After the sword was cast, and Liuge, who had comprehended the dragon’s chant, was extremely tired, he fell asleep on the grass in front of the smithy.

It was not until the next day when the sun rose and the owner of the smithy came here that Liuge woke him up.

“Thank you for lending me the smithy for a day.” Liug said to the owner of the smithy.

“Haha, little brother don’t need to be polite, you pay me to borrow your blacksmith shop, it’s a great deal.” The blacksmith laughed.

At that moment, Liuge was not polite, and after bidding farewell to the blacksmith, he went straight to the Isshin Dojo.

When he arrived at the Ichishin Dojo, Liuge saw Koshiro and the instructors sitting cross-legged in the dojo, watching the students practice their swords.

Liug unexpectedly discovered that the leader among the trainees was actually Solon! You must know that he has only joined the Yishin Dojo for a week, but he did not expect to become the strongest among the trainees so quickly.

As for Guina….

Glancing at Gu Yina, who was meditating alone in the corner of the wall, she thought that she was really a little girl who was not in harmony.

“Yo, Liug, are you coming?” The chief teacher, who had been sitting next to Koshiro, saw Liuge and greeted him warmly.

When the other trainees saw Liu Ge coming to the dojo, their movements couldn’t help but slow down, and they all looked at this recognized strongest trainee in the one-heart dojo!

Especially Solon, Liug’s crushing knife I am afraid that Solon will never forget for the rest of his life!

“Chief Teacher, Master.” Liuge ignored the group of half-old children and just saluted Koshiro and the chief teacher.

Seeing this, Koshiro and the chief teacher sighed helplessly, although they had been getting along with Liuge for more than two and a half years, Liuge treated them as respectfully as at the beginning, but it made them a little unaccustomed.

But Liuge insisted on doing so, and they advised it several times, but Liuge still did so, and they didn’t care much more.

“Liug, it’s rare for you to come to the dojo, what’s the matter?” Koshiro said with a smile.

Since Liuge created his own tiger bite a year ago, he has completely stopped practicing with the practitioners of the dojo, but meditates outside every day and comprehends kendo in the mountains and forests.

Only when someone kicks the pavilion, Koshiro will call Liu Ge back and fight as the chief disciple, defeating the opponent’s pavilion owner as a toddler, proving the strength of the Isshin Dojo!

“The disciple came here on this trip, but he wanted to say goodbye.” Looking at Koshiro, Liuge said in a serious tone.


The other trainees were shocked, and Gu Yina was shocked by Liuge’s words, stopped meditating, and looked at Liuge in shock.

Others don’t know, but she knows that Ryuge was cultivated by Koshiro as the successor of the Dojo! It can be said that when Koshiro gets old, nine out of ten of them will inherit the Ichishin Dojo! Become the owner of the Isshin Dojo!

But alas, Liu Gezhi is not here.

Koshiro’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he was not angry, just looked like he was listening.

“My kendo has been cultivated to the extreme! Continue to build cars behind closed doors, I am afraid that it will be difficult to improve in a lifetime! Facing everyone’s gaze, Liuge’s expression did not change at all: “I want to visit famous swordsmen around the world and gather the strengths of hundreds of families to sharpen my swordsmanship!” ”

“A swordsman who lives in a greenhouse can never become a great swordsman! Only the oppression between life and death can help me break through the limit! ”

“What are you kidding?! The sword of life and death is not meant to be played, one who does not get it right will die! When one of the instructors heard this, he loudly rebuked.

“If I were afraid of death, I wouldn’t have come here to learn the sword for seven days at the age of seven from Coco Yasi Village!” Liu Ge choked back without showing weakness: “Greedy for life and afraid of death!” How to repair a sword? ”

After saying this, the teacher who said it sat back with a guilty face.

“But Liuge, you are only ten years old now, and you have only been practicing swords for two and a half years…” The chief teacher couldn’t help but persuade: “The sea, it’s still too early for you. ”

However, Liug did not answer the words of the chief teacher.

He looked straight at Koshiro, who had been silent, because he knew that no matter how others objected! Koshiro will never object to him going to sea!

Without him, only because only Koshiro is the real sword master in the Ichishin Dojo! Only Koshiro himself knows that if you want to become a sword master, you can’t do it just by hard practice!

And how could he let his disciples stop at the swordsman?

“If you want to go to sea, you can.”

Sure enough, under Liuge’s gaze, Koshiro slowly spoke…

“Pavilion owner (father!) Everyone hurriedly exclaimed, including Guina, who wanted to stop Koshiro’s decision.

No matter how genius Liug is, in the final analysis, he is only a ten-year-old child! Ten years old! Even in the pirate world, how can a ten-year-old go to the sea? What’s more, pirates are prevalent now!

“If you can cut off that stone in the air, I will agree with you going to sea.” Koshiro ignored them and just pointed to a rock outside the dojo.

Liu Ge looked in the direction pointed by Koshiro, and was surprised to find that the boulder that Koshiro used to test Solon’s qualification to go to sea in the original book was safely parked in the courtyard of the dojo…

It’s just that unlike Solon who only needs to cut off that boulder, Liuge needs to cut off in the air! How much more difficult has it increased tenfold? It can be said that before cultivating the sword qi, it is simply impossible for ordinary swordsmen to want to do this.

It can be seen that in fact, Kenshiro does not want to let Liuge go to sea in his heart, of course, not because he wants to keep Liuge, but he also feels that it is too dangerous for Liuge to go to sea at such an age.

“How? If you can’t do it, stay in the dojo and practice obediently. Koshiro held up his glasses and said with a smile.

The other trainees were also speechless, cutting off rocks with swords is extremely difficult to do, but Koshiro let Liuge cut off in the air, how can the space cut off the stone? It’s impossible! It’s just embarrassing!

Only Liug, but he smiled.

If Koshiro made this request yesterday, he couldn’t kill him, but unfortunately, how to calculate Koshiro, it is impossible to calculate that just yesterday, Liuge comprehended the Uyi Dragon Chant!

Isn’t it just chopping off in the air? Even if it is ten zhang apart, it will still be cut to you!


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