In the days that followed, Liuger began to steal one by one of the set targets.

Of course, it is normal to fail theft, and fights are inevitable! But in the entire student class of the military academy, Liug’s strength was completely dominant, and the fight eventually evolved into the form of douou, and almost half of the school’s excellent colleges were taken care of by him.

Many instructors were dissatisfied with Liuge’s provocative behavior, but when Liug entered school, Rear Admiral Crown promised Liug that he could fight in the military academy, and this seemingly random promise has now become the biggest obstacle for the navy to punish Liuge…

Could it be that you are going to break your word to a ten-year-old?

This made many naval instructors deeply suffocated, and finally could only turn a blind eye as if they didn’t see it, and Liuge was also very measured, he just wanted to get the other party’s ability, and he was not really idle and had nothing to beat people up, even if the theft failed, Liug would try to subdue it instead of hurting them.

The lower limit of theft is also extremely measured, and when the other party’s favorability reaches less than thirty, Lyuglima will give up whether he gets the ability he wants, whether or not.

After all, the favorability is very evil, generally speaking, if the favorability is above eighty, it means that the person already has a very deep liking for Liuge, and his mind is full of good side of Liuge, and a few random actions can greatly increase the favorability.

And the favorability level above sixty proves that the other party has a good perception of you, as long as you feel the other party’s preferences, it is not difficult to improve the favorability.

But the favorability fell below thirty! Then every little improvement requires a lot of effort!

Because the other party is deeply hostile and full of hatred in his heart, he naturally will not think of a trace of good in Liuge! Even if he does something that the other party should be happy about under normal circumstances, the other party will only feel that these actions are ulterior motives, or even feel that they are mocking him sarcastically! Not only will it not increase the favorability of the other party, but it will decrease!

And once the favorability is cleared, its hatred is enough for both sides to die! No matter what Liug does, the other party will not accept it, and only if one party dies completely, the matter will end there.

This is not something that Douou can cover, and Liuge does not want to erect life-and-death enemies everywhere in the military academy.

So even if he didn’t get some ability, Liuge could only stop with it, and finally he was not fascinated by greed.

However, even so, the movement made by Liuge was very big! After all, three days and two heads fought with other freshmen, and it was difficult to think of being famous.

Until Zefa couldn’t stand the pressure and reappeared, Liuge’s body had already obtained the phantom ability! As well as the five talents of flame resistance, electric shock resistance, night vision, keen hearing, and speeding recovery! In addition, some of the freshmen’s self-created junk skills and combat experience have also stolen a lot, but apart from some creative merit, it is of little use to Liuge himself.

And Liuge did not think about wasting time on this garbage, after taking a few points of essence, he threw it to the back of his mind, and after a few days, he forgot about seven or eight out of ten.

After that, Liug was summoned by Zefa…

Looking at Zefa, who was close at hand, Liuge resisted the urge to touch a handful, and asked expressionlessly: “Is there something wrong?” ”

“Recently, I heard that you are very active in the military academy!” Zefa smiled and showed a big white tooth: “It seems that you have fully recovered in the past few days, and your energy is a little too high, since you are so idle, then now I have new things to hand over to you to do.” “、

“Things? I’m just a student, not your subordinate, why should I help you do things? When Liu Ge heard this, he resisted a little, he still had several fancy abilities that he hadn’t absorbed, he couldn’t wait to split it in half, how could he have time to help Zefa do things.

“It’s no ordinary task.” Zefa cracked his mouth slightly, and said, “This mission is to fight against a large pirate group in the first half of a great voyage!” You go with you to see a little longer, adapt to the battlefield, and if you can adapt to it, then bring me ten pirate first-level!” If you succeed, I will allow you to join my training team! In the future, I will personally take you to the sea to sharpen! What do you think? ”


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