“W-what is it?” Song Qian found Zhuo Fan making an odd expression and asked.

After muttering to himself, Zhuo Fan spoke, “Uhm, that is, the only choice is to suck the poison out…”

Song Qian understood from his hesitation and her pale face was tinted pink.

“Then, sorry to trouble you…” Song Qian’s soft voice rang hard in his ears. The delicate and charming look would stir anyone’s sympathy.

Licking his dry lips, Zhuo Fan ripped her clothes around the wound and exposed her fair skin.

Song Qian shuddered as she closed her eyes with a red face. She knew what was about to happen, but when her clothes tore, she still gasped.

“Then, a thousand pardons, miss Song.” Zhuo Fan forced a smile in this awkward situation and neared his mouth to the wound, beginning to draw the poison out.

But the longer he sucked the more doubts sprouted. [Why is the blood spicy? Why is Song Qian’s blood normal, as if she wasn’t poisoned to begin with?]

However, he pushed aside all conflicting thoughts and kept sucking to make sure she was out of harm’s way, that is, until her blood turned scarlet again.

“I’ve taken most of the poison out, so there should be no problems.” Zhuo Fan let out a breath he was holding, but his eyes were clouded with more doubts.

Then, a smoking hot body hugged him and two tender arms curled around his neck.

Zhuo Fan was startled, “Miss Song, what…”

Song Qian’s hot breath entered his ear, “Zhuo Fan, do you know? I liked you the moment I saw you.”

Zhuo Fan’s eyes darted left and right, his tone wavering, “Miss Song, your brother will be here soon…”

“Never mind him.” Song Qian’s tongue left a trail on his cheek, making him feel as if a bolt of lightning had struck him, “I only want you next to me!”

She didn’t give him the chance to put up any resistance as she drew his head into a hot kiss.

As his eyes grew lost, his heart was thoroughly shocked and his mind blanked.

He reached the Demonic Emperor level because he always had cultivation in his mind, taking into account every step, every detail. So much so, he had overlooked the matters between a man and a woman.

When Luo Yunchang and Lei Yuting stole a peck, it floored him, but this time, his mind was literally blown.

[Damn it, I was born twice and a virgin each time, but never did I come upon such a battle!]

Then, Zhuo Fan’s eyes flared with irritation and pushed Song Qian away, “What did you just give me?”

In his daze, he could still feel something entering his mouth and dissolving.

Song Qian cried as she hit the ground, then a burst of laughter echoed around him, “Ha-ha-ha, something marvelous, I’m sure.”

A black figure appeared and threw a large transparent bell over Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan exclaimed, “4th-grade defensive spiritual weapon?”

“Ha-ha-ha, indeed. This is the Qi clan’s treasure, Violet Canopy!”

The black figure landed in front of Zhuo Fan and revealed itself to be an aged man. His eyes were filled with glee and rancor.

“You’re the Qi clan’s Profound Heaven expert?” Zhuo Fan tried to get up but his head swooned, falling back to his knees.

“What’s going on? Am I poisoned?”

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s a powerful toxin of the Qi clan, Soul Devourer!” The old man mocked, “It targets one’s soul and no one beneath Radiant Stage can last more than two hours. Even they will die three days later without our antidote!”

Zhuo Fan frowned.

The old man saw through him and cackled, “You must be wondering how you got poisoned? He-he-he, let me tell you. The dagger wasn’t poisoned, it was only dabbed in something to change the blood’s color. The true poison was on Qian’er’s shoulder, which you were more than happy to suck out.”

Two more figures walked next to Song Qian at this moment, Song Yu and Qi Tianlei. Song Qian and Song Yu appeared to be eaten by guilt, avoiding Zhuo Fan’s eyes. But Qi Tianlei stared right at him through the cover he was in, with deep-seethed hatred.

“You killed my dad. I will tie you to horses and have you ripped to pieces.”

