The nobles of the Goya kingdom were also complaining in dissatisfaction, how suddenly it rained heavily, and if the fire did not burn the stains, it would be too bad.

However, neither Liug nor Dorago had any scruples!

The serious Dorago is like a god who controls the wind and thunder! Being an enemy of him is like being an enemy of the entire heaven and earth! Every move will be met with terrifying pressure from the surrounding heaven and earth!!

It’s simply an indiscriminate attack! As Dorago said, the wind is everywhere! After Dorago unleashed his power, the entire Goya Kingdom was within his attack range! As far as the mind goes, there is a storm.

Not an adjective, it’s really a storm!

Under the suppression of the fierce wind, Liuge’s speed was directly suppressed by more than half! In the past, the speed of easily breaking through the speed of sound is now difficult to escape Dorago’s domineering perception, and once it falls into the perception of the other party…

Liug’s only advantage is gone…


With a loud noise, a huge wind blew, the huge attack range could not be dodged by Liuge, even if iron was used at the critical moment, it was still bombarded by a blow for tens of meters, and only stopped after crashing into a house..

The bones and internal organs have undoubtedly been hit hard, and there is indeed an abyss-like strength gap between the two:

“See you soon.” Looking at Liug, who fell on the ruins and was difficult to move, Dorago smiled: “You are still so young, it’s a pity to die here, and when you realize true justice one day, the door of the revolutionary army will open for you at any time ..”

Saying that, Dorago is going to remove the wind and rain, turn around and leave…

However, at this moment, Liuge slowly stood up again:

Dolargo, who noticed the abnormal noise, turned his head and saw Liuge standing somewhat reluctantly, and said, “Don’t you give up yet?” Hitting stones with pebbles is not the work of braves, but fools. ”

“Give up? If there was no intention of victory from the beginning, why give up? Liuge smiled, only to see that he slowly pressed his big right hand to the ground, making a posture that may be extremely familiar to any pirate fan: “It’s just that I haven’t exerted my full strength yet, and I’m unwilling to lose!” ”

“Second gear!”

The skin of the whole body turned red in an instant! The two-legged anti-Buddha steam pump generally moves up and down! The surging blood qi instantly expelled the cold in Liuge’s whole body! The strength of the flesh suddenly increased several times with the violent circulation of blood!

Wave your hand to disperse a lot of steam! Just listen to a sonic boom! With a casual punch, it was already supersonic at the peak of Liuge!

“Interesting..” Dorago’s eyes froze slightly, although his reason as a leader told him that he would be in danger of revealing his whereabouts if he stayed any longer, but his instinct made him continue to look at what earth-shattering power this fourteen-year-old imp could emit!

“More interesting things are yet to come.” With a faint smile, Liuge forcibly pressed to resist the boiling blood, and a pitch-black armed color domineering cyclone rose!

Covering Liuge’s whole body, covering Liuge’s Long Yuan! Then under Dorago’s surprised eyes, Long Yuan gradually changed, becoming longer and longer, with several more sides, and even blades on both sides!

“This weapon, called the sword.” Holding Long Yuan, the corner of Liu Ge’s mouth picked: “But in the future, it will not remain unchanged.” ”

The words have not yet reached Dorago’s ears! Liug’s figure had already appeared at a distance of less than ten centimeters from Dorago!

A single sword split out, and the sound in the air exploded! The terrifying air pressure accompanied by sword qi instantly slashed at Dorago’s body!

Dorago’s body was instantly covered with a trace of armed domineering, but under such a terrifying speed attack, its power was like a disaster! Even Dorago can only be bombarded by no resistance!

However, before Dorago’s body landed! Liug’s figure appeared behind Dorago again, and a sword cut out again!

“Boom, boom!”

Fang Buddha felt the danger of the owner, and the thunder and wind above the sky became even more turbulent!!


Navy Station Tavern!

“Hurry up, hurry up! With this ability and the sound of battle, it must be Dorago who appeared! Dusty commanded the many soldiers, with a hurried expression: “As long as you catch him, just catch him…”


Beyond the seaport:

“Oops, it’s Dorago ..” Looking at the strong wind and torrential rain like a natural disaster against Buddha, Robluci’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Since becoming CP9, this is the first time that he has failed to perform a mission!

“Lucie, what are we going to do next.” Kaku, who is also a member of CP9 spies, asked with a worried look.

“Call the headquarters of the Navy immediately! Opponents like Dorago are not something we can deal with! Robluch said without hesitation.

“What about Brigadier General Liug? He can force Dorago to exert his abilities, and he is the only one in the entire Goya Kingdom. Kaku asked again.

“There is no way, it depends on whether he can hold out to the headquarters to support.” Speaking of this, Rob Luci’s face did not have a trace of expression.

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