Hearing this name, in an instant, Liuge’s eyes suddenly became hot.

The instructor, on the other hand, immediately put away his whip and respectfully gave way to the road.

I saw Zefa, who was nearly sixty years old, walking directly to Liuge with calm steps.

With a height of nearly three meters, Liuge immediately experienced what is called the oppression of height!

“You are the Liug who was specially recruited by the Navy?” Zefa, with a huge cigar in his mouth, looked down at Liug, knowing the opening of the advisor and asked.

Nodding, Liug acknowledged his identity.

“I heard that you were in the East China Sea, and at the age of ten, you arrested five sea thieves with a bounty higher than the average in the East China Sea?”

Without waiting for Liuge to answer, Zefa continued: “With your age, it is indeed extremely rare to be specially recruited into the Naval Academy at the age of ten, you must know that even the old man was admitted to the Naval Academy at the age of fourteen. ”

“At the age of eighteen, I participated in my first battle as a navy!”

“Until he was twenty-eight years old, he independently killed a pirate with a bounty of more than 10 million and was promoted to corporal! Compared to me, you are more than a little better. ”

“But, you know, the Navy is the Navy! There are many rules that must be followed as a navy, and on the sea, arrogant people often do not live long, and in this military school, arrogant people are also excluded. ”

“Also, no matter what special abilities you have, the old man suggests that you better not rely on him too much!” Once you become dependent on something, no matter how powerful you are, you are always vulnerable.”

After speaking, Zefa no longer looked at Liuge, walked directly to the front of many freshmen, and then roared loudly with a full volume: “All freshmen of the naval academy!” The old man is Zefa! Your future direct instructors! ”

Saying that, Zefa raised his foot sharply!

Then step on the ground!


The whole earth trembled violently….


That evening…

After a series of twists and turns, seeing the legendary black-wristed Zefa, and after a series of incendiary speeches, the excited freshmen finally ushered in the first meal of the naval academy!

One hundred and twenty freshmen, including Liug, were in a large cafeteria, eating dinner in a buffet-like situation…

As Zefa said, Liuge, who was too eye-catching, was almost pulled away by all the freshmen at the same time, and there were even a few malicious eyes, constantly staring at Liuge up and down and scanning back and forth….

But this doesn’t mean anything to Liug …

Including Zefa’s preaching, he only agreed with half of it.

The strong have the arrogance of the strong, and respect is an attitude that only the stronger have! Including Zefa, it is also a respect won by strength! Without strength, who cares who he is?

As for crowding out…

Liug said that whether in his past life or now, he seems to have always been alone! He decides everything for himself, and even Bermel does not really understand him, whether he is ostracized or not, it means nothing to Liug…

Can’t you become stronger if you are excluded? Even if there are more of those slags with only five combat strength, they are useless to Liuge!

“But if you’re going to get in trouble, you can’t blame me.” Grabbing the fist that suddenly stretched out from behind him, Liuge slowly turned around and looked at the boy in front of him who was red from excessive force…

“It seems that the lesson given to you during the day is not enough, Bryuz…” With a slight force in his palm, Liuger tilted his head and suddenly kicked out.


With a sound, Blaise suddenly flew out more than thirty meters upside down! Knock over countless iron dining tables along the way!

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