[You have switched to the Divine status of Cycle.]

A pure white light encircled Lee Gun. This light represented the power of Cycle. As if it was dyed by the power of Cycle, Lee Gun’s hair changed to the same color as the light.


It was an incredible power, which seemed powerful enough to turn gods into nothing.

The angel of healing, Raphael, felt a chill run up his spine.

‘That’s the Divine status that took down Olympus…!’

When Olympus had fallen, all the gods had been shocked, but they had also ridiculed Olympus. They had blamed Olympus’s gods for being merchants who distanced themselves from battles and mocked them for living such a sedentary lifestyle that they had lost badly to a newcomer.

However, none of them would have said such words if they had seen this power.

‘We have to run away right now if we want to live!’

The snake god was beyond the stage of a newcomer god.

‘Great Spirit.’

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He had enough Divine power for him to be a one-man army!

‘He did acquire several Achievements from the Divine world.’

However, Raphael wasn’t phased by it.

‘It is within our expected range.’

He had received information through Olympus that Lee Gun had acquired the power of Cycle. It wasn’t just a replica, but the real Cycle. This meant that not many gods could stand up to such a power.

‘It’s the Primordial power.’

Primordial power was the power of the Primordial god. 

The Divine world had five highest-ranked Divine statuses, and originally, five great forces had been formed around those five Divine statuses. However, these powers were stolen by the Cluders and couldn’t be found in the Divine world.

It wasn’t until the Great Spirits recovered most of those Divine Statuses from the monarchs. But Cycle wasn’t one of them.

‘There is one other alongside Cycle, which hasn’t been recovered.’

Countless gods had tried to revive the Divine status of Cycle, but none had succeeded.

‘The Great Spirits also failed.’

This Divine status was powerful, yet difficult to control. However, someone had managed to revive it, and he hadn’t merely revived it.

[This is the first time I’ve seen your face. Are you an angel too?]


He hadn’t revived it in name only. He was using it as if it was his own power!


However, that power had a weakness.

In terms of numbers, it was a three-to-one fight, but Raphael thought this was a great opportunity for him.

“Gabriel! You should carry out your mission as an archangel!”


He looked at Kevin. “If it’s you, you’ll be able to stop Cycle!”

It sounded like nonsense, but Raphael meant what he said.

‘He’s our comrade.’

Gabriel was one of the five archangels of Eden, a pillar-rank god.

And this person was Gabriel. There was no mistaking it.

Gabriel had been eaten by that vermin of a monarch, and his Divine status couldn’t be located.

‘According to rumors, that devious monarch was sold to Mahabharata’s Samsara hell.’

Eden had madly searched for Gabriel, but had been unable to find him.

‘I never expected him to be reincarnated as a human.’

Raphael glared at Hugo. Was it because he was reincarnated as a human? They hadn’t been able to find the Divine status, but it was a different story now.

‘His Divine status is being expressed.’

Gabriel’s power must have awakened when he had gone up against Eden’s forces. What caused it to awaken wasn’t important right now.

‘With him, we can stop the power of Cycle. We can stop the monarch too.’

It was possible if Gabriel’s innate ability was used.

Raphael had been using his recovery skill up to this point. He generated more power as he called out to Kevin. “Gabriel! Don’t forget about your duty!”


Raphael had put Divine power into his voice. If the voice of Eden went into Kevin’s ears, it would resonate with Gabriel’s soul. Raphael was sure Gabriel would recover his memories!


When Kevin heard the voice infused with power, he furrowed his brows as he came to a stop.

Raphael laughed.

‘It worked.’

Raphael put power into his voice once again as he shouted, “Comrade! Protect Eden from the snake. Execute the dirty monarch next to him—”


A sharp chunk of ice pierced through Raphael’s chest. The one to send the ice flying furrowed his brows as if his ears were hurting. “What is that idiot talking about?”


It was Kevin.

Hugo also looked at Kevin, baffled. “Do you know them?”

“Why the hell would I know those bird-like assholes?”

