“Husoon!!!” Hugo’s eyes flashed as he picked up the birth certificate.

Everyone looked at him in contempt.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes! Look! The kid loves it!!! Husoon!!”

The sounds of someone crying could be heard when he spoke those words. It was his third child, and it seemed she didn’t like the name.

When the baby cried, everyone narrowed their eyes at Hugo.

“She’s crying….”

“She hates it….”

“She says to get rid of it…”

“How about Huri?”


“Hudo? Huji? Huja? Husook?”


The youngest kept crying as if she would rather be dead(?) than have those names.

Lee Gun watched this as he picked up and ate a red bean bread. He looked at Hugo as if the man were pathetic. “Look. She hates it so much that she’s crying. She doesn’t want her father’s name to be a part of her name.”

“There is no way that is true!!! It’s a coincidence!!! She’s just hungry right now!”

“I’m being serious. Right, Sungjae?”

“You’re right. Let’s try this.” Chun Sungjae put on a show as he let out a bright smile toward the baby. “Lee Gun!”








There were no signs of the youngest being in tears. Instead, she let out a bright toothless smile. 

Lee Gun cackled as if he wanted Hugo to see this. “See? She likes everything with my name in it.”

“There is no way…!”

“Just put down my name.”

“Fuck off!!!!” Hugo roared in despair. “There is no way my daughter… No way…”

Hugo despaired as he watched his daughter show favor toward Lee Gun. He cried in front of her, sniffing. “Let’s make a compromise! Hugun! No, Husnake!!!”


Lee Gun still had the red bean bread in his mouth, and his expression was a sight to behold. It was a look of disdain as if to say he couldn’t believe someone like Hugo was born in this world.

Hugo continued to howl. “Why? I put something similar to your name— Kuhk!!!”

He took a hit again. The hit was accurate this time; Lee Gun had hit the crown of Hugo’s head. Hugo couldn’t speak any further as he fell to the ground.

In the end, Lee Gun lamented as he looked at the youngest. She had just opened her eyes, and it seemed she wanted Lee Gun to hold her. The cute little hands of the baby extended toward him.

“If she were a boy, Gun would have been fine. However, she’s a girl. The name doesn’t go well with her.”

The ones to be surprised by his words were none other than Yooha and Sungjae. This was especially true of Sungjae, who was male. It was as if he had heard the world was coming to an end.

“It was possible…? Is that how it is…?”

Sungjae trembled as if he had received a shock.

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Lee Jaewon tilted his head as he looked at the young man. “Young Master? What’s wrong?”

“I want to go back to the past. Would it be ok if I change my name…?”

“Young Master?”

“What if I use Cycle to be reborn again?!”

“Young Master!!!”

“At that point, I can change my chromosome and come back, right!!?”

“Sungjae!!!!” Lee Jaewon screamed as he desperately tried to stop Sungjae. 

Chun Sungjae was sad for a moment, but he raised his head when he heard Lee Gun’s words.

“Didn’t you guys already make a list of names to choose from?”

“Ah. Yes. We do have names that we picked out with Mom.”

Since the father wasn’t present, the family had been unable to finalize the name choice. This was why Chun Jiwoo had planned on making Hugo choose from the list after he returned. But…

“Husoon… Husook… Huja….”

The father was acting that way.

In the end, Lee Gun clicked his tongue. “Let’s just pick the one the baby likes the most amongst the backup names.”

“Ah! I would like Lee Gun-nim to choose the name.”

“What? Me?”


Chun Jiwoo looked at Lee Gun with anticipation. “If it weren’t for Lee Gun-nim, the baby and I would no longer be in this world. You’re the benefactor who saved my child.”


“If it isn’t a bother, I would like to ask you to do this… Is it ok?”

“I’m fine with it if you are.”

“Ah. Thank you very much!”

“Please text me the list of names”


The Chun siblings pounded the ground, dying from envy. Their uncle was choosing her name!! He was handpicking the name!!

Hugo finally came to his senses. He whined as he extended his hands. “Gun is terrible at naming stuff… I want to choose a name too! I want to do it!!!”

“Dad, you should stay out of this! Moreover, you smell funny!”

“I don’t smell!”

