Everyone’s eyes turned round when they saw the item. At a glance, it looked to be a gold gem crystal.

They wondered why he had brought such an item out right now, but the goddess of birth quickly realized the reason.

[Do you plan on finding me with Hermes’s Divine status?]

Currently, Chun Jiwoo was unable to give birth to her child because of this goddess, who had a connection to Eden.

If Lee Gun got rid of that goddess, the source of Chun Jiwoo’s difficulties would disappear. So he was trying to find her using Hermes’s address book.

But the goddess snorted.

[Unfortunately, other gods were never able to use his power.]

It was very rare for gods to be able to use more than two Divine statuses. If one wanted a Divine status to be useful, one had to absorb it into one’s body and level it up to stage 5.

The efficiency of such a process was poor, and the probability of failure was high. It also decreased the effectiveness of the Divine status that one already possessed.

Thankfully, the Great Spirits were able to use a variety of Divine statuses. But one of the exceptions was the Divine status of Hermes.

‘Unless it’s an offensive ability, bringing out the entirety of its power is difficult.’

If it was pure destructive power, the Great Spirits would snap it up and use it. 

However, there was a reason Hermes had gone into running a courier service. His Divine status allowed him access to the address of all the gods and allowed him to move to any location.

At a basic level, it was why one with his Divine status needed a mind good enough to memorize all the addresses. One also needed an agile body. Without those prerequisites, bringing out 100% of that Divine status’s power was hard for even a Great Spirit. At best, the Great Spirits could use only 20% of its abilities.

[You won’t be able to find me. Moreover, you won’t be able to reach me.]

Lee Gun smirked. “It doesn’t matter since I’m not going to use it.”

[Are you going to let someone inherit it? The mother and child will die before you can do that.]

At the very least, the inheritance process needed a month.

[Could it be that you’ll let that monster inherit it?]

The goddess looked at Hugo with disdain.

[How dare you think that monster or any person will be able to use the power of Hermes-nim…]

At that moment, Lee Gun extended his hand and took something out of the pocket of Hugo’s jacket. It was none other than…

“Fountain pen?” 

Lee Jaewon furrowed his brow when he recognized the fountain pen. “I’m pretty sure Lee Gun-nim gave it to Hugo-nim as a birthday present…”

“What are you saying? That’s an antique fountain pen created by a luxury brand for the tenth anniversary of Uncle’s debut! Only ten of them were created!”

“Ah! That’s the original. That brand copied it after they saw it in a picture taken in an interview.”

“What?! Really? I’ll have to steal it later— Kuhk!”

Sungjae took a hit from his sister.

Lee Gun knew Hugo carried the fountain pen around in his pocket. He narrowed his eyes. In the past, he had made a fountain pen using a squid monster, so this one didn’t need its ink cartridge refilled.

‘It wasn’t a birthday gift. I made it so that he could write letters of apology for me.’

Lee Gun frequently caused property damage, so he was always asked to write a letter of apology.

Anyway, Lee Gun knew that anything he had made would be useful.

Hugo bit his tongue when he saw the look in Lee Gun’s eyes.

‘Can it be?’


Accompanying a blinding light, the Divine status of Hermes entered the fountain pen. Then something surprising happened.

[It has combined with the body.]

[A new Divine item has been created.]

[Divine Item -Quick Service (EX)]

He had made a Divine item using Hermes’s Divine status. It was similar to when he had made ingredients for Drachma using Cancer and when he had made a kettle using Aquarius.

‘I can’t use Hermes’s Address Marker Pen, which I swiped last time.’

Those damn Olympus bastards had stopped it from functioning. Lee Gun was sure.

Anyway, he took the fountain pen and rolled back Hugo’s sleeve.


“Wait a moment! What are you— Ahhk!”

When Divine power was injected into the fountain pen, it started to move on its own.

“What the hell…!”

Something surprising happened.

[According to its parent’s will, Quick Service (EX) has automatically started writing the addresses.]


Hugo flinched when he saw the unknown letters written on his forearm. “What the hell is it writing?”

“They are all the addresses belonging to the goddesses of birth within the Divine world.”


[Quick service is happy. It has written down all the coordinates of all the goddesses of birth that exist in the Divine world.]

