A moment ago…

[Pushover is being transported.]

[Pushover is being transported.]

Lee Gun could watch Hugo being delivered in real-time. Of course, he wasn't watching it. He was listening to a live update.

[Pushover has been slammed to the ground.]

[He is angry that it wasn’t the right place.]

[He is being transported to the next delivery address.]

[He has fallen into the food waste disposal plant.]

[He swears he is going to kill Lee Gun.]

[He is being transported to the next delivery address.]

[He has fallen into a manhole.]

[He has fallen into a septic tank.]

Lee Gun clicked his tongue. There were a total of fourteen goddesses of birth. The first and second ones on the lists were a bust. 

Hugo eventually reached the tenth on the list, yet they were all busts.

‘Those I thought would be the one turned out to be duds.’

This included the angel of conception and the Samshin Grandma, the Korean goddess of birth. Everyone who Lee Gun had suspected was a dud.

At this point, Lee Gun considered the possibility that the one who had appeared before them wasn’t a goddess of birth.

‘Could it be someone else who stole the Divine status of birth?’

It meant Lee Gun might have sent Hugo down the wrong rabbit hole and that Chun Jiwoo was in danger.

Currently, Lee Gun was keeping her alive with the power of Life, but he couldn’t eliminate her pain. At this rate, there would come a point where he would have to choose between the mother or the child.

‘If that happens….’

Lee Gun’s expression worsened. However, at that moment…

[Pushover’s delivery has been stopped.]

[Pushover has started fighting.]

[The enraged Pushover is attacking the goddess of birth.]


It seemed Hugo had found their opponent. Of course, a problem did appear while this was going on.

[Abyss is trying to use the fountain pen on the Serpent Bearer.]

[Abyss’s eyes are twinkling as it tries to find the address of the Serpent Bearer.]

[The Fountain pen is refusing since the monarch dares to go after its father.]

[Abyss is tenacious in trying to find out the Serpent Bearer’s address.]


Lee Gun got angry. He had sent the fountain pen to the Abyss so that the monarch could hunt the gods. However, Abyss was trying to cheat by trying to find Lee Gun.

‘Does it want to eat me?’

At the end of the day, he was the fountain pen’s parent. It would never betray its parent. There was no way Abyss would be able to find his location.

On the other hand, Lee Jaewon picked up on what was going on. He looked at Lee Gun with worry in his eyes. “Lee Gun-nim, are you sure about giving that item to Abyss?”

“I didn’t give it. I let Abyss borrow it. If I call for it, the item will come back.”

“I’m not questioning that part. Your opponent is a monarch….”

Monarchs were the enemies of humanity. Lee Gun smirked since he already knew what Lee Jaewon was worried about. “It’ll be fine.”


This monarch hadn’t killed him or Sagittarius when it had the chance. Moreover, Lee Gun had prepared a buffet for Abyss. There was no way it would lay hands on Lee Gun.

This meant this monarch was flexible in how it acted. It was a foe that could be reasoned with…

[Abyss begs to make it so that it can eat the Serpent Bearer.]

[Abyss begs to make it so that it can eat the Serpent Bearer.]

[Its interest in the Serpent Bearer has risen a lot.]

[Abyss begs to make it so that it can eat the Serpent Bearer.]

Could it not be reasoned with?

Lee Gun became angry. Monsters were all enemies. He eventually planned on killing all of them.

[Abyss has been turned down by the fountain pen.]

[The sad Abyss has started writing the address of other gods.]

Accompanying the unexpected notification, Lee Gun heard a voice that he had been waiting for.

[Pushover has exterminated the goddess of Birth Eileithyia.]

Then something surprising happened. 

“Lee Gun-nim!”


The bizarre barrier encircling Chun Jiwoo disappeared. It was the power of the goddess of birth, which had been interfering with the birthing process.

The surprised doctors quickly moved.

“Try approaching her!”

“It works! I can touch her without being pushed away!”

The doctors quickly moved when they realized a Zodiac was no longer interfering.

“Hurry! Take the baby out!!”

Lee Gun continued to use the power of Life since he didn’t want Chun Jiwoo to die from exhaustion. He helped with the process.


[The power of Life has been activated.]

A quick look at bit.ly/3iBfjkV will leave you more fulfilled.

[You have stopped the mother’s exhaustion. Her vitality is being recovered.]

[You are putting vitality into the baby so that it can come out in one push.]

In truth, the Divine status of Life was harder to use than the Divine status of Death. He wasn’t used to using it.

Yet, Lee Gun put more power into the baby than ever before.

‘Don’t make it difficult for your mom. Come out.’

This was how the baby was born.


It was a baby that could make Hugo cry.

* * *

Back to the present…

“What the hell!!!” Hugo came running toward the hospital in surprise.

The reason was what Lee Gun had said.

“The child was born, so why would I cry?”


“What! What happened!!”

Everyone was surprised when Hugo suddenly made an appearance.

In a strict sense, Hugo was Lee Gun’s Construct. He had been brought back using his master’s summoning skill. Of course, he had flown far and wide, so it had taken him a bit of time.

Anyway, Hugo’s eyes became crazed because of Lee Gun’s words. He was pale from fright. “Is something wrong with the child?! Or did something happen to Jiwoo?”

“No. That isn’t the case, but…”

Everyone in the lounge was surprised.

Lee Gun showed up with a smirk. “There were no difficulties for both of them. All their limbs are unharmed, and they are healthy.”

“Then why did you say that?!”

“Come here and hug your child first.”


Lee Gun knocked on the door of Chun Jiwoo’s hospital room. Normally, the baby would be inside the newborn nursery, but this room had Lee Gun’s power of Life activated.

Hugo quickly entered the safest place in the world. “Jiwoo!”


