Chapter 610 Growth!

The top management and wealthy families in the village know the importance of this ninja school assessment better than the students, so whether it is Danzo, advisor elders like Koharu, or a 'Sannin' like Tsunade, or a wealthy family like Hinata , all had to participate.

 Because this is the current situation!

During the Battle of the Land of Grass, the Akatsuki organization has demonstrated its terrifying strength to sweep through a great ninja village. The five great ninja villages have long lost their previous status of being transcendent in the ninja world and capable of fighting only with each other.

Today's five major ninja villages can only barely suppress the Akatsuki organization by relying on tight groups.

 But everyone knows that this kind of suppression cannot last long, and the powerful Akatsuki organization will inevitably cause a turmoil that is enough to subvert the structure of the ninja world!

 So in order to deal with this inevitable turmoil, Konoha must respond in advance and cultivate powerful ninjas who can ensure the continuity of the village and safeguard Konoha's interests!

Of course.

If this were the case, there would be no need to conduct such an assessment. It would be enough to train the fourth generation just like before the Third Ninja War.

What prompted Konoha to make this decision was that too many talents suddenly emerged in the Ninja School, leaving the senior management at a loss as to who should be the core.

For example, Tsunade supports Yakumo to become the core of the next generation, but Jiraiya feels that Naruto has great potential, while Kakashi is more inclined to train Sasuke, and Koharu unequivocally supports Shinji.

What's even more terrible is that when compared, these candidates can all be regarded as the master and apprentice of Hokage.

Not to mention Yakumo and Naruto, they are both disciples of the "Sannin", and among them, Naruto is the son of the fourth generation, a full third generation direct descendant.

Although Sasuke is from the Uchiha clan, his mentor is Kakashi, and Kakashi is a disciple of the fourth generation, so Sasuke is also a master and apprentice of Hokage.

  Koharu is a second-generation disciple. After she became Shinji's mentor, Shinji can actually be regarded as a master and apprentice of Hokage.

 Just break it down a bit further.

Yakumo, Naruto, and Sasuke can all be regarded as descendants of the third generation line, while Shinji will be classified as the second generation line.

 This is also the reason why the advisory board of elders had no choice but to support Shinji.

The continuous emergence of geniuses like Yakumo, Sasuke, and Naruto has made the three generations of the family extremely prestigious, and the status of the advisory board of elders is in jeopardy, so after picking and choosing, they can only push Shinji and Yakumo to compete.

 The assessment of the Ninja School took place against this background.

 For Konoha, there are too many geniuses, and it is indeed a sweet trouble not knowing which one to choose as the core.

 So using an assessment is undoubtedly the most acceptable method to all parties. The team battle mode of a three-person team can not only test the strength of these geniuses, but also test their team will and leadership ability.

Henceforth, a top-down competition began to brew in the village.

There has not yet been any discussion in the streets and alleys of the village, but various high-level and wealthy families have already begun to make plans and exert their efforts.

 In a driving range.

Sasuke, with one hand on his hip, looked at the excited Naruto across from him and said, "Let me see if you have made any progress recently!"

  Naruto wiped his nose: "Don't be surprised later!"

Sasuke chuckled and said to himself: "As someone who has saved the ninja world, will I be frightened by an idiot like you?"

 On the sidelines.

 Watching Sasuke and Naruto sparring, Sakura was both looking forward to and worried at the same time.

She hoped that Naruto would perform better and not hold Sasuke back. She was also worried that if Naruto performed too well, she would be the one holding him back in the team.



 Amidst the roar of the wind, the two of them took action at the same time. Boom!

 In an instant, the two people's forward arms collided with each other, making a deep muffled sound, and then immediately started a fierce physical combat.

Sasuke grinned: "Not bad!"

 Naruto's face darkened: "Sasuke, you have to be careful!"

Sasuke's face suddenly darkened: "What qualifications do you have to tell me to be careful!"

Naruto didn't waste any time and quickly transformed into a tailed beast while he was jumping away. In an instant, an orange-red tailed beast chakra coat covered his body.


Sasuke was startled and instinctively felt something was wrong.

Naruto didn't hold back at all, and immediately launched an offensive. After putting on the tailed beast chakra, Naruto's speed and strength were horribly improved, and he quickly suppressed Sasuke in his normal state on the scene. .

Sasuke felt terrified and thought to himself, "Is this the power of the Nine-Tails?"

 Naruto is still going all out.

Because in his eyes, Sasuke is a genius in the ninja school, an existence that he, as a low-level person, cannot reach, so he can only try his best!

 On the sidelines.

 Sakura opened her mouth in shock: "Is this still Naruto?"

 In another driving range.

Under Tsunade's order and pressure from the family, Yakumo had to seriously prepare for the final assessment.

She didn’t need to worry about Kimimaro in the team, so she made an appointment with Shion, hoping to use this time to give Shion some special training to enhance her strength.

Yakumo kept talking: "Shion, this test is a real actual combat. Even if there is a proctor, there are still dangers, so you must improve your strength as soon as possible! Ninjutsu, illusion, etc., are difficult in a short time. To improve, today we will do some special training in physical skills."

 Aster on the opposite side has opened the gap.

She looked at Yakumo, compared the figures of 'B' and 'D' with them, and thought: "The body shapes don't match, 'B' and 'D' must have used the 'Transformation Technique' at that time, maybe Not only the 'transformation technique', but also the chakra aura is a little different, and there should be some kind of sealing secret technique."

Thinking of this, Shion pondered again: "It should still be 'D', 'B' is Mangekyo Uchiha, Yakumo only has red dragon eyes, not Mangekyo Sharingan. As for the spirit that also wears a Prajna mask, maybe it's red dragon eyes His special ability. Gee, I didn’t expect Yakumo to hide it so deeply!”

Yakumo, who had been talking for a long time, asked: "Shion, are you listening?"

 Zi Yuan nodded repeatedly: "Of course I'm listening. Can we start now?"

 “Well, try to attack us!”

Yakumo made a starting gesture.

Aster smiled evilly, and then took a deep breath. She activated the "breath of water" to the extreme. In line with her powerful physique as a miko, she rushed out with a "whoosh", as fast as a phantom!


Yakumo was stunned for a moment. She almost didn’t react due to the red dragon eye.

 Bang bang bang bang.

Soon, two figures intertwined and started a fierce physical battle in the practice ground.

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 (End of this chapter)

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