Faced with Aaron’s questioning.

Liuge just answered two words lightly!

Then, a pitch-black domineering aura suddenly rose up on Liuge’s body! In the blink of an eye, the dragon abyss in Liuge’s hands was covered!

“Ba: Domineering! How is it possible, how can you use domineering! How can the East China Sea humans be domineering! Along looked at Liuge in disbelief, unable to accept this result for a moment!

“Tokai… Isn’t the East China Sea the weakest sea?! How can anyone be domineering! ”

Aaron roared with wide eyes, as if to vent the fear in his heart!

“The weakest sea? That’s right, the pirates in the East China Sea are indeed the weakest in the four seas! But why is it so weak? Liug quite appreciated Aaron’s expression at this time, but it was not enough to pay for his sins against Kokoasi Village! “That’s because the Navy is too strong!” There are too few pirates who can rush out from the East China Sea! ”

“When you came to the East China Sea, weren’t you ready to confront the navy?”

With a smile and a glance at Aaron, Liuge did not activate any abilities! Just carry Long Yuan, slow down, and walk towards Along step by step!

Armed color domineering surges out! It’s not just Long Yuan! Even Liug himself is covered in armed color domineering! Become like black iron!

“You: Are you the Navy!? “This is the end of the matter, no matter how stupid Aaron is, he understands it!

If there were such a strong pirate in the East China Sea, he wouldn’t have known about it! Since he is not a pirate, there is no doubt that he can cultivate the power of such a powerful and young monster! Only the Navy!

“Correct answer, but, no reward!”

As soon as the words fell, Liuge’s figure flashed! In an instant, he appeared in front of Aaron!

Along instinctively raised his hand to resist, but with flesh and blood, even if it is a fish person, how can he be comparable to the dragon abyss who is covered with domineering!?

I saw a flash of sword! Crimson blood gushed out, and Aaron’s arms were broken together! It’s as simple as cutting tofu!

“Ah! Erm..” Aaron opened his mouth in pain and screamed, but the voice just came out! Liuge stabbed Aaron in the mouth with the back of the knife!

“Bang!” With a sound, Along’s huge body flew out upside down! Countless tiny teeth mixed with blood spit out in mid-air!

“I heard that your teeth can regenerate infinitely, and each regeneration will become sharper and stronger than before, but I don’t know how many times it will take to regenerate to be comparable to my Longyuan?” Liuge is still a smile, but at this time, this smile is very scary even in the eyes of the onlookers!

After all, they have not undergone eight years of oppression! After all, they have never seen Aaron kill without blinking! See Aaron cut off both arms by Liug! He also crushed his teeth and looked unbearable.

But, no one is going to stop Liug! Or rather, no one dares to stop it!

And Lyuge! He is even immersed in his own world, and the anger and hatred in his mind make Liuge not solve Aaron so easily!

Therefore, he appeared in front of Aaron again, pulled up Along, who was confused in consciousness, and Long Yuan, who was covered with armed color domineering, once again slapped on Aaron’s teeth that had just grown!


With a bang, Aaron flew out upside down again! More than just teeth! Even the lips and flesh and blood were slapped into mashed meat by Liuge!

But Liuge didn’t seem to see it, just came to Aaron’s side again, waiting for Aaron’s teeth to grow, and then shot out again:

Over and over again! Along, who had been smashing more than ten sharp teeth in a row, couldn’t even scream out of his eyes, immediately fainted in pain!

“Hey, hey, get up and experience the pain for me.” Liuge tilted his head and covered Aaron’s head with one hand, and the theft was launched:

“Theft failed!”

Listening to the prompt sound in his ears without care, Aaron was reawakened by the side effects of theft! Ho ho yelled and wanted to stand up.

Liuge kicked down, covered with armed color domineering kicks with huge and amazing power! Aaron’s chest sunk into a big chunk! A large number of visceral fragments mixed with blood spit out from Aaron’s broken mouth! Aaron, who had just regained a little consciousness, fainted neatly again.

“Can you beat you a little bit?” High Fishman? ”

Liuge didn’t care, just dragged Along up again, and the theft continued.





Again and again, Liuge didn’t care what he had gained from Aaron! He just constantly relies on the side effects of theft to awaken Aaron’s consciousness and then make him feel pain!

After repeating this more than ten times, Along’s body and bones had already twisted into a ball! But Liug is still an idea that has not been let go!

Until Liug launched the theft again, the system suddenly came with a prompt that the other party was dead:

“……,” slightly stunned, Liug’s body jerked down:

However, the anger in his heart not only did not subside with Along’s death, but became more and more prosperous!

“How can you die so simply? How can it be so simple to die?! Looking madly at the inhuman-shaped Aaron corpse under his feet, Liuge roared, and the dragon abyss in his hand was raised high! The huge domineering and sword qi suddenly surged madly from all directions! Even the sky prevents Buddha from being affected by it! A thunderbolt flashed!

“I’m going to make you go to ashes! Ghosts can’t do it! Under the thunder, Liug’s face was extremely distorted!

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