Lee Gun had an odd expression. He glared at Hugo as he exited the hospital room. As he checked the lists of names sent by Chun Jiwoo, he furrowed his brows.

‘I merely have to get rid of the gods if they do something funny.’

The problem was…


Yes, Hugo was a Cluder who had reincarnated as a human. Lee Gun had heard it from the Red Monarch. 

Hugo’s past life seemed to be the problem. Of course, it couldn’t simply be called his past life, since the soul was identical. This was why one couldn’t treat them as different entities. The biggest problem right now was…

‘The gods won’t stand by.’

Hugo had been the mortal enemy of the Divine world. In other words, Hugo had caused mayhem in the Divine world, like Lee Gun. 

The gods trying to make Hugo their Constructs had made it clear that they were idiots.

‘It also means Hugo was so harmless that they hadn’t noticed who he was.’

They had been meticulous in stealing his abilities, and he was thrown away to be human. Still, it wasn’t true to call him harmless…

[Evil murderous intent is boiling out of Hugorodite.]

He had already sensed it. He didn’t need the notification to tell him about it. The others might not notice it, but the energy of a monster was starting to leak out of Hugo.

When Lee Gun had seen Hugo after the latter had returned from visiting the goddess of birth, he had felt a chill run up his body.

‘He may be human, but it’s clear that he was a monarch.’

It meant his instinct as a monarch was awakening. Moreover, this was the energy of the type of monster that he hated the most. Lee Gun had faced and killed monarchs, so he knew them better than anyone.

‘I can never become allies with them.’

Hailey was one too, but her case was different. The deciding factor was the piece of information given to him by the Red Monarch regarding Hailey’s origins.

- That child isn’t a Cluder.

Of course, Lee Gun hadn’t been surprised to hear that. He had enough information to have his suspicions about Hailey.

Lee Gun hated the smell of monsters, yet Hailey didn’t smell one at all. Moreover, she wasn’t gluttonous. In fact, she smelled more similar to humans. That might be why she was chosen by a Zodiac in the first place.

‘The gods hate Cluders more than me.’

After he had returned, there was a reason Lee Gun had overlooked Hailey when he had observed her.

On the other hand, monarchs were different. They were predators who could never exist in the same place as him. What would happen if the instinct of a monarch awakened inside Hugo?

At that moment, Lee Gun thought about Chun Jiwoo and the three siblings. He also thought about the future where Hugo would rip them apart and kill them. 

His expression hardened. What should he do?

At that moment…

“You noticed it too?”


Kevin appeared in front of Lee Gun, smelling very much like an angel. 

As this was going on…

“Husoon. Why not Husoon… What’s wrong with it?”

After being denied(?) by his wife and children, Hugo sniffled as he returned home. His children had asked him that if he kept acting weird, he should go home and bring items for the baby and the mother.

At the end of the day, Lee Gun would be choosing the name, and it was a very good thing.

‘Blessing is given to anything a god chooses and touches.’

If the baby was lucky, wouldn’t her name be infused with the blessing of a Zodiac? If so, her safety wouldn’t be a problem. Of course, this didn’t mean Hugo would let her grow as a fanatic of Lee Gun.

“I’ll expose her daily to the work that I do. Since she already likes Gun, I’ll start by staying close to Gun. Then I’ll slowly replace Gun.”

Was he trying to aim for the comparison effect? There had been a period when his appearance had been second to none. 

Hugo shrewdly placed an old photo album in his bag.

“You look happy.”


The look in Hugo’s eyes turned violent when he heard the voice. “You!”

The one to appear was Archangel Michael, who had lost an arm. Micheal said, “This is baffling. You’re a trash beast that should be gone from this world, yet you’re grinning like an idiot here.”

What the hell?

* * *

Around that time, the Pantheon of the Divine world was in an absolute mess because of the Great Spirit of Kunlun and Abyss.

“What did you just say? Hermes’s Divine status was turned into a Divine item?!”

The Divine world had been turned on its head. While the berserk Great Spirit of Kunlun was a problem, Abyss was causing another round of shock.

Of course, the Divine world had data on Abyss since they had experience fighting it. They were successful in cornering it, but the problem was the fountain pen.

Its origins were unclear, but the fountain pen allowed Abyss to move freely. It allowed Abyss to ambush the gods.

