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Saying this, the knife in Luo Cheng’s hand had turned into a huge creature with one eye and three feet, and its body was light green, similar to a devil fish.

Immediately after that, the huge creature swallowed the Doctor present in the eyes of Olvia, and the scene of monsters eating people was really terrifying.

“Luo Cheng, you, you actually let the monster eat the doctor?”

Olvia’s eyes widened and she ran up to block the huge manta ray, but with her little arms and legs, how could she stop the devil fish, and after a while, the entire All-Knowing Tree was eaten.

Eating everyone, the manta burped, perhaps eating too much, causing the manta fish’s belly to become bigger. As Luo Cheng beckoned, suddenly the devil fish turned into a knife again and fell into Luo Cheng’s hand.

“People have already been taken away by me, do you still want to stay now? Olvia. ”

Luo Cheng hugged Robin and looked at Olvia indifferently: “If you are still willing to stay on this island, okay, I will fulfill you.” If you want to die, I won’t stop you, but Robin, I’ll take you.” ”

Luo Cheng’s words made Olvia’s eyes widen and look angrily: “You are really so despicable and shameless. ”

“Huh! You are such an interesting woman, just said that I am a good person, and now you call me despicable and shameless? Luo Cheng patted Robin in his arms and chuckled

“So Robin, do you want to come with me? If you go with me, your mother will definitely not want you and leave with us. And if you want to stay here, then you have to die here with your mother. You choose! ”

Robin wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, looked at Luo Cheng, and then at her mother, and she hugged Luo Cheng and whispered, “I am willing to follow your brother.” ”

“Haha! Well, that’s good. Luo Cheng kissed Robin’s little face and turned away with her.

Olvia looked at Luo Cheng’s departing back with complicated eyes, he knew that Luo Cheng was making a choice for her, she was a little grateful but more helpless. This man is always so strong to do what he thinks is right, and he doesn’t care about the mood of others at all.

Looking at the countless precious texts around, Olvia sighed and followed Luo Cheng out.

And in the Holy Land of Mary Joya.

Luo Cheng hung up the phone worm, and the five old stars suddenly became angry. This Luo Cheng is completely playing with them as monkeys, isn’t it?

At first, they said to make a deal, but now they are forced to threaten to agree, but he still repents? Thinking of Luo Cheng’s uncaring tone, the five old stars were angry and wanted to make the entire government and navy dispatch to kill Na Luo Cheng.

Of course, this is just thinking about it, really not ready with Luo.

Taking a deep breath, a five-suppressed inner anger said how is the study of Vegapunk? Can you crack Luo Cheng’s hypnosis? ”

“There are currently no ones who received Vegapunk. However, Vegapunk has found out that Luo Cheng’s hypnotic ability is to manipulate the five senses of human beings, and the specific point is.

To completely get rid of Luo Cheng’s hypnosis, the structure of the human brain must be reengineered. And this technique, according to Vegapunk, will take more than a decade to complete. ”

“More than ten years? This Luo Cheng is only fourteen years old, right? Give him more than ten years, Luo Cheng doesn’t know how to grow up, maybe the world government has been subverted by him. ”

“Look at this time, he injured Draco from thousands of miles away, so what if he comes in person next time? Didn’t you kill Draco? ”

“But without mentioning his hypnosis, his one-man combat power is no weaker than that of the admiral, or even stronger. How many means do we have to arrange to kill him?

The most important thing is that Kapu, Warring States, Zefa, Green Pheasant, Yellow Ape and Red Dog were all hypnotized by Luo Cheng, and he went to war in an all-out way, and we had to be prepared for the total destruction of the navy. ”

A five-old star said in a deep voice, their world government has the confidence to be able to eliminate the navy and Luo Cheng, after all, the navy is only a department under the world government, they also have many departments, many general-level masters, go all out to eliminate any force in the world.

“This Gol Durocheng is even more troublesome than his brother Roger. Although Roger has the key to destroying the world, he will not do so. And this Luo Cheng, launching madness, may really be able to destroy the world. It should be said that it is really worthy of being a brother, they are all such a headache. ”

“Forget it, the matter of Gol Durocheng will be put aside first, we can only clash with him if we catch his weakness.” Now… Let’s destroy O’Hara first! ”

“Well! Then do it! ”

Meanwhile, on the sea of O’Hara, the pheasant walked on the sea with Spandyne. With each few steps, the pheasant coughed a few times, and its face became paler and paler.

When he walked to his warship, he was already bloodless, and the whole person was lying directly on the recliner, not wanting to move.

He was already injured, and this time he was frostbitten from the colder cold from his heart, and I am afraid that he will have to cultivate for a long time to recover.

“Lieutenant General Kuzan, the phone worm of the Warring States General” A subordinate took the phone worm, Kuzan slowly raised his hand to take it, and said weakly, “Warring States General, is there anything else?” ”

Sengoku originally wanted to inquire about O’Hara Island, but when he heard Kuzan’s weak voice, he quickly asked, “Kuzan, are you okay?” ”

“Ahem~~ I’m okay, I got into a fight with Luo Cheng and was injured by him. It won’t die. ”

“Whew! It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not life-threatening. Sengoku breathed a sigh of relief.

After sorting out his thoughts, Sengoku said in a deep voice, “Kuzan, the five old stars have issued an order to destroy O’Hara.”

The naval fleet has already stepped up, and in two days it will be able to gather O’Hara and surround it, and before that, you must monitor Luo Cheng’s every move. He can go, but absolutely cannot let the rest of the island leave alive. “_

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