Holding the short knife with his backhand, Liug waved lightly at the moonlight!

“Buzz~” a soft sound! The Hailou stone sword bead trembled lightly and made a soft sound.

The moonlight refracts on the pattern on the back of the knife, showing the extremely beautiful pattern on the knife body! Winding and rugged, like dragon scales!

“I heard that good knives have their own names, so let’s call you Long Yuan.” Looking at the pattern on the knife like dragon scales, Liuge smiled, and the exhaustion of the day disappeared in an instant!

Without any hesitation, Liu Ge held Long Yuan and began to dance the sword art under the light of the moonlight!

With each swing of the sword, the Sea Tower stone bead on the handle of Long Yuan’s sword emitted a high buzz! The louder the force, the louder it is! When Liuger struck with a powerful blow! The buzzing sound is already as high as a dragon’s groan! Plus the dragon scale knife pattern! With the sword momentum, it is really like a dragon rolling! Mighty!

Gradually, Liuge was immersed in the power of Long Yuan, and an indescribable feeling of pleasure suddenly surged into Liuge’s heart!


The whole body was constantly shaking with excitement! There seemed to be some kind of resonance between Longyuan Dao and Liuge! A huge force surged out of Liuge’s body! With a loud drink from Liuge, a knife was cut out! Just listen to the sound of a high dragon chant! A fierce sword light immediately flew out more than ten zhang away! Bang on the rocks!

When Liuge woke up from this unspeakable state, he was shocked to find that the huge mountain rock had been split in two! The incision is as smooth as a mirror! But the inside has been shattered! With a single click, it turns into powder and falls off….

“Did I do that?” Even Liuge himself couldn’t believe that he could actually destroy a mountain rock like this from a distance of ten zhang alone! Although the stamina has passed, an indescribable sense of exhaustion has surged in his heart, but the memory of the time when the sword light was emitted was not lost as the pleasure faded, but everything at that moment continued to deepen in Liuge’s mind, Liuge believed that as long as he recovered his physical strength and cut out such a knife again, it seemed that it was not impossible to do.

That’s a little scary! Sword Qi is a higher realm than Slashing Steel! Only Great Sword Hao can master sword qi! And Liuge is just a swordsman, he can exert a blow that is not inferior to the sword qi attack of the great sword hao, although just one move almost drains the strength of Liuge’s whole body, but this also greatly enhances Liuge’s lethality!

At the very least, those who can catch the blow of the Great Sword Hao can be counted on one hand in the entire East China Sea.

“This move is called Dragon Yin, thank you, Long Yuan.” Looking at the Long Yuan knife in his hand, Liu Ge smiled, not only did he have strong soldiers to start, but also comprehended the terrifying meaning of Long Yin! Today’s harvest is really amazing!

“Buzz~” Liuge, who was just laughing heartily, did not notice that the sword bead of Long Yuan in his hand gently rotated with his praise, as if in response to something.

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