“Humph, I’ve seen my fair share of dishonorable old goats, but your Qi clan’s elders take the cake.” Zhuo Fan jeered, “If I’m not mistaken, Qi Ganglie was the bait from the start, expecting me to kill him. In other words, you’ve all given up on him from the get-go.”

Having been exposed, Qi Tianlei was left speechless.

But no matter how true it was, none of them would dare speak of it. Else he would earn the world’s unanimous hatred and reviled gazes when word got out that a rotten son like him threw his father to the wolves all so he could snatch a bounty.

“Humph, who are you trying to deceive?”

Zhuo Fan sneered at the old man, “You sure know how to play a big hand, using the Clan Head and nine elders as small fries.”

The old man disregarded Zhuo Fan’s jab with a laugh, “And? I gave up my son, but I still have a grandson. It’s all worth it for your head. Once we become Hell Valley’s number one vassal clan, we can have as many elders as we want, we will be stronger than ever. This little loss is nothing compared to the future glory of the Qi clan!”

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s how the ambitious act, shameless.” Zhuo Fan praised, then derided them, “But in the end, that old mind of yours is too narrow. You’re paying such a heavy price only to become Hell Valley’s number one lap dog. You’re bound to fail. If it were me, I would become the ruler of the continent with what you paid!”

[Is this kid nuts? Can you even grasp how large the Tianyu Empire is, not to mention the continent?]

[Just another loud mouth!]

The old man sneered, “Now I know why you are so reviled, so set against Hell Valley. You’re clearly insane! How can one common man possibly rule the entire continent?”

“Humph, what does an ant know of the human stepping on it?”

Zhuo Fan shook his head and asked, “Oh, I forgot to mention, but I do dab in alchemy myself, you know? If her shoulder had poison on it, I would’ve known.”

“He-he-he, I heard you killed You Guiqi. This speaks volumes of your own twisted mind for having fought him. You think we’d use common poison when dealing with you?”

The old man took on a haughty tone, “Soul Devourer is a combination of two different medicines. One was on Qian’er’s shoulder and the other was the one you just swallowed.”

“Was that what she made me take when she kissed me?”

“Precisely! That was also for her own safety. If she hadn’t fed it to you, she’d be the one dying.”

The old man let out a manic grin, “To end you, I have scoured every bit of rumor and information about you, most of all about you sticking your head out for a little girl and offending Hell Valley. I know you’re just one big softy inside. How ironic this came to be your downfall.”

Zhuo Fan mocked himself, [Who knew my fight with You Guiqi was twisted into a hero saving a damsel.]

[Then again, it is true. Also, saving a woman was the first thing I did after I rebirthed, wasn’t it?]

Shaking his head, Zhuo Fan was this close to labeling himself a lecher, “Hey, old goat, you sure employ vicious schemes, no less than You Guiqi.”

“Why thank you.” The old man stuck his chin out in pride, “You Guiqi only had the luck of the draw in being born in one of the seven houses. If I had such privilege, my achievements would’ve dwarfed his. Do you know what I’m called? Steel Fettering River, Qi Weilin, he-he-he…”

Zhuo Fan had a grin himself, “Steel Fettering River, neither good nor bad. The one in your clutches can’t beg for life, nor can die!”


Qi Weilin laughed, speaking as if to a close friend, “You see, this is the first time you’ve heard of me and you can already appreciate my title. No wonder you could beat You Guiqi. I would hate to remove that pretty head of yours, but too bad it’s worth so much.”

“Think you have what it takes to reap my head?” Zhuo Fan mocked as his glabella lit up.



An azure flame revealed itself along with a black smoke drifting out from it.

The Soul Devourer was reduced to nothing before the power of this flame.

Zhuo Fan took his time getting back to his feet and surveyed the people with killing intent, “I told You Guiqi something when I killed him, and now I shall repeat it for you. In front of true power, all schemes and ploys are moot!”

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