In this way, time flickered, and it was another full three years!


Naval Military Academy, a special cultivation field called ‘Forbidden Land’!

Liuge sat cross-kneeled, and in front of him, a man in a neat military uniform and wearing countless medals stood opposite him, his name was Sengoku, the contemporary marshal of the naval headquarters!

“Have you thought about it? Once you leave here, you won’t have a chance to come back. Sengoku pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said in a deep voice.

“Do you think it’s nice here?” Liug smiled: “For me, this is like a prison.” ”

“It is true that your freedom is greatly restricted, but it is also for your safety.”

“If someone knows what you do! Do you know what will happen?! Sengoku said loudly.

“Of course I know, that’s why I’m willing to stay in this kind of place for four whole years.” Liuge’s face did not change in the slightest, but with his words, the surrounding air suddenly thickened several times! “Smogg, who is my contemporary, has been appointed to Rogue Town! Tina is also galloping the sea as a naval colonel! Kong Ming was promoted from colonel to lieutenant general in four years! Even Charlinger and Ruth have become a navy on their own…”

“And I, however, have not graduated from the Naval Academy, isn’t it ironic?”

When Sengoku heard this, the angry expression on his face gradually disappeared…

As a naval marshal, of course he knows the progress of Liug in these four years!

Whether it’s swordsmanship, ability, or domineering!

It’s growing rapidly almost every day! A colonel of the naval headquarters who is proficient in the sixth style, in the competition, he can’t even take a single move from Liuge!

It stands to reason that such a powerful force should have gone to sea to serve the navy a long time ago, but because of the covetousness of some forces, the Warring States had to protect Liuge, and even specially set up this ‘forbidden place’ within the naval academy! While cultivating Liuge, on the other hand, Liuge resists threats from the outside world.

“Damn Draco!” Gritted his teeth viciously, the Warring States were depressed and a little weak, he was just a naval marshal, and he could do extremely limited! There is simply no way to influence the decisions of special groups who hold high positions of power and power.

Even though nearly four years have passed, there are still some outlaws who are playing on Liug’s idea and trying to probe Liug’s secret.

“Is that why you’re going out?” Pinching his eyebrows, Sengoku said with some headaches.

“Only part of it.” Liu Ge smiled faintly, but his eyes flashed coldly: “In addition, I have to solve some guys who disturb my family…”

“Hey, don’t mess around! Those guys didn’t do anything to your family. When the Warring States heard this, they obviously misunderstood something.

“Of course I know they didn’t do anything to my family, otherwise you think I’d be here in peace?” Liuge cracked his mouth and rubbed his chin slightly: “But what should happen will still happen…”

“What do you mean?” Warring States listened a little confused, and some did not understand what nerves Liu Ge suddenly committed today.

“Nothing. Just because I’m homesick. Liug smiled and didn’t explain, just looked fond: “After all, I haven’t been home for four years.”

Sengoku looked at Liu Ge fixedly, and then suddenly remembered that the other party was actually just a fourteen-year-old boy…

Four years is indeed too long…

“If you’ve made up your mind, I’ll agree to graduate you!” Plus give you an extra two months off to reunite with your family. Thinking of this, Sengoku’s eyes gradually softened…

He didn’t notice that on the table in front of Liug, a fishman’s bounty order was placed there…

His name is Dragon….

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