The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 92: Only a Game

“Dandan, what happened?”

The white youth turned a blind eye to Dong Tianba and focused on the red lady. She, on the other hand, had only naked disdain for the Dong clan, “Nothing of importance, just some blind dogs yapping at my feet.”

“Oh, they must be truly ignorant to offend Peony Edifice’s grand miss Xiao, ha-ha-ha…” The youth mocked.

His words caused widespread shock, especially to Dong Tianba, “What? The Peony Edifice? Belonging to the Drifting Flowers Edifice?”

Dong Tianba looked towards his terrified sister in a daze.

That was why his sister was so set on bearing this humiliation. No one from the Seven Noble Houses could be offended, or one’s entire clan would go extinct.

“Wan’er, how…” Dong Tianba sighed at his tear-stained sister, feeling how wronged she was.

Xiao Dandan couldn’t care less for their plight and glared at Dong Tianba, “Weren’t you about to hit me? Well, what’s stopping you?”

Dong Tianba’s body shivered and started to regret his transgression, “I was at fault for not noticing your grandeur and offending miss in my rash action. Please pardon me!”

“Pardon, how are you guilty?” Xiao Dandan sneered, “You just said that I coveted your sister’s item and then humiliated her. Sticking out for her is only normal, but do you have the strength to back it up?”

Gnashing his teeth, Dong Tianba cupped his hands, “Miss’ lesson is that I am powerless and still dared to strike!”

He then slapped himself six times and his face swelled. The people around shook their heads. Stumbling upon any from the seven houses was bound to bring humiliation to your entire clan.

“Humph, such filth, not in the least bit entertaining.”

Xiao Dandan grinned, “Why are men such cowards, lacking the basic mettle to stand tall?”

Then, she came up with a great idea that brought a smile to her lips, “Brother Tianyu, why not have some fun with him?”

“Dandan, what are you suggesting?” The youth in white smiled.

With a sweet smile, Xiao Dandan replied, “This kid must be quite fond of his sister. You’re quite able in martial arts and such an understanding character, so this should be convenient for you. If you can shred that girl’s clothes under the protection of those five Bone Tempering experts, she’s yours to indulge in. The Drifting Flowers Edifice will even turn a blind eye.”


Dong Xiaowan shivered and Dong Tianba’s eyes were bloodshot!

This was no longer picking on others, but disgracing. Even if they were from the seven houses, this was something the common people wouldn’t stand for.

Yet the youth in white waved her proposal off, “Dandan, you’ve gravely misunderstood me. I come from Merry Woods, but that doesn’t imply that I’m lecherous. You’re making it hard for me to accomplish your request, ha-ha-ha… “

“Your expression doesn’t seem to be saying so. Fine, I don’t mind it at all. So what are you worried about? I’ll be yours next July anyway. You’ll still get to join the Drifting Flowers Edifice regardless.”

The youth in white rose an eyebrow then turned an appreciative eye over Dong Xiaowan, “He-he-he, since Dandan requests it, I must comply. But keep in mind, this is only a game, so don’t go settle the score later.”

“Despicable!” Xiao Dandan rose the corner of her mouth.

The youth in white walked towards Dong Xiaowan, who shivered at each of his steps.

“Ha-ha-ha, I am Lin Tianyu of Merry Woods, a future son-in-law of Drifting Flowers Edifice. As you heard, I’m not lecherous and an insufferable bully, it is you who offended my future wife and have to be punished for your transgression.”

“Young master Lin!”

Dong Tianba said in pain, “I am well aware of miss’ game and I would like to know if, by some fluke, we can stop your advance.”

Lin Tianyu just let out a mocking laughter and Xiao Dandan replied instead, “If you can, then this matter will end here and we shall never have anything to do with each other.”

“Then please forgive this offense!” Dong Tianba roared and his eyes were filled with fighting spirit, having heard what he wanted.

Yet Lin Tianyu’s contempt only grew, “Good eyes, but…”


A figure flitted by and Lin Tianyu was already behind Dong Xiaowan. His hand even held the delicate clothes of the latter.

“Too bad you’re so weak!”

“Ah!” Dong Xiaowan cried as she covered her shoulder in tears. She was wearing five articles of clothing, and one was gone just like that, revealing the white and delicate skin beneath.

Dong Tianba turned in shock.