“I guess you’re right.”

The two of them bantered with each other. 

As someone who had spent thousands of years with Gabriel, Raphael became enraged. “Gabriel! How can you not recognize the monarch who ate you? How can you get along with him like that?”

Hugo flinched, but Kevin burst out laughing as if he was dumbfounded. “It seems these chicken bastards are looking down on humans.”

When Kevin unsheathed his sword in a threatening manner, Raphael distanced himself from Kevin.

‘Damn it. Because he was reincarnated as a human, he can’t easily recover his memories!’

If those memories were so easily accessible, Gabriel would have come searching for them!

As if he had no choice, Raphael raised power through his body.

‘If I can’t do it with my voice, I have to make direct contact.’

It was a very rough process, but he planned on shocking Gabriel’s brain. Memories would be dragged up through this process.

Raphael’s power filled his body, from his toes to the top of his head. It even filled each feather of his wings.

‘I just need to make contact with him.’

He just needed to make the briefest contact, and Gabriel would recover his memories. Then he’d realize what an idiot he was being. He wouldn’t associate himself with the monarch who had eaten him and the snake god threatening Eden!


Raphael was shocked when Lee Gun appeared in front of him; he hadn’t sensed Lee Gun approaching him. Raphael tried to counterattack.


Lee Gun’s kick sent Raphael flying into the distance. The building of the Sagittarius temple was destroyed.

The bloodied Raphael groaned as he glared at Lee Gun. Lee Gun was approaching him.

‘I blocked his attack…!’

His forearm, which had blocked Lee Gun’s attack, was ripped away. Of course, Raphael wasn’t whole because of the monarchs in the first place.

‘Damn it…!’

On the other hand, Lee Gun was interested in Raphael’s words. This was why he hadn’t attacked immediately. He had laughed as he listened to Raphael speak. 

“Do you want to die? You destroyed the entire first floor of my house.”


The one who had destroyed this place was Lee Gun himself when kicking Raphael!

“Whatever! So who ate whom?”


Accompanying the murderous intent, Raphael’s body started to be ripped apart. It was the power of Cycle.

As the power of Cycle worked on him, Raphael’s appearance started to change. In the case of Olympus, the gods had been turned into humans. It was different right now.


Raphael started to melt away as the shape of his body started distorting. To be precise, his body was destroying itself. Raphael was in pain, but he immediately recognized this power.

‘This is Ability Reversal…!’

Raphael’s Divine status contained the power of Healing. Lee Gun hadn’t reversed him into being a human, as he did to the gods of Olympus. He had reversed Raphael’s ability. It was a power opposite to the power of healing! 

Of course, the power of Cycle went around half a cycle. If it was spun once more, his Divine status would revert to healing…!

‘That bastard…!!’

In the end, Healing was transformed into Destruction. 

Raphael screamed. The problem was that he had put an auto-healing skill on himself because the monarchs had injured him.


Raphael quickly tried to stop the healing skill, but it was useless.


His power had been transformed into a new power. There was no way he would be able to control it so suddenly.


The power ripped apart his skin and legs. Raphael was in pain as it started melting down his body.

‘Damn it! I have to tell Michael about what happened.’

Finally, a light flashed in his eyes. He secretly called for his subordinate. He felt a presence in the shadow. It was something only the angels could detect.

[You have called for me.]

‘Hurry up and report everything that happened here.’



Lee Gun violently stomped on Raphael’s shadow. Then, the power of Cycle activated on the shadow. The angel hiding in the shadow was forcefully ejected.


Lee Gun had reversed the hidden skill, forcefully revealing the hidden angel. Grabbing the angel by the neck as if he was about to snap it, he said, “Why are all these chicken bastards so underhanded?”


The light of Cycle pierced through the angel’s head.


The angel was hit directly by the power of Cycle. He foamed at the mouth as he fell unconscious on the ground. His intact mind was reversed, and he lost his mind.

“How dare you mess with my house and my people?”

