117 Northern Imperial Guard, White-Clothed Qualls

“Fourth Master Liam, you’re too kind. With Young Master Braydon’s efforts, let alone a half-spirit herb, even if it’s a real spirit herb, as long as you need it, the special operations team will give it to you with both hands. Unfortunately, I, Steve Xavier, am useless. I only have this half-spirit herb in my team. I hope it can help you solve your urgent needs!”

Steve Xavier took out the most precious item of the Preston team.

This wild ginseng could save the life of a warlord level martial artist in times of need.

Anything related to spirit herbs was an item that was hard to find even with ten thousand gold. It could revive life and death, flesh and bones.

The bottle of elixir that Braydon Neal had was made of twenty-one precious spiritual herbs. It could be said that the whole country’s power was used to get this bottle of life-saving elixir!

The crazy words that Kardo had said before he died in the Neal family’s manor were not empty words.

Braydon was the star of Hansworth’s martial arts world, and he had awed an era.

If King Braydon did not die, he could protect the northern territory for two centuries!

This was the importance of the Northern King.

“This half-spirit herb is useless. Keep it for the members of your team!” Braydon was a national doctor, and he knew that this half-spirit herb was useless.

If the spirit herbs were useful, he would have a bottle of spirit pills on him and let Ginny Neal consume them. There would be no need to summon the twelve national doctors of the north then.

Steve could only take it back and leave with his men.

The Preston team had a lot of daily matters that needed to be handled by Steve personally, so he could not stay in the Neal family manor for long.

But in the sky above Preston, the roar of a fighter jet could be heard.

Black battle-armored jets that were completely appeared in the sky above Preston in teams, causing many people to look up at the sky.

The sound of the fighter jets could be heard as they quickly flew over Preston and arrived at the Neal family’s manor at a low altitude.

What was shocking was that the cabin door opened, and men in black descended from the sky. The death flags on their shoulders danced, and they quickly and accurately landed in the Neal family manor.

A white-robed young man descended from the sky. His temperament was like that of a banished immortal.

White-clothed Qualls had arrived!

Seeing this, Steve said in shock, Black clothes, black armor, black gold sword, and the death flag… These are the northern imperial guards!”

“Team leader, this …” The other members were shocked.

They were the most terrifying imperial guards in the northern army and were extremely mysterious. Anyone who saw them attack would die.

The imperial guards followed King Braydon and were the most terrifying group in the northern army.

“Brother!” White-clothed Qualls said softly.

“The three thousand black-robed men of the north pay their respects to the general!”

The three thousand black-robed imperial guards bowed down and lowered their heads. They crossed their hands in front of their chests and spoke in unison.

“Let’s go,” Steve said in a low voice. “The Preston team will stay away from the places where the northern imperial guards appear.”

“Team leader, is it that serious?” The other members quickly followed him.

Steve said coldly, “I’ve already explained how terrifying the imperial guards are. Three-thousand black-robed men in the north can fend off millions of enemies outside the borders. They were under the former commander of the northern army. He handed them over to Young Master Braydon when he was ten years old!

“From that day on, the internal department of the northern army has confirmed that Young Master Braydon is the next successor to the general!

“That year, he was poisoned by the poison of the seven insects and seven herbs. Millions of enemies from the three countries were eyeing him covetously. They pointed their blades at the gate of the country and intended to attack the young Northern King with their army!

“Three thousand black-robed figures appeared, led by the most terrifying of the ten War Gods of the north, Marquis Cole Colbie. They attacked the three countries at night and pointed their blades at the rulers of the three countries, forcing them to retreat!”

Steve had also read about the northern imperial guards in the Preston team’s secret files.

“Team leader, what happened after that?” Luca asked curiously.

“After that, the millions of enemies outside the borders naturally retreated, creating the infamous name of the three thousand men in black. Only the imperial guards could kill their way through the three countries outside the borders!”

Steve sighed. Since the rise of Braydon’s generation, the northern territory was really making great strides!

It was also that battle that gave the northern imperial guards a fierce reputation. The three thousand black-robed men could block a million enemy soldiers!

The special operations team and the dark division did not dare to appear where the northern imperial guards were.

These three-thousand people were all loyal to the Northern King. They were known as the other Northern King sword in the Northern King’s hands. They pursued the ideal of killing and protecting the world.

Whoever they identified as an enemy would be killed without mercy.

Back then, the dark division was not tactful and had lost as many as seven leaders in the hands of the northern imperial guards.

In the end, the old leader of the dark division was so shocked that he had no choice but to come forward and personally bow down and apologize to the northern territory.

If the dark division did not bow their heads, the northern imperial guards would continue to kill and exterminate the dark division.

It was because the northern imperial guards saw the dark division as their enemy during that period of time. On the day of their attack, they had killed the leaders of seven provinces with a sweeping force, shocking the world.

But in the end, none of the imperial guards of the north were punished.

This was because everyone knew who was behind the imperial guards of the north. It was the Northern King, Braydon Neal. He was a genius of a thousand years and was the most protective of the northern territory.

When the people of the northern territory made a mistake, it was not up to outsiders to interfere.

At this moment, the Neal family manor was silent.

“Yuri, why did you bring the imperial guards?” Braydon chuckled.

“I’m in Preston on orders to bring them on a mission. I won’t disturb big brother!” Yuri Qualls said gently.

Braydon glanced at him, as if he could read Yuri’s mind. A few days ago, he was poisoned again, which must have shocked Yuri and the other nine.

Therefore, when Braydon summoned the twelve national doctors, Yuri took the opportunity to come in person and even brought the imperial guards. It was obvious that they wanted to clean up Preston.

Like the Black Sword Association’s people, the purpose of Yuri’s trip here was to clean them up!

Twelve people then walked out of the crowd. They were all of different ages. The oldest was almost sixty, and the youngest was around thirty.

“General!” The twelve men bowed their heads respectfully.

They were the twelve national doctors of the northern region, and they had all been summoned by Braydon.

The status of a national doctor in the outside world was naturally very high. To become a national doctor, one’s own strength must be at the War God level!

These twelve people were not only national doctors, but also twelve War Gods.

King Braydon had over a hundred War Gods under his command. It was definitely not empty talk.

“Come in!” Braydon pushed the door of the villa open.

The twelve of them followed him into the living room of the villa. When they saw Ginny Neal watching TV, their faces changed.

The youngest national doctor was not even thirty years old. Not only did he have the strength of a War God, but he also had extremely high medical talent.

He was the young master of the ghost doctors’ family, Scott Lionel.

“Little girl, let me take your pulse,” he said with a smile.

“Are you the doctors my brother invited?” Ginny was a little curious.

Scott’s expression changed slightly. He did not expect this little girl to be the younger sister of the Northern King.

If that was the case, if the twelve national doctors gathered here today could not cure the patient, they would have to atone for their sins with their lives.

“Ginny, don’t be impolite. Sit properly and let these uncles treat you.”

Scott and the others’ expressions changed slightly. How dare they be one generation older than Braydon? They were simply courting death if they dared to.

Scott stepped forward to check her pulse. Just as his fingers touched Ginny’s small wrist, his expression suddenly changed. He said in a low voice, “Lou Gehrig’s disease?”

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