Inside the hall, the silence was terrible.

Not only the students, but even the instructors couldn’t believe that Gu Yina would lose so crisply and neatly!

Only Koshiro, who had been secretly observing, his eyes lit up, and a satisfied smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

In addition to setting up a transcendent goal for Guina, it is more important that Koshiro wants to see Liuge’s future swordsmanship path.

Now it seems! Liug actually has an extremely powerful talent on top of the backhand knife! The knife just now, others could not understand, but he could clearly see that Liuge almost concentrated all the weight and strength of his whole body in that knife! This powerful control of body power is undoubtedly a natural backhand knife genius!

Pushing the glasses that slipped off the bridge of his nose, countless training plans flashed through Koshiro’s mind at once….


This is the end of the small turmoil of entering the museum.

Liug defeated Guina and proved his talent and strength! No one had any more questions about why Liu Ge was able to become Koushiro’s personal disciple, and in the following days, Liu Ge practiced kendo under Koushiro’s teaching!

It’s not a slash and stabbing to pick this kind of foolish kendo! It’s the real way of — swords!

And Liug’s first lesson was how to hold a knife!

That’s right, it’s holding a knife!

It may seem incredible to say, what is there to learn about holding a knife? Who can hold it? Do you still need to learn this?

In fact, this is not the case, the posture and technique of holding the knife can greatly affect the exertion of its own strength! Ordinary people holding knives can not be called grips at all, but more appropriate.

When a swordsman holds a knife, he often presses the joint close to the nail against the side of the knife, which prevents the knife from coming out in a fierce collision.

The hand holding the knife cannot be held too tightly, because if it is held too tightly, the countershock force generated when the sword collides will break the mouth of the tiger and damage the palm.

In addition, the placement of the hand is also very delicate, the best position is the handle to two-thirds of the knife body, because only in this way can you ensure that when you swing the knife, you can easily change the move.

Three little tricks, easy to say, but extremely difficult to do.

The most difficult thing is whether the grip of the knife is loose, to achieve neither the shock of the tiger’s mouth, nor because the grip of the knife is too loose and take off, this is a difficult standard point to grasp, not to mention, Liug to practice, or extremely rare backhand gripping knife!

That’s right, from the first day of formal training! Koshiro has already set the path for Liug! That’s —- backhand!

The backhand knife has the characteristics of quick moves, concealed movements, great strength, integrated attack and defense, etc. that are difficult to do with forehand knives! Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious, the biggest disadvantage is that the change is not as smooth as the forehand, and the attack range is not as long as the forehand.

However, Liuge knew that there was such an unscientific thing as sword qi in the pirate world! As long as you cultivate sword qi, any attack range is floating clouds! Moreover, in the later stage, the speed of Jianhao’s counterattack has reached a limit! Even the forehand swordsman is difficult to play in the middle of the battle.

Two great sword haos fight! Basically, the intersection of short soldiers, the collision of strength and speed will be the most important factor for the great swordsmen to determine the victory or defeat! And this is exactly what the backhand knife is best at!

Based on the above reasons, Liuger also believes that the backhand knife is his best choice! Although Hawkeye himself is a forehand swordsman, Liuger prefers the way the backhand knife operates! Simple and direct, powerful and extraordinary, suppressing others with pure strength and speed! Just like when Tenghu smiled and Solon clashed, he slashed out with a backhand, and he couldn’t resist it with the power of a forehand knife!

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