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It’s not that Olvia is doing herself, but she really can’t help it.

She knows that O’Hara is dangerous now, and if she can’t return to O’Hara quickly, maybe the villagers on the island will be killed by the world government.

In order to be able to inform your companions to leave the island smoothly, even if you sacrifice yourself, you must return to O’Hara as soon as possible.

Luo Cheng looked at Olvia indifferently and turned to leave.

Seeing Luo Cheng turn around, Olvia hurriedly helped Luo Cheng’s back, holding Luo Cheng’s waist tightly with both hands, and tears couldn’t stop flowing

“Why, why don’t you help me. Obviously I have already reached this point, are you still not willing to help me? ”

Luo Cheng’s footsteps stopped and he was silent for a long time: “Olvia, you have a daughter!” ”

Olvia was slightly stunned and nodded silently: “Yes, I have a daughter.” But when she was two years old, I left her alone on the island for archaeological research on the historical text. ”

“Then do you love her? Love your daughter? ”

“。。。 I love my daughter, and maybe now I’ll think I’m false, but I really love my daughter.

Every day, I worry about how my daughter is doing, or whether she hates me. But I wasn’t a good mother, and I left everything behind for my dreams. ”

“But I have never regretted dedicating my life to archaeology, and I am sure my daughter will forgive me.” If she doesn’t forgive me, this may be my punishment! ”

“Okay, I can help you.” Olvia’s face was delighted, but then she felt Luo Cheng pull the hands holding him away, and continued to walk forward without looking back

“But I pity you, pity your daughter. Nicole Olvia, you listen to me. When you return to O’Hara, personally apologize to your daughter. ”

Looking at the departing Luo Cheng blankly, Olvia suddenly cried loudly, tearing her heart and lungs, and squatting in the corner and crying alone.

And Luo Cheng, who walked out of the bathroom, looked at the blue sky, a little melancholy.

Seeing Olvia, Luo Cheng thought of himself. Whether in his past life or in this life, Luo Cheng is an orphan, an orphan without a mother. So he knows very well what a child longs for his mother.

At the same time, he thought of Portcar D Lujiu, who didn’t know where he was, perhaps, he just saw the maternal love in Lujiu, so he wanted to help her so much.

Sighing deeply, Luo Cheng squinted his eyes at the cloudless sky, a little melancholy.

On the other side, the headquarters of the Navy, Marin Fandor.

Steel Bone Kong looked at the report that the vice admiral met Gord Luo Cheng in the section of the Great Route and was stabbed to death by him.

He was also accompanied by Nicole Olvia, an archaeologist wanted by the government. This kind of report gave him a headache as a marshal.

“It seems that Luo Cheng has hidden the wife and heirs of One Piece, otherwise he would not have come to the Great Voyage. Sengoku, what do you think? ”

Sengoku pondered for a moment

“One thing is clear now, our navy is not suitable for going head-to-head with Luo Cheng. Until we can’t find a way to lift his hypnosis, we can only endure. But there is another point, Luo Cheng and O’Hara’s archaeologists walked together, what does this mean? ”

Steel Bone nodded

“Indeed, I am also worried about this. We don’t know whether O’Hara is studying the text of history, or whether Roger told Luo Cheng that information. But either way, O’Hara definitely has huge suspicions. ”

“Then send warships over and forcibly search! If you don’t search for it, then naturally everyone is happy. If the search comes out… ”

“Warring States, the Demon Slaying Order will be issued by you!”


With the order of the naval headquarters, a lieutenant general warship suddenly headed towards O’Hara.

On the other side, Luo Cheng took Olvia, who had recovered his calm, to board the boat and headed towards O’Hara in the West Sea.

Because of the scene in the bathroom before, now when Olvia sees Luo Cheng, infinite red light flashes on her face.

Now that she calmed down, she found that she was so bold, and was looked at by Luo Cheng without saying anything, and was taught a lesson by him,

With a complete burst of shame, she didn’t dare to look at Luo Cheng’s eyes, and once she looked at him, she stood in Luo Cheng’s eyes as if she were naked.

Driving the boat, Luo Cheng did not waver in the scene that happened in the bathroom.

Suddenly, a phone worm worn on Luo Cheng’s body gurgled. Luo Cheng frowned and took out a small white telephone worm from his clothes, which was a special telephone worm for Luo Cheng to communicate with the revolutionary army.

Generally speaking, in order to prevent eavesdropping, it can only be used to contact once a month, but now that it is not yet a month, the revolutionary army actually took the initiative to find itself?

Connecting the phone worm, the dragon’s calm voice suddenly came from the phone worm: “Luo Cheng, can you hear it?” ”

“Well! What’s the matter with me? ”

“First of all, let me tell you, Portcar D Lujiu and the two children have been sent to the headquarters of the revolutionary army, you can rest assured.”

Luo Cheng nodded lightly: “I know, just let Lu Jiu contact me later.” And then what? Something else must have happened to you! ”

“Yes, our revolutionary army has received news that you are with Nicole Olvia, an archaeologist from O’Hara?”

“Well! Just saved her from the Navy the other day, and then what? ”

“And then… A warship headed for O’Hara. Hearing this, Luo Cheng looked at Olvia, who was looking at the sea, and narrowed his eyes: “Is it because of me?” ”

“Hearing the news, the Navy thought that you had something to do with Nicole Olvia and O’Hara, so it was only a sneaky investigation before, and this time it was a forced investigation by sending warships. And this time the investigation is a lieutenant general, but it is Kuzan, a candidate for the general. ”

“Kuzan? Is his injury so good? Luo Cheng was really surprised this time. _

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