his own way in the entertainment industry a few years ago. This time everyone gathered together, and everyone tacitly agreed not to mention his previous things, and only talked about what had happened recently and what was to come in the future. Planning things.

The dinner went smoothly, during which the three elders of the Song family and the parents of the Xiao family gave New Year's red envelopes to Ye Zhenzhen, Bai Lingshan and Song Yuchen.

Bai Lingshan said a little embarrassedly, "I didn't prepare anything for our first meeting..."

Professor Xiao smiled and said, "We are very happy that you can come. We are presumptuous in asking you to meet in such a hurry, so you don't mind."

 “No, no, I’m very happy to meet you all.”

Xiao Yi frowned and asked, "Why don't you give out red envelopes to me? Forget about Song Jinze, this is the first time I've met everyone in the past few years. I should have a meeting gift or something, right?"

Father Xiao said angrily, "You stinky boy, everyone is trying to save your face by not mentioning this matter, but you still have the shamelessness to say it yourself, you..."

“Just say a few words and the child will be back.” Song Wenbai took out the red envelope he prepared, “Here, Uncle Song will give it to you!”

 Xiao Yi took the red envelope and said, "Thank you, Uncle Song!"

In Xiao Yi’s memory, Song Wenbai was very kind to them when they were young and he also liked children very much.

Mr. Song and Mrs. Song also took out the red envelopes they had prepared and gave them to Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi was flattered, "Is he really mine?"

Mrs. Song smiled and said, "Silly boy, come home often from now on."

Song Yuchen blinked his **** eyes and asked, "Then we all have red envelopes, but my dad is the only one who doesn't have any!"

Song Jinze glanced at the little guy and replied quietly, "Dad is an adult when he gets married, so there is no need."

The smile on Xiao Yi's lips disappeared instantly. Fortunately, a second ago, he thought that this little guy Song Yuchen was talking for him. Now, let this little guy Song Jinze say this, and his feelings are just saying that he is a child!

Mr. Song snorted coldly and said, "Since we are getting married, when will the wedding be held?"

This is all my family, so there is no need for the old man to avoid suspicion when he speaks. After tonight's New Year's Eve, the Spring Festival will be in less than a month, and I have never heard of this guy mentioning a wedding. He had previously said that he would get married six months after receiving the certificate, but now that his relationship had been announced, he didn't hear the slightest hint of a wedding.

Just when Song Jinze was about to answer, Ye Zhenzhen jumped in first, "Grandpa, there's no rush. I've been on the set recently and really don't have time."

Under the table, Song Jinze held her hand slightly tighter, smiled at the old man with a determined look, "It's really time to put it on the agenda."

 Preparations before a wedding are inevitable, even if he has already started preparing for a long time.

Now that Grandpa mentioned this matter, he felt that he still had to let Zhen Zhen know about it and collect some of her thoughts to avoid regrets in the future.

Father Xiao said, "When are you planning to hold the wedding? I wonder if our family can hold it together in time?"

“Xiao Yi, what do you think?”

“?” Xiao Yi was confused by the sudden question.

Why did this topic come to him again? Even if he got married, he would not be with this **** Song Jinze.

Professor Xiao immediately came out to smooth things over, "Can you just say a word about the wedding? Doesn't it require time planning?"

Jinze and the others are getting married without having a wedding. Our son hasn’t gone to meet his future mother-in-law yet. It doesn’t matter whether they agree to marry their daughter to your son. Why are you just joining in the fun? "

Turning around, Professor Xiao comforted Bai Lingshan who was beside him, "Shanshan, this is what Uncle Xiao said. Don't be scared. You and Xiao Yi can plan whatever they want, and we won't interfere."

The meeting with the girl tonight was unexpected, and now that marriage was mentioned, Professor Xiao was really afraid of scaring Bai Lingshan, and felt that the Xiao family was too casual.

Bai Lingshan nodded with a slight blush on her cheeks, but didn't say anything.

Professor Xiao put vegetables into Bai Lingshan’s bowl and said, “Children, don’t be cautious when eating vegetables.”

 “Okay, thank you, auntie.”

Facing such a warm and friendly family, all her original nervousness dissipated.

Song Yuchen had been thinking about introducing Xigua to Xiao Yi, so after dinner, he brought Xigua to Xiao Yi's side.

“Uncle Xiao Yi, watermelon is my friend. I’ll introduce you to him. You can touch it...”


 Before the little guy finished his sentence, he saw half of Xiao Yi's body tilted half a meter to one side. The expression on his face was trying his best to stay calm, but he really couldn't touch the watermelon.

Everyone present had different expressions on their faces. When Xiao Yi was a child, he was knocked down by a big dog and had his pants ripped off, but no one noticed that this guy was so afraid of dogs!

Song Yuchen has always been excited, and he just heard what his great-grandfather said about Uncle Xiao Yi and his father when they were young, so he reacted quickly.

Xiao Naiyin blurted out, "Uncle Xiao Yi, don't worry, Watermelon is a good boy. It will never bite you, let alone take off your pants!"


Xiao Yi glared at Song Jinze with a stern face. He felt that it was most likely Song Jinze who had told this thing.

However, Song Jinze didn't look at Xiao Yi at all.

He has already helped me out a while ago, but it seems to have little effect. Some things will have to be faced sooner or later.

Bai Lingshan asked curiously, "Are you afraid of dogs?"

She touched the watermelon and said, "Samoyeds are very docile and usually don't bite people, and they also have a cute smile."

Song Yuchen nodded quickly, "Yes, yes, sister Shanshan is right, watermelon looks so beautiful when she smiles!"

“Uncle, believe me, really, Xigua is also a fan of your movies. Every time I watch your movie, he will come and watch it with me.”

Watermelon seemed to understand what his little master said. His tail was wagging vigorously, his ears were moving downwards, and he had a smile on his face to please him.

In the end, Watermelon got to know Xiao Yi, a big star, under the strong support of its little owner. Xiao Yi no longer resisted the smiling Watermelon and reached out to touch its snow-white hair.

 He ​​is not afraid of dogs, but the incident in his childhood made him have a shadow of large dogs. And tonight, he seemed to have a new understanding of large dogs. (End of chapter)

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