“My house…”

When Raphael met Lee Gun’s red eyes, he instinctively realized his death was imminent. At the same time, he had a realization.

“Don’t get too attached to the earth, snake god. A colony should be thought of only as a colony. In the end, you cannot live in this place…”

Raphael had been smirking when his head exploded.


His body dispersed into the surrounding area.

Lee Gun’s power of Cycle also subsided.

[You have acquired EXP.]

[You have acquired the data of an Archangel (5 star).]

[You have acquired a new Divine Achievement (5 star).]

[The god of Cycle returns to being the god of Life and Death.]

His hair color and overwhelming power returned to normal.

Lee Gun crushed Raphael’s Divine status, which had turned into the Divine status of Destruction. “You messed with something you should have never messed with.”

Hugo was inwardly moved by this sight. “Gun….”

It seemed he was worried about his friend and his wife. 

“I am alive, thanks to you. Thank—”

“Bastard! Do you realize how hard I worked to make a playground for the baby here? I worked hard in the Divine world! Hmm? I was barely able to scrape together the ingredients, and I spent day and night making toys!! You dare break those!?”


Hugo was dumbfounded.

Kevin also looked dumbfounded, and he was about to approach Lee Gun. However, one of Raphael’s feathers, which were falling all over the place, touched his cheek.



Kevin suddenly faltered as if something had struck him.

Puzzled, Hugo looked at Kevin. “Kevin? What’s wrong?”

Hugo looked at him with worry in his eyes, but Kevin clasped his mouth shut as if he was about to throw up. He started recalling memories that he hadn’t known about.

- Do your duty as an archangel.

- No! Come back! That monster will kill and eat you!

It was the memory of when he had been affiliated with Eden and the time when he was with Raphael, whom Lee Gun had just killed. He even remembered the memory of him being eaten by the crafty monarch.



Lee Gun watched the scene as the ground cracked open and plants started to wilt away. That wasn’t all. The plants started to transform into odd monsters. It was occurring because of his power.

Lee Gun furrowed his brows as he recalled the rule applicable to the Zodiacs.

- A Zodiac can reside in only the Divine world. One cannot reside in the colony (the dimension being ruled).

The colony’s land and living beings couldn’t withstand the power of the Zodiac. This was more apparent when the god was more powerful.

Until now, Lee Gun had sealed his power whenever he wasn’t fighting. This was why the earth wasn’t influenced by his power.

‘It seems the earth cannot withstand my sealed power either.’

Lee Gun knew it at an instinctive level. If he stayed on the earth, the corrupted beings might cause the earth to fall.

If he wanted to solve this problem, he had to become someone’s Construct or make changes to the Rule Book. But it had to be the real Rule Book, which Valhalla’s goddess of fate had won through a bet.

However, that wasn’t important right now.


Lee Gun looked at Hugo as if he couldn’t believe it. “So this idiot is that thing?”

“What? What are you talking about?”


Instead of answering, he kicked Hugo.

Hugo became angry when he was hit for no reason. “Why did you hit me again!!!”

“Reality just hit me.”


He had been growing a monster. How could this man be the leader of the monarchs? First generation? Lee Gun had no idea what that was.

‘Monarch King?’

As if reality hit him, Lee Gun glared at Hugo, then kicked him again.

“Damn it! Why are you being like this?”

“I’ve been raising a tiger cub.”

“Really! Also, why do you have to do this in front of Jiwoo—”

At that moment, Chun Jiwoo clutched the arms of both Hugo and Lee Gun. The two were surprised by her strong grip.

“Miss Jiwoo?”

“It isn’t like that, Jiwoo. This is…”

“Ah. We won’t fight.”

Chun Jiwoo had been a hostage of Raphael, and she looked to be in great pain. 

“What’s wrong, Jiwoo! Are you hurt somewhere?”

“Did that chicken bastard hurt you?”

Chun Jiwoo gritted her teeth as she grabbed the two. “C-coming out”



“The baby…”


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