After absorbing all the information, Liug Ping got the old Noka’s lifelong identification of metal.

With a sweep of the gaze, all the metal information in the blacksmith shop automatically came to mind, cold steel, Uzi steel, red copper, taigang, Yi steel and many other metals that were not at all on the earth constantly flashed through his mind, and even included the characteristics of many metals!

This is a very practical skill! Only fifty percent of a forging master’s ten successes are in his own skills, while the other fifty percent is the rational use of various metal alloys! In this way, the most perfect utensils can be forged!

The overjoyed Liuge hurriedly took his leave, and ran out of Old Noka’s blacksmith shop with a puff of smoke!

Of course, before returning to the Bermel house, Liug did not forget to buy a large piece of animal meat! Although it cost a full three thousand berry, Liuge did not feel distressed at all.

Anyway, it was all stolen from old Noka…

Thinking so, Liuge became even more justified.


For the next two months, Liug went back and forth between Bermel’s house and Noka’s blacksmith’s shop….

Long hours of exercise did not make Liug’s efforts go to waste! In two months, Liug’s strength grew amazingly! According to Liug’s experiments, now he can barely lift a boulder weighing two hundred kilograms! This is already an incredible limit for an earthling! What’s more, Liuge’s current body is only six years old! It is really no exaggeration to say that the power is infinite!

Of course, Liuge guessed that the reason why the physical strength entered the realm so quickly, in addition to the hard training in the past, the superhuman body stolen from Nami definitely played a vital role!

No matter how Nami can easily put down the existence of several fierce pirates! Although his physical talent is not necessarily shocking, he can also be regarded as a genius.

In addition to the increase in physical strength, the biggest gain is the skill stolen from Old Noka!

In the past two months, Liuge has adhered to the principle of touching every day, and although he failed most of the time, after sixty thefts, he finally allowed Liuge to steal a little good thing!

For example: Blade Heavy Flower Casting, Iron Training, Old Noka’s Forging and Expansion Method!

Among them, Old Noka’s forging technique almost contains Old Noka’s peak forging level! The expansion method is a kind of forging secret door that can complete the shape in an instant before the iron is cooled by water, without producing excess impurities, and using this method to complete the shaping of cast iron can increase the resistance of iron by as much as 30%.

With these four skills, coupled with the metal identification that he had received before, it can be said that in addition to his lack of forging experience, Liuge is no longer familiar with the strength of forging iron to Old Noka!

Of course, although Liuge already has no less casting ability than Old Norka, in order to avoid performing too devilishly, Liuge did not show his full strength, but slowly released a little strength over time, giving Old Noka the illusion of Liug’s rapid progress…

As a result, Old Novoka liked Liuge’s apprentice even more, because even though Liuge had lost countless hands in the past two months, Old Noka’s favorability towards Liuge was still steadily maintained above ninety! There is no sign of falling!

During this time, the name of Liuge gradually spread throughout the entire Kokoasi village! Almost the entire people of Cocoa West Village know that Liug of the Bermel family is a casting genius at a young age! Bermel was also respected more, and even Nokigo had children willing to invite her to play with.

Although little has changed, seeing that Bermel no longer has to be as simple and simple as in the original book, and is no longer rejected by the people in the village, Liuge always feels a full sense of accomplishment.

Look, his efforts were not in vain, he really changed the plot!

It is worth mentioning that after working for a month, Noka gave the first salary of the Liug Pirate World— a full eighty thousand berry!

According to the words of old Noka, although he was an apprentice, he helped him a lot that even a master may not be able to help, and this money was deserved


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