After making up his mind, Liuger immediately set off.

Of course, the swaggering navy coat was naturally put down by Liuge, and Liuge, who changed into civilian clothes, looked no different from ordinary people.

Soon, Liuge unknowingly evaded the guards of the Goya Kingdom and went to the terminal of uncertainty.

According to Robluci’s intelligence, Charmarco will arrive in the Kingdom of Goya in two days, which means that probably this evening, the Kingdom of Goya will burn the terminal of uncertain things to erase the dark side of the Kingdom of Goya.

Also this evening, Saab will also detect this plan and escape from the high town of Otluk, wanting to tell Luffy and Ace the news so that the other party can escape.

But as soon as he was halfway through, he accidentally bumped into a passing nobleman, and was caught back by the soldiers who followed.

After that, before Saab, who had managed to escape again, could deliver the news, the fire at the terminal of the uncertain thing was already ignited, and when Saab was angry, desperate, sad and painful, Dorago appeared like a savior!

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, that’s right, Liuge, who is familiar with the plot, knew the specific time of Dorago’s appearance from the beginning! But he didn’t tell Dusty or Rob Luci, just gave seemingly reasonable, but actually meaningless orders to distract them.

Because Liug knew that in the face of an opponent like Dorago, it was pointless to come more people! Not to mention the many cadres of the revolutionary army! Just because Dusty and those ordinary navies can’t do anything except send them to death!

In other words, against Dorago, he alone is enough!

Although there is basically no hope of victory, as a hostile person, even if he tries his best, Liug must let Dorago shed some blood in this place.

In recent years, Liuge has never been absurd! In fact, many powerful moves that are unique to what Liuge calls fusion techniques, and Liuge has only performed one move until now.

That move is to kill the members of the Evil Dragon Pirate in seconds, which integrates the super skills of fast running, shaving, sword skills, phantoms, and moon steps! Shaving that is fast enough to exceed the limit that the naked eye can capture plus fast running ability, its speed is almost no different from teleportation, powerful kinetic energy is still left even when casting moon steps, after dividing hundreds of phantoms, swinging five knives on each phantom at a very fast speed, when the phantom falls, it is equivalent to cutting out five hundred knives from all directions in an instant!

And because the speed is too fast, even Liuge himself does not know where he is, so even a domineering master cannot predict Liuge’s movements, and even ignores the five knives that come with the phantom because he pays too much attention to Liuge’s entity! And directly second-kill.

That’s the horror of fusion! Perhaps phantoms, shaving, fast running, and even sword skills alone are actually very ordinary abilities, but if the number of them are added together, the power exerted is difficult even for ghosts and gods to resist! It’s impossible to prevent.

Based on the above, the average opponent simply cannot let Liuge know the limit of his strength, in the forbidden land, all the military academy instructors who taught Liuge were defeated by Liuge, even Kong Ming could not survive a few moves under Liuge’s fusion skills, and the Warring States were unwilling to compete with him, then the target that is now within reach is undoubtedly Dorago.

Thinking so, Liuge did not forget the purpose of going out this time, casually grabbed a gangster who was mixed in the terminal of uncertainty, and said directly: “Have you seen a few imps who are about my age, even younger than me, but very powerful in fighting?” ”

The trio of Luffy, Ace, and Saab is very famous, just like Liug, no matter where a teenage half-size ghost can defeat so many adults, it is difficult to make a name for himself.

“Little ghost! How do you talk to Uncle Ben! ”

The gangster who was rummaging through the garbage was suddenly arrested, and his heart suddenly caught fire namelessly, and when he looked up at Liuge’s somewhat immature face, he was even more confident:

He really didn’t believe that all the little ghosts in this world could be the same as those little monsters!

In the face of the bad words of the bastards, Liug had long been surprised, so he did not talk nonsense, and a fingergun poked him in the arm:


The gangster immediately screamed, although Liuge was very measured, just poked a small hole in his arm, and did not hurt the bone, but it was precisely because of this that his pain nerves were not damaged too badly, and the pain was much greater.

“My patience is limited, and I will kill you if I don’t say anything.” Liuge thought about the threatening words in his mind, so he spoke.

I thought that such crude threatening words were useless, but who knew that the bastard cried directly without restraint: “I said! I said, those imps were captured by Brujam, the captain of the Sapphire Pirates! It should now be within the territory of the Sapphire Pirates! ”

“In what direction?” Liug continued to ask.

“Over there, over there, I said everything, please let me go!” The gangsters quickly pointed out a direction.

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