No suspense!

The Night Lord, who was severely damaged by Liuge’s sword, was not an opponent of several brigadier generals joining forces! In less than ten rounds, he was kicked down by a brigadier general with a slap in the air!

The navy on the deck, which had been waiting for a long time, suddenly rushed up! Hold the hands of the night scoundrel, and the sea lou stone handcuffs! In an instant, the Night Scourge will be subdued!

“Ah! Bastard! The Night Lords still wanted to struggle, but after being handcuffed by the Sea Lou Stone, he no longer had any arrogant strength, and a naval soldier impatiently punched him, almost knocking him out of bile!

Liug smiled, straightened his naval academy uniform, and walked straight over…

Along the way, the navy consciously scattered, although Liuge’s age is still young, but the amazing performance just now is not underestimated!

“My name is Liug, I don’t know who the person you hated the most before, but soon, this person will probably become me.”

Patting the face of the night scourge, Liug said something inexplicably wonderful…

Then without waiting for the Night Scourge to make a sound, Liuge printed directly on the Night Scourge with one hand, theft, launch!



Face the crazy attacks of the raptor cadres! Some lieutenant generals were gradually beaten out of real fire!

Among them, including ghost spiders!

“I told you everything, don’t be too arrogant!” The shoulder was pecked by the crow, and the suppressed fire in the ghost spider’s chest finally broke out of the chest!

What so-called strategy, what so-called moderation! All of them were left behind by him! As the top lieutenant general! The bottom line of patience of ghost spiders is by no means as high as others think!

The voice just fell! The ghost spider’s hair immediately began to rise wildly!

“Life Return Spider Dance!”

The hair of the eight spider arms is raised high! And then it’s like an off-string arrow! Plunge into the crow Bima!

Bi Ma concentrated on avoiding the ghost spider’s hair, but ignored the ghost spider’s strongest hands! Such a careless end is naturally extremely miserable!

I saw a flash of sword light, and a sharp sword qi immediately emitted from the ghost spider knife! One blow brings the bounty to 270 million beri! Bi Ma, the deputy commander of the raptor who shook the first half of the entire great voyage, was cut down!

Seeing this, the other lieutenant generals knew that the ghost spider had begun to go crazy again, secretly screaming and wondering, and did not care about exposing their power! One after another, the battle that was originally evenly matched, in an instant, fell to the navy! Many cadres who looked extremely powerful were killed by the lieutenant generals before they lasted ten minutes!

Seeing this, the raptor pirate ship in the sky was slightly shelled, and then immediately fled into the distance without looking back!

The lieutenant generals hurriedly chased after them, but under the obstruction of the opponent’s shelling, the lieutenant generals could not keep up with the speed of the spacecraft at all! I can only watch the pirate spaceship escape…

I chased for nearly ten kilometers without dying! Until the other party completely disappeared within the attack range, the vice admirals couldn’t help but return to the warship with a gloomy face, and began to denounce the recklessness of the ghost spider…

“Ghost spider! How many times has it been said! Be sure to follow the plan! How did you guarantee it then?! Now mess up again! Scare away the main force of the opponent! You’re an idiot!” The weasel cursed at the ghost spider.

The ghost spider also knew that he was impulsive, although he did not regret it, but after all, it was a loss, but he was scolded and did not return the favor.

Seeing this, the weasel didn’t mean anything to scold, he could only sigh, and then said to the adjutant beside him: “Count the casualties, report the results of the battle, and order your subordinates to storm the Zapi Shurun Kingdom!” It is impossible for the other side to take away all his subordinates with one ship! There must be many pirates and treasures still alive, all captured! ”

“Obey!” The adjutant stood upright, and then said: “Report Vice Admiral Weasel, the night scourge was arrested by the Naval Academy intern, and Liuge cooperated with the four commodore arrests…”

“Do you still have to report such a trifle to me?” The weasel was somewhat impatient.

“The report general, the other party is only ten years old ..” The adjutant felt the need to remind.

“Ten years old… What did you say!? The weasel was stunned.

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