What was this unknown fountain pen? Was it something the snake god had made using Hermes’s Divine status?

‘This isn’t like imbuing an existing item with an ability.’

“Damn it… There was a report mentioning a spear with the power of a monarch imbued inside it. I thought it was nonsense…!’

“It hadn’t been a lie…!”

It was that ridiculous. If one attached a brain, heart, and other organs to a cup, it didn’t mean the item could move like a living creature. 

This was something that was beyond one’s imagination.

‘Even a god has to work within the realm of possibility. Creating something that doesn’t exist is impossible.’

Only one type of being could do such a thing.

‘The Creators.’

‘That bastard is a Creator!’

They were the only ones who had eccentric and out-of-the-box techniques.

At that moment…

“Hmmph. I was wondering why he took the name Designer. He was a Creator?”

“Baldr of Valhalla…!”

“What’s that chicken you are holding— Ahhhk! Thoth-nim!”

The gods were shocked when they realized Thoth’s body and legs had turned into that of a bird.

Thoth had been attacked by the Great Spirit of Kunlun, and he was close to death.

“What happened to him, Baldr…!”

“The Great Spirit of Kunlun went berserk and started emitting a strange power. That turned him like this.”

“What? Is it a new ability?”

“No. It seems he’s also a victim.”


The Great Spirit of Kunlun’s appearance had changed in odd ways, and he had started emitting a suspicious light. Any god touched by that light changed into something bizarre, and all of this had been caused by one person.

‘Snake god.’

While Kunlun’s Great Spirit had morphed into something strange because of Lee Gun, he was a Great Spirit for a reason.

“Thanks to him, 40% of the Divine world’s territory was destroyed.”

“Was the Creator aiming for this from the start?”

Instead of answering that, the high-rank gods narrowed their eyes.

While the Creators had gone extinct, they were incredible beings with no peers.

‘We have craftsmen that are on par with them, but…’

Despite this, the Creators had followed around the Primordial god; they were master technicians who had built and created the Divine world.

They had created the Divine Achievement (Achievement) system as well as the rule books and all the regions in the Divine world. They had created the foundation of the Divine world. Of course, that wasn’t important right now.

“You’re the source of all that has happened!”


Sagittarius, who was placed on the gallows, screamed. He was wrapped up tight and tied to a guillotine. All the gods of the Divine world had gathered here, shouting at him.

“Sinner! Sinner! Sinner!’

Sagittarius looked aggrieved. He struggled. It was great that he had dodged the Great Spirit of Kunlun from robbing him of his chastity. However, Lee Gun’s scheme had made the Great Spirit of Kunlun go berserk.

The source of this problem had been the clothes Lee Gun had made for him. Since Sagittarius was the servant of the snake god, he had been branded as the culprit and sent to the gallows.

This was why Sagittarius was angry.

“This is unfair, bastards! I’m also a victim!”

“Unfair, my ass! Do you think we don’t realize you and the snake god are part of a force that’s trying to overthrow the Divine world?”

“Overthrow!! Why would I do that?”

“You chose a monarch to be your Zodiac Saint. This has all been planned!”

“That’s right! As if that wasn’t enough, you let the snake god enter the Divine world! You did it on purpose…”

“What? What did you just say?”

Baldr of Valhalla looked dumbfounded. He approached Sagittarius. “Are you going to feign innocence? The rumors have spread far and wide. Your Zodiac Saint ruthlessly killed a god using the power of a monarch.”

Sagittarius’s face stiffened. Power of a monarch?

Soon, Baldr laughed. “We already checked with Mahabharata. He is the first-generation Monarch Endless Change, the enemy of the cursed gods. As if eating the gods wasn’t enough, he lured his comrades into the Divine world. He was a cunning bastard who made a fool of the Divine world. What if this was all done purposefully from the beginning to overturn the divine world?”


Sagittarius couldn’t speak as if he had a headache. This was why his younger brother had said something strange! He had asked if Sagittarius knew something when picking his Zodiac Saint! 

“Just wait a moment. He is…”

“It doesn’t matter since he’ll be executed, too. There’s something more pressing right now.”


“The Serpent Bearer has declared war on us.”

Sagittarius got an ominous feeling. 

“Since you’re the one who brought him here, we’ll execute you.”

What the fuck??!

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