Chapter 276: Pretending to be Hurt to Gain Sympathy

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“Mother, are we going to let Su Yingxue do as she pleases?” Su Yurou started crying, feeling aggrieved. Ever since her last fall into the water, she had been constantly suppressed by Su Yingxue and hadn’t lifted her head.

She was becoming increasingly uncertain and impatient. She was too eager to witness Su Yingxue’s downfall and teach her a lesson.

“Don’t be hasty. Bear with it a little longer. Today, you’ll tidy up this courtyard with me. Tonight, we’ll invite your father over for a meal.” Liu Shulan consoled Su Yurou. A hidden glint of determination shone in her eyes.

Old Madam Zhang kept a watchful eye on Qingxin Court and reported to Su Yingxue about Liu Shulan and her daughter personally tidying up the courtyard.

She also reminded Su Yingxue, “Marquis will be having dinner at Qingxin Court tonight.”

Su Yingxue smiled. “I’m afraid Qingxin Court won’t be able to prepare anything special. Zhilan, take some money to the kitchen and instruct them to add extra dishes to Qingxin Court tonight.”

Zhilan smiled and replied, “Yes, Miss.”

Su Dingheng arrived at Qingxin Court for dinner that evening. Initially, he was puzzled by Su Yingxue’s decision to assign this courtyard to Liu Shulan. However, upon seeing the courtyard neatly organized by Liu Shulan, he held back his words.

Upon reaching Liu Shulan’s main chamber, she was dressed in a dark green dress. Her slender waist was adorned with a jade belt, accentuating her graceful figure, and arousing the most primal desires in a man’s heart.

Su Dingheng rushed forward and embraced Liu Shulan. “My Lan’er.”

He held her, closed the door, and their passionate embrace began.

Liu Shulan initially wanted to resist but welcomed him, using an old-fashioned technique that tickled Su Dingheng’s heart.

As he was about to make another move, Liu Shulan softly whimpered, “It hurts…”

Liu Shulan’s eyes brimmed with tears. Though her tears hadn’t fallen yet, they had already tugged at Su Dingheng’s heartstrings.

Thinking she was doing it for fun, he couldn’t help but smile. “Lan’er, 1 love it when you call me that.”

Just as he was about to proceed, Liu Shulan’s tears fell. “Marquis, you’re causing pain to me.”

“I haven’t even started anything yet!” Su Dingheng furrowed his brow. This was not the usual playfulness.

“It’s because I injured my hand while cleaning the house today…”

Liu Shulan concealed her hands behind her back. Her tearful eyes, combined with a delicate tone, had the effect of a 70% pitiful and 30% delicate appeal. She didn’t utter the word “wronged”, but it was already evident on her face.

Su Dingheng drew her hands out and noticed some minor scratches on her fair skin. The other hand showed signs of bruising, further fueling his anger. “What’s going on? Who dares to hurt you?”

He had always cherished Liu Shulan, knowing her to be as delicate as a flower. He had pampered her, nurturing her delicate skin, which remained as fair as snow despite bearing two children. Seeing her skin injured, he was particularly infuriated.

“Father, don’t be angry. It’s because I failed to share the burden with Mother that she injured her hand.”

Sobs from Su Yurou were audible from outside the door. Su Dingheng quickly composed himself.

He opened the door and allowed Su Yurou inside, noticing that her hands were just as injured as Liu Shulan’s, with visible calluses, as if she had overworked herself.

He was furious. “What’s going on? Both you and Yurou are my sweethearts. Who would dare to hurt you?”

“Rou’er, don’t speak recklessly! Eldest Young Miss allocated this best courtyard to us. 1 believe she recently took over as the housekeeper and couldn’t allocate extra manpower at the moment, so she had us clean it ourselves. You must show respect to the Eldest Young Miss.” Liu Shulan gently admonished Su Yurou..

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