[One goddess of birth from Eden (exact address omitted)]

[One goddess of birth from Valhalla (exact address omitted)]

[Goddess of birth from a minor group (exact address omitted)]

Hugo suddenly got an ominous feeling. 

Lee Gun let out a cheeky laugh as he handed something over to Hugo. “You take care of those who dared mess with your wife.”


“Whatever! Just find them and kill them.” Lee Gun used the fountain pen to write the final word.

[Start Delivery]

The unknown letters on Hugo’s forearm lit up. 

“Wait— Ahhhhhk!” Surrounded by light, Hugo instantly disappeared.

The goddess of birth seemed surprised.

[Can it be?!]

Lee Gun’s eyes flashed as he looked at the flustered goddess. “It doesn’t matter if you hide your identity and location. You must be one of the goddesses of birth.”


“It doesn’t matter if you run away.” Lee Gun put power into the birds he had captured. The birds turned into floral stationery paper. Then he wrote something on the paper with his Divine item.

[★Best Korean Beef++Special☆Price★###♛☎Delicacies of the World♛☎☜☜☜You can write down all the addresses of the gods with this☞☎Write down the name of the one you want to eat☜☜100% Immediate teleportation possible★§§#✈♚♚Have fun choosing what you eat♚♚Beef Fat Offered Free※¥You can go anywhere gods are hiding* http://please-take-care-of-me. $$Rental Period$$☞☞1 Week Special Price]

After engraving the words on the paper, he turned another bird into a floral envelope. He put the letter and the fountain pen inside it.

“Delivery to Abyss!”

The envelope instantly disappeared.


Everyone looked at him in surprise, but Lee Gun, who had sent the fountain pen as a package, let out an evil laugh. “He’s a smart cookie. He’ll know how to use its full potential.”

“A-Are you fine with giving such a precious item to a monarch?”

“It’s fine. I engraved a seal on it. If I call for it, it’ll come back.”


“Even if Taeksoo cannot find you, you’ll all be eaten by the Abyss.”


“If you understand what I’m saying, turn everything back to normal, bastard.”

The expression of the goddess of birth was a sight to behold.

* * *


Hugo was screaming. He was being delivered by force. Numerous addresses of the goddesses of birth were written on his arm.

[You’re being moved to the first delivery address.]


In a flash, Hugo broke through dimensions, then tumbled to the ground.


He had been dropped off at a beach. He heard screams alongside the sounds of waves.

“Kyaa! W-Who is that man?”

“She doesn’t look suspicious… She’s not the one!” Hugo’s words caused the letters on his forearm to glow again.

[You will be moved to the next delivery address.]

“Ahhk!!” Hugo was sent flying somewhere once again.

This time, he arrived at a diner.

Theft is never good, try looking at bit.ly/3iBfjkV.


Hugo groaned when he fell on top of a bowl. “S-She’s not the one either!”

[You will be moved to the next delivery address.]

[It was a wrong delivery.]

[You will be moved to the next delivery address.]

[You will be moved to the next…]

He kept moving from one dimension to another and kept getting slammed into the ground.


[You have arrived at the twelfth delivery address.]

[You are in front of Olympus’s Eileithyia]

“Damn it!”

This time, he had been dropped off inside a temple. It was a very holy location, with drawings of angels all around.

However, Hugo’s eyes turned violent when he raised his head. “I found you.”

“…oh no!!!”

The goddess who had appeared before them a while ago stood in front of Hugo. She turned pale from fright.

Using the information from the address book, Hugo had realized the identity of his opponent. He let out a cold smile. “I thought you were an angel of Eden. You were with Olympus? That’s unexpected.”


She was a goddess of Olympus. She was the goddess of birth here, possessing the Divine status of Eileithyia.

The goddess froze. She had changed her appearance so that other gods wouldn’t be able to identify her. 

“Did you change your appearance and went to Eden because you have a bounty out on you?”


Yes, she was affiliated with Olympus. When she had become a refugee, Eden had taken her in. Of course, she and her fellow Olympus gods had turned into humans because of Lee Gun, but they were able to become gods once again with the help of the genius smith of the Divine world.