Thankfully, Chun Jiwoo looked safe and sound. No, she was better than fine. She was overflowing with energy, thanks to Lee Gun’s power of Life. The proof was the containers of food behind her.

At that moment, Hugo was able to see it. His wife was holding a small life form.

Lee Gun laughed as he looked at the baby wrapped in a blanket. “It’s a girl. You must be loving it, right?”

“Ah…!” Hugo’s face brightened when he saw the child.

Chun Sungjae had followed in after Hugo. It seemed he was moved since he was shedding tears(?). “Finally, I’ll have a brother and sister relationship for the first time. This is the best.”

“Hey, we are brother and sister.”

“I don’t care about that, since having a little sister is the best. Unlike someone I know, she’s really pretty. She’s the best.”

Chun Sungjae took a hit once again.

His older sister was known for her beauty around the world and was popular. However, she was merely someone he could share information about their fandom. She merely shared the same family registry as him.

On the other hand, the newly born baby was cute and pretty. That wasn’t all.

“Your third child looks just like you, right?”

Hugo cried out. He was deeply moved. Yooha and Sungjae bore strong resemblances to their mother. 

However, the third child looked like Hugo. Her eyelashes were long, and she had the same light hair and eyebrow color as her father. Hugo preferred his kids looking like his wife, but for some odd reason, the children resembling their mother liked Lee Gun more than him.

“Thank you, god!!”

“You’re welcome.”


Chun Jiwoo lifted the child toward him. She wanted to let Hugo hold her. “Please greet her.”

Hugo extended his arms as he looked at the small, twitching child. He felt a storm of emotions as he wailed out loud. “This is why you said I’ll cry!! Jerk!”

Faced with Hugo’s wail, Lee Gun blanched. “That isn’t it.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Well… You better see for yourself.”

“S…See for myself?”

At that moment, Hugo got an ominous feeling. He almost screamed as he was about to take the child. “Ahhhhk!”

When he was about to receive the baby, his third child flew into the air as if she was dodging his hands. It wasn’t an exaggeration. She truly flew into the air.


Hugo’s expression was a sight to behold as the newborn baby floated away from his hands. He screamed as he tried catching the baby on impulse, but the baby was truly flying through the air! “Ah! Huh? What the hell is this?”

Everyone shook their heads because they had the same reaction already.

“As you can see….”

“The child isn’t normal….”


However, the important part started right now. The flying baby twitched her arms and legs as she flew toward Lee Gun.

As if she liked Lee Gun, she landed on his shaggy hair. It was as if she considered Lee Gun her father. She laughed with a very satisfied expression on her face.

Lee Gun wore the baby like a hat. He pointed at her as if he was making a point. “It seems she imprinted me as her father.”

“#*$*#?!!” Hugo’s words were indecipherable as he quickly took back his child. “She thinks your head is a toy. That is why she flew toward you! Hi! I’m your dad…!”

Hugo hugged the child tight as if he would never let her fly toward Lee Gun again. “See? She loves her father—”

However, Hugo couldn’t speak any further.


Instead of liking him, the baby disappeared from his arms.


When the baby disappeared, Hugo looked like he was having a mental breakdown. “Where did she go?”

“Over here.”


She had disappeared as if she had teleported and appeared in Lee Gun’s arms. It did seem she had imprinted Lee Gun as her dad. She liked Lee Gun. 

However, she had teleported to him. Hugo seemed aggrieved. He looked at Chun Sungjae, a magician. “I no longer know you, son!!! How dare you get revenge against me like this!”

Even if he liked his uncle, there was no need for him to screw over his father by using teleportation.

Chun Sungjae pouted as if the insinuation had offended him. “Even I wouldn’t use teleportation on a baby. It’s dangerous.”

“You didn’t teleport her?”

That meant…

Lee Gun returned the baby to Chun Jiwoo and grinned. “It seemed she was awakened before birth, and she imprinted me as her father.”


“Dude, talk in human language.”

“#$*$#$^!! $&$*$#&*!!!”

Hugo returned to being primitive when he was made fun of.

In the end, Hugo was sad. He wailed as he grabbed onto his wife. 

Chun Jiwoo patted his back. “It probably has to do with the fact that Lee Gun-nim used a lot of his power of Life on us.”

“Ahem! For prenatal education, I read Uncle’s biography to her every day.”

“For prenatal education, I turned on Uncle’s documentary series.”

“Ah…! Please do not worry! I told old stories about Hugo-nim! It was mostly about Hugo-nim taking a beating from Lee Gun-nim, but…”

They were of no help!!!

“#$^$^ (You are all the same)!!”

“At least, Guisoon tried to brainwash her by saying Uncle is a bad person. I guess it was useless?”

“She said she’ll be overworked to death trying to organize the bible. It was why Guisoon cussed as she went hard on the prenatal education…”

The two siblings pouted as if to say they didn’t think the amount that they had expanded the bible by wasn’t unreasonable.

In the end, Chun Jiwoo patted Hugo’s back. She assured him that his daughter would recognize him as her father soon. 

Lee Gun was relieved since nothing too bad had come out of this.

‘Well, the earth is going to be in an uproar for a while.’

Lee Gun furrowed his brows. According to Kevin, the angels had caused strife on the earth, and they had created connections all around the world to the Divine world. The detestable gods were starting to cross over into the earth.

‘How dare they think about making my territory a battlefield for gods?’

He should have known they were up to no good when they had tried to plant that strange tree on the earth. 

Then there was another problem. It was Hugo’s soul.

‘Well… He seems fine for now.’

It seemed the information about Hugo’s true identity had been spread across the Divine world. However, that wasn't important right now.



“My third child’s name will be Husoon!!! It is Husoon since she loves her dad!!!”

Lee Gun chopped down on Hugo’s head.

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