“Adapt to the battlefield?”

The corner of Liuge’s mouth twitched, and he wanted to ask Zefa if he had forgotten what he came from?

Killing people and fighting such things, he was already quite experienced when he was a bounty hunter!

“You can kill at most, and it’s not the same thing that war kills.” Zefa seemed to see Liuge’s disdain, and couldn’t help laughing: “The size of the target pirate group this time is enough to be 20,000 people!” You can feel the breath of a war. ”

“Is there any information about the main members of the Pirate Group?” Liug did not refute, just asked.

“Of course there is, but what do you want the information to do?” Zefa asked.

“Know yourself and know your opponent, and you will not lose a hundred battles!” With a faint sigh, Liuge would not tell him his true purpose: “Besides, what about my knife?” ”


The next day…

Liug set sail with the Navy’s crusading fleet…

On the ship, Liuge already fully knows the full name of this crusade against the pirates, as well as the abilities of its main members!

“Birds of Prey, with a total reward of 1.5532 billion berry. With 20,000 members and ten cadres, he is one of the strongest pirate groups in the first half of the Great Voyage! is now stationed in the Kingdom of Pishurun…”

“Regiment Leader Bald Eagle Kesh, Bird Fruit Eagle belongs to the Bald Eagle ability, with a bounty of 330 million berry! Nice ability. ”

“Deputy Commander Crow Bima, Bird Fruit Crow Ability, Bounty of 270 million Berry.”

“Captain Bleounk Klatt, Bird Fruit Haio ability, bounty of 150 million berry.”

“In addition to this, there are seven captains, the most eye-catching is the first captain Hunter Pixiu, oh? It is actually a user of a big guillotine, with a bounty of 200 million berry…”

“The other six captains are all bird-type fruit abilities, the ability of the night cane is good, are the others also birds of prey? At most, it’s just a few sparrows.”

Of course, it is undeniable that the scale of this pirate group is indeed huge! It is hard to imagine that there would be such a large force in the first half of the great voyage! To such an extent, it is no wonder that the headquarters of the Navy has specially sent troops to recruit!

And Liuge fancy three abilities in it, one is a bald eagle, one is a night falcon, and the last one, naturally, is Pixiu’s body!

As for Pixiu’s swordsmanship, Liuge was not interested at all, just looking at Pixiu’s physique, and the identity of the user of the big guillotine, Liuge knew that this was not a skilled swordsman, and it was useless to get his skills, on the contrary, his physique was so strong, there must be something beyond the physical talent of ordinary people.

Needless to say, as one of the overlords of birds on Earth, Bald eagle’s vision, speed, strength and body size are the best of birds! Obtaining the ability of the bald eagle, Liuge can not only obtain extremely excellent flying ability, but also extremely strong eyesight, which is of great help to him, after all, no matter how strong the swordsman is, he can only stare at the enemy in the air.

The night hawk is actually an owl, although the owl’s combat effectiveness is not as good as that of a large eagle such as a bald eagle, but its unique sound wave detection, ability to judge the orientation with the help of sound and strong night vision ability, can help Liuge improve its own shortcomings.

As for the problem of excessive abilities, Liuge does not consider it for the time being, every ability he chooses is bound to be useful to himself, even if it is not developed, just relying on its passively increased ability, it can bring Liuge a lot of help.

In this world, no matter how strong the combat power is, it is inevitable to sail in the gutter, and the restraint between abilities is very powerful! It’s simply unpreventable, Klockdar, who can block Hawkeye and Doflamingo, was defeated by Luffy with water, but Anilu, who killed Solon in seconds, ran into Luffy’s insulator, and Ace dragged Cooler to burn even the childish ice, but he couldn’t withstand a punch from the red dog!

A seemingly trivial weakness can be fatal when it encounters a natural enemy! Liuge didn’t want to have the strength comparable to a general in the future, but he died in confusion on a wild man who appeared out of nowhere…


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