Lin Tianyu’s speed was incredible!

But Zhuo Fan only smirked. [This kid is in the 7th layer of Bone Tempering Stage but his power is only in the 6th layer. His focus must be on speed.]

This was a typical case of putting the cart before the horse. No matter how fast you were, if you couldn’t harm your opponent, it was useless. And he was already weaker than others by one layer.

The more he’d advance the more the gap would widen. To Zhuo Fan, such a cultivator was no different from a cripple.

No wonder the Merry Woods sent him to marry into Drifting Flowers Edifice.

However, this was privy to an expert’s eyes alone. Dong Tianba was nowhere near that level as he was even standing around scared from the display of speed.

“Elders, surround my sister!” Dong Tianba shouted at the four elderly. They immediately formed a circle with Dong Xiaowan in their center, their eyes fixed on Lin Tianyu.

With a vicious smile, Lin Tianyu said, “It’s no use. The five of you won’t even see my shadow!”

A series of booms were heard and Dong Xiaowan cried out once again. Her second article was removed, even under heavy guard.

Dong Tianba couldn’t accept this outcome.

They were both in Bone Tempering Stage, yet there was such a gap between them.

“Ah, what a soothing perfume!”

Lin Tianyu sniffed hard at the clothing in his hand and was intoxicated by the fragrance, “If the second clothing is so refreshing, I’m eager to know how miss’ underwear is like!”

Dong Xiaowan let out a shiver and cried in fear, “Brother!”

“I will definitely protect you!” Dong Tianba mustered his courage with a roar and set his eyes on Lin Tianyu’s every move.

Although he wished to marry her off to the useless Song Yu, it was because he knew the later wasn’t evil. However, anyone who dared to harm his sister would earn his wrath.

“Are you done? Hurry it up!” Seeing Lin Tianyu showing his true colors, Xiao Dandan spat with revulsion. Lin Tianyu nodded while tucking the clothing in his chest and vanished.

The next moment, his hand was holding another piece of clothing. And with it, Dong Xiaowan was shamed even further.


Dong Tianba fell to his knees, powerless and helpless. [He is so fast that I can’t even see him.]

“Wan’er, forgive me, your brother is unable to protect you.” Dong Tianba sobbed.

Dong Xiaowan watched him in sorrow and closed her eyes, resigned to her fate.

The four elders were also aggrieved. In this game of cat and mouse, they were left without any dignity. It would’ve been better to die than suffer like this.

Then, sudden footsteps were heard and a figure overshadowed Dong Tianba.

He looked up, only to find Zhuo Fan looking at him.

“Uh, bro Dong, how about you leave the last try to me?”

“Who are you?” Xiao Dandan cut Dong Tianba off before he could speak.

Scratching his nose, Zhuo Fan pointed at Dong Xiaowan, “Ha-ha-ha, I’m her husband!”


Seeing the widespread shock, Zhuo Fan rushed to explain, “Uh, no, she is my wife.”

“What’s the difference?!” The crowd exclaimed.

Scratching his head, Zhuo Fan mused a bit and explained, “Well, I did go to her clan to propose but was refused. Does that make me an ex-husband?”

[What ex? You were clearly kicked out!] Everyone looked at him in contempt.

Xiao Dandan even mocked, “Fine then, another Bone Tempering moron won’t change a thing. Plus, seeing your dearly beloved ravaged before your eyes is even more appealing.”

“Ha-ha-ha, I don’t mind as long as Dandan doesn’t. One more would hardly matter!” Lin Tianyu boasted.

Standing back up, Dong Tianba looked at Zhuo Fan gravely, “Bro, you don’t need to involve yourself in this.”

“Ha-ha-ha, bro Dong we aren’t strangers, but close pals. Of course, I’ll help you.”

This earned a nod of approval from the people.

“I knew you are a good man who knows loyalty.” Dong Tianba was moved to tears.


Zhuo Fan then gazed at Dong Xiaowan with a smile of reassurance, “Don’t worry, he won’t touch you ever again.”

She thought Zhuo Fan was using this chance to take advantage of her, but his clear eyes evoked unknown feelings in her heart.

Zhuo Fan now turned to Lin Tianyu and stuck out his hand, “Come!”

Lin Tianyu’s smile of mockery froze on his face and was soon replaced by rage. He felt Zhuo Fan was looking down on him…

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