The entire village of Cocoa West is sensational! Everyone could not have imagined that after Belmel, there was actually another person who embarked on the road of the navy, and judging by the situation, its formation was far more grand than when Bermel joined the navy!

“Hey, Bermel, that kid is Liug, right?” Ah Jian walked up to Belmer and said in a low voice.

“No, Liug, is it you?” Glaring at him, Belmer said impatiently.

Her eyes, however, did not move for half a minute, just stared at Liuge boarding the warship, and then watched the warship slowly set sail! Sail towards the sea!

Although he was prepared for this, the separation again after less than four days together still made Bermel’s nose a little sore….


A few days later…

Liug’s personality meant that he would not communicate too much with strangers, and throughout the voyage, Liug meditated in the cabin prepared for him by Krund.

As time passed, Liuge could clearly feel that he was close to the realm of cutting steel! He could even hear the cheers of knives and all things, but he couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Or, this realm of Liuge can be called a half-step chopping steel!

But before Liuger could savor the mystery, he only heard a loud shout, and then Crund’s voice sounded from outside the cabin: “The place has arrived.” ”

When Liu Ge heard this, he fixed his mind, put Long Yuan behind his back, and walked out of the cabin.

Crond is still that smiling face, and what awaits you is going to be hell.

Then, without waiting for Liuger to speak, Crond beckoned for Liuger to follow.

Then, under the leadership of Krund, Liug gradually walked out of the cabin and came to the deck of the warship!

When you see the sun again, you will see a bunch of magnificent buildings that can be called shocking!

The white-stone buildings are close to each other! Countless luxurious-looking buildings spread like ants from all sides of the island! Finally, they gathered on a huge fortress with the word Navy written on it!

Although Liug knew that the fortress had been broken more than once! However, when he really saw this terrifying fortress that was more than fifty meters high crawling here like a giant beast, it still had a big impact on Liuge’s heart.

What also has an impact is the recognition of the power in the pirate world! Such a magnificent fortress was beaten into ruins by a few blows from Whitebeard! There are even giants that are even bigger than this fortress! Call it a legend, and it’s no exaggeration!

Liuge’s power in the East China Sea is enough to dominate the king, and it is simply not worth mentioning when raised to the level of the entire world! This power is as if the firefly is ten times stronger than Haoyue, and it is no different from the ant.

“But sooner or later, this firefly will become a day of Haoyue, and I believe this day will not be long!” Suppressing the fighting spirit in his heart, Liuge followed Rear Admiral Crund down the boat ladder to this land called Marlene Fandor!

Although more often it is used as a negative teaching material, although the navy has been slapped in the face countless times by pirates! But no one can deny that so far, no independent force has been able to compete head-on with the navy!

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