However, Eileithyia still held a grudge against Lee Gun and Hugo. Of course, Eden wouldn’t let her be. That wasn’t all.

When she joined Eden, she became aware of Hugo’s identity. This was why she had planned on using his family members to cause harm to Hugo and the snake god.

The goddess of birth was sweating.

‘Damn it… He really came here.’

This place was deep inside Eden’s territory.

‘It took him a single try to break through the defense?’

It was all thanks to Hermes’s Divine status.

Faced with the goddess, Hugo let out killing intent as he brought out the bomb Lee Gun had given to him. “How dare you mess with Jiwoo? Some things should be off limits.”

“Hmmph! You make me sick. Stop pretending to be a human, you dirty Cluder!”

Hugo was dumbfounded. “I have no idea why you keep saying that nonsense, but there is a limit to my patience…”

“You have no idea? I guess not many have the self-awareness to know that you’re gross.” The goddess immediately struck Hugo with her ability.


Despite being a goddess in charge of birth, she had offensive abilities. One of them was extreme pain!


Usually, a goddess of birth helped the birthing mother. However, she could also delay the birth and block the pain. She could also let her opponent feel the memory of the pain. 

In the end, Hugo clutched his arms in pain, and the goddess quickly made herself scarce.

‘I have to quickly make that monster known to the public. All forces must be mobilized against him.’



The goddess of birth screamed. She felt a sharp pain in her back. The goddess was in pain as her back was cut open.

When she turned her head, she froze in place. Had the pain antagonized his instinct?

Hugo’s eyes were no longer that of a human. They had changed into the eyes of a monster.


Hugo rushed toward the goddess to rip her apart.


The goddess, who had been running away, called forth a bird. She stole the item in Hugo’s hands. It was Lee Gun’s bomb, which had been brought here by Hugo.

‘I can get him with this!’

She threw the bomb toward Hugo.


Its power was beyond imagination.

The goddess furrowed her brows when she saw this.

‘It galls me to say this, but this is the might of the snake god, who destroyed Olympus.’

Lee Gun’s technical expertise was aggregated to make this the greatest bomb in existence. It was something that had taken out a monarch and a Great Spirit. Naturally, it would cause great harm to Hugo!

When the dust settled, the goddess turned pale from fright; she had seen a figure standing there.


Hugo burst out laughing as if he was dumbfounded. His body was full of wounds, but they were mere flesh wounds.

‘He’s fine after being hit with that?’

Did he use the power of gluttony to eat the power of the bomb? The goddess bit her lips.

‘Damn it. I should have expected this from a first-generation monarch…!’

However, she didn’t even have time to analyze what had happened. She didn’t even have time to be surprised.


Hugo chased after the goddess and violently ripped her apart.


Running away was useless. He hacked and slashed the goddess as if he were hunting down prey.

Poo-hahk!!! Poo-hahk!!

He smirked after extracting her Divine status. The object in front of him wasn’t a corpse. It was his food. Hugo extended his hand to eat his prey.



A light exploded forth from within Hugo’s body, and an unknown power attacked his head. 

[Suppress the instinct of gluttony.]

He was being suppressed. This power was a Creator’s power. It was what Lime had fed Hugo when he had met the goddesses of fate.

[Suppress the instinct of gluttony.]

“This is…!”

The memories in his soul were tormenting him.

Hugo’s eyes flashed in annoyance, as if to dismiss the power. Soon, the power of the Creator was extinguished.


When the irritant disappeared, Hugo approached the goddess’s corpse. It had been a while since he had smelled such strong prey. It strengthened his appetite.

Once a beast tasted blood, there was no turning back. Once Hugo tasted blood, he would go down a path that he could never return from.

However, Hugo didn’t care about that right now. He went for the prey as if his pleasure was all that mattered.

He was about to lay hands on the blood and flesh when…



Hugo flinched when he suddenly heard the sound of a baby. Rational thoughts returned to his mind. 

At the same time, he heard a familiar voice.

[Did you take care of everything over there?]


It was Lee Gun.

[I took care of things over here too. Come back. Your child is healthy.]

Hugo looked blankly at his hands. What was he trying to do right now?

Lee Gun laughed.

[Congratulations, and you’re going to cry a bit.]

C-Cry? Why?

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