They did not mean to ask about the heart of Liuge, and after drinking, everyone went their separate ways, and they may never have the opportunity to see each other again.


The next day….

Liug had already boarded the sailboat and was ready to set sail.

For Liug, there is nothing to nostalgia about Rogue Town except symbolic meaning, everything here is mediocre, even the future pillar of the new generation of the navy Smog has not yet taken office, the current Captain of Rogue Town is an old man in his fifties, not a little bit worse than the future Smogg.

“My kendo is only one step away from breaking through the realm of chopping steel, maybe as long as I absorb the kendo experience of a kendo master, I can step into this level of Jianhao.”

Sitting on the deck of the sailboat, Liu Gao thought about the next path: “It is no longer possible for the East China Sea to provide me with stronger material!” Barnett’s strength is already the top existence in the East China Sea, I already have Barnett’s ability, plus my own strength, there are no pirates in the entire East China Sea who are my opponents! ”

“So, if I want to go further, I have to go to the Great Route?”

His brows furrowed slightly, and Liuge, who came to this conclusion, was a little hesitant in his heart.

Don’t see that he is enough to dominate the East China Sea, but don’t forget that the East China Sea is the weakest in the four seas! And the great route is stronger than the four seas! His strength is at most a third-rate in the Great Voyage! The safety of life is simply not guaranteed.

And anyway, it’s a little too early to go on the Great Route, he’s only ten years old! No matter how strong the skills and abilities are, the physical gap is there after all, and above the physical confrontation, Liuge has suffered a loss.

But if you don’t go to the great route, you are wasting time, relying only on your own hard work, the improvement of strength is very slow, and seeking a breakthrough between life and death is the only shortcut to speed and strength!

Both options are difficult to choose, the former is stable and enterprising, and the latter, although its strength is growing rapidly, but it is extremely dangerous.

Just as Liug was hesitating about his next step, suddenly, an albatross fluttered its wings and fell…

“Mail bird?” Liuge’s frown loosened slightly, mail birds are specially responsible for transmitting letters and other work, and news birds are a nature of birds, widely used in the pirate world, after all, phone worms in addition to expensive, the range of signal reception is also extremely limited, generally a palm-sized phone worm, can only transmit calls up to three hundred kilometers.

Therefore, when communicating from a distance, letters must be sent by mail birds, and this mail bird itself is also very strong, as long as you have seen the sender’s photo and provide the approximate location of the sea, within seven days, you can always deliver the letter to the recipient.

And the one who can write to Liug is undoubtedly Bermel.

“Bermel..” Remembering Bermel’s face, Liuge couldn’t help but shake his head and smile and took the mail bird’s letter.

Opening the envelope, sure enough, it was Belmel’s handwriting, but the contents inside made Liug’s face sank….

“Noka died…” After a long time, Liuger closed the letter, still a little unable to believe that the bad news came so suddenly!


PS: After a little drip yesterday, I fell asleep when I couldn’t stand it when I went home, and when I woke up, it was already 2:30 in the morning, and I’m really sorry that I didn’t do it yesterday! Today six more to add, sorry sorry.

In addition, on the issue of theft, it is explained that the theft of items will disappear, and the ability skills and bloodline will not disappear, on the one hand, considering that the protagonist wants to attack people close to him, if the ability is directly disappeared, it is unconscionable. On the other hand, when I first remembered the effect of theft, I was now this idea, I never thought about stealing the skill will not disappear the other party, if you have to explain, is stealing learning is also a kind of stealing, you steal other people’s things, others will naturally be gone, but you steal other people’s skills, will never other people’s skills disappear, right?

And personally feel that there is no point in entanglement in this, the power of theft is to make someone else’s their own, not to deprive each other, if you have to strictly follow the idea of theft, then all the systems written up to now will all collapse, first of all, the protagonist cannot be a person who values family affection, otherwise there is no reason to attack Belmel and Nami, which means to delete all the changes, obviously it is too late.

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