Bermel’s home is not strictly in the village of Cocoasi.

Because of the lack of money and the convenience of caring for the orange groves, Bermel’s cottage is located in the forest west of the village and is only seventy square meters.

Rubbing his somewhat sore shoulders, Liug knocked on the door of the house and shouted, ‘I’m back!’ Then he pushed open the door.

As soon as you enter the door, you will find a very simple living room, and the furniture is also very simple, all the furniture left over from the kind villagers, but it is really not different from the new one in terms of practicality.

“Why did you come back so late?” Bermel stopped the work in his hand and pinched his waist and questioned Liug.

Liuge, Nokigao and Nami are all orphans she picked up on the battlefield, and it is precisely because of the appearance of Liuge’s three children that Bermel has given Bermel a reason to live, for Liuge, Nokigao and Nami’s three children, Bermel regards it as the meaning of his life, and for their feelings, it is several times better than his biological mother!

“I went out today to see the sea.” Under the gaze of Bermel’s eyes, Liuge looked a little weak, but there was no flaw on his face.

After staring at Liug for a while, Belmer finally sighed and said in a reproachful tone: “Really, why did you make your clothes so dirty again?” You have to wash your own clothes this time! There is no extra change of clothes at home! ”

“Oh, okay.” Mu muttered in response, Liuge went straight into the bathroom, scrubbed his body casually, took off the dirty clothes, changed them into pajamas that looked like sheets, and began to wash the dirty clothes.

“You’re hanging out again?” Just as Liuge was washing his clothes, a tender voice suddenly sounded from behind Liuge.

Without looking back, Liuge knew that it must be Nokigao, a little adult-like guy.

But no matter how small an adult is, Nokigao at this time is just a four-year-old child, and Liuge in his previous life is also a twenty-year-old adult, and he really has no desire to talk to a little girl like Nokigao.

“Can you take me with you next time, it’s always boring at home!” Seeing Liuge’s cold look, Nuo Qigao pouted unwillingly, ran to Liuge’s side and begged.

Rolling his eyes, Liuge reached out and gave the little guy a brainstorm, and said angrily: “You still have to take care of Nami, without you taking care of Nami, Belmer can’t be busy.” ”

He went out not to play, but to practice boxing, and if Nokigo knew about it and told Bermel, it would be bad.

It is not that Belmer will definitely stop Liuge from practicing boxing, but in order to be able to let Liuge practice boxing, Belmer will definitely work harder to make money, save food and buy meat for Liuge, and supplement Liuge’s body nutrients.

That will undoubtedly add to the family’s already unbearable economic situation, in the original book, it is good to say that the days when the price of oranges is high, once the price of oranges falls, Belmel only eats citrus in order to be able to feed Nami and Nokigao.

It’s just that Nami and Nokigo are like this, and now there is another Liuge who is a boy, if he practices martial arts again, then it is conceivable that even in a good harvest year, Nokigao will inevitably save his share to distribute to Liuge.

What makes Liuge even more speechless is that Belmer is the kind of person who hopes to become a dragon, and when she adopted Nami and Nokigao, she was secretly determined to cultivate her children into talents who are not inferior to this era! For this reason, no matter how impermissible the family economy is, as long as it is related to the growth of children, she will grit her teeth and buy it.

It’s like when Nami was about to learn navigation, she stole a book about navigation and someone came to her door, Nami said that you would definitely not buy it for me because there was no money at home.

But Bermel sighed and said that I would buy it for you, although it was a sighing tone, but anyone could understand the firmness in Belmel’s words.

Family affection is so great, in order for children to get ahead, parents can pay an unimaginable price! In fact, both the pirate world and the earth are common!

Liuge didn’t want to burden Bermel, even though he knew that practicing martial arts without eating rich nutrition was no different from committing suicide, but perhaps because of that ridiculous machismo, Liuge didn’t want to drag down a woman about his age!

Even if he became a six-year-old child, Liug’s heart was a twenty-year-old adult male soul!

“Even if I can’t help, I can’t burden Bermel.” This was Liug’s only thought, so of course he couldn’t agree to Nokigao’s request.

Until he is able to report back to the family, he must not add a burden to Bermel! Absolutely not.

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