The psychic beasts of the city

The psychic beasts of the city


156 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Travel through parallel time and space, get a god-level pet system, and communicate with any animal’s psyche. And get rewarded, keep getting stronger.

Pomeranian: “Master, people should bring a bow.” ”

The giant panda hugged the protagonist’s thigh: “Roar master, you have to eat tender bamboo, otherwise I will hold you for the rest of my life.” ”

Tiger: “There is a cat who wants to teach King Ben to climb trees, but King Ben did not agree, master, King Ben wants to go to heaven, please give me strength!” ”

“Master, we will help you soak the girl, you have to bring us a lot of delicious food!”

“Yes, yes, yes… Look I’ve been skinny lately…”

“Human beings look so ugly, although I don’t know why the master likes to call Reba’s daughter, but help the master, bubble girls, you can get good food, I will work hard.” An animal gathered in a circle and opened an animal conference, and the protagonist on the side was confused…

This…… O refined animal! It seems that the brother pretends to force the bubble girl, unification: .

Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novels: “Urban Psychic Beasts”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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