On the way to the airport, Song Jinze kept dialing Ye Zhenzhen’s phone number, but no one answered.

Secretary Zhang glanced at the dark face of his CEO through the rearview mirror, and then spoke, telling the scandal about Song Jinze and Lu Sangning having dinner together that appeared on the Internet last night.

When the CEO and his wife were on the phone just now, Lu Sangning's intrusive words were simply too shameless.

This Lu Sangning is just like a little green tea, so thoughtful.

Mrs. must be angry now, that’s why she doesn’t answer the CEO’s call.

Secretary Zhang couldn't help but guess that the hot search last night might have been done by Lu Sangning himself, just to drive a wedge between the CEO and his wife.

Song Jinze narrowed his eyes. After listening to Secretary Zhang’s narration, his voice seemed to freeze, “What did you do last night?”

 Secretary Zhang swallowed with some guilt, "Last night..."

 He had begun to regret in his heart. Why did he have any luck last night? He should have found an opportunity to report to the president!

“President, I’m sorry, it’s my problem.”

Things have happened, and Secretary Zhang doesn’t want to explain or quibble anymore. Judging from how angry his wife is now, he guesses that he must have seen the hot search last night.

 Otherwise, he wouldn’t have just ignored the president just because of Lu Sangning’s words.

“Secretary Zhang, it seems that you really want to change your job, or do you want to change your job?”

The driver, Xiao Li, who was driving, couldn't help but speed up silently after hearing the CEO's cold and stern voice, trying to shorten the time to the airport as much as possible.

 Fortunately, there were not many vehicles traveling during this time period and there was no traffic jam.

 Otherwise, he was worried that the president would send him away in anger.

Thinking of this, Xiao Li gave Secretary Zhang a look that was asking for blessings.

"No, no, CEO, you must not think that way. I have a rescue plan. Don't be angry yet. If the misunderstanding between you and your wife cannot be resolved today, I will resign automatically tomorrow."

Song Jinze sneered coldly, "Do you think your resignation will prevent my wife from being angry?"

Chapter Secretary:…

 He doesn’t want to leave his job yet, and this misunderstanding must be resolved tonight.

 “President, please believe in my ability!”


 Yum Media.

 After careful discussion by the crew all morning, Xia Zhi's script has been completely finalized.

 At lunch time, Fu Shinuan spent a huge amount of money to treat the entire cast and crew to lunch, and the food ordered was from the Media Asia Hotel.

Xiao Yi looked at the exquisite meals placed in the lunch box, with a playful sneer on his lips, "Hey~ Xiao Nuannuan is so generous today, treat everyone to a lunch?"

 Fu Shinuan had been targeting Ye Zhenzhen during the entire morning's review of the script, and he had already discovered it.

It’s now noon, and everyone can see the intention of ordering lunch boxes from the Media Asia Hotel in front of Ye Zhen Zhen.

He thought that everyone except Song Jinze himself should know about the scandal between Song Jinze and Lu Sangning last night.

“When have I not been generous? Ask everyone here, we at Yum Media, there has never been a time when I paid Shi Nuan to be stingy.”

  Xiao Yi pushed the lunch box aside, "It's a pity, I'm not hungry now."

Fu Shinuan didn't care about Xiao Yi's attitude and smiled at Ye Zhenzhen again, "I ate at this hotel last time and thought it tasted very good. I thought I would start working soon, so I invite everyone to try it too. taste.

Logically speaking, this is the property of Sister Zhenzhen’s family, so Sister Zhenzhen should